• US Immigration & Visa Guides

    Family Visa Guides (Overview):

      Immigration Guides for a Spouse or Fiance(e):

    BEGIN HERE: What Visa Do We Need?
    A Quick Comparison (K-1 Fiance Visa, K-3 Spouse Visa, Etc)
    Guides if you are engaged:
    ----- K1 Fiance Visa Guide, K1 Visa Flowchart, K1 Fiance Visa Tips
    Guides if you are married:
    US Citizen lives in the US & Spouse lives overseas:
    ----- Option 1: CR-1 / IR-1 Spouse Visa and I-130 Petition Guide
    ----- Option 2: K3 Visa Guide, K3 Flowchart
    ----- NVC Case Status, NVC Process, NVC FAQs
    US Citizen and Spouse both live/reside in the US:
    ----- I-130 Petition and Adjustment of Status Guide
    US Citizen and Spouse both live/reside overseas:
    Direct Consular Filing Information
    Guides if you are a Widow(er) of a US Citizen:
    ----- Widow(er) US Immigration Guide

    Immigration Guides for Other Family Members:

    Siblings (brothers/sisters) of US Citizens:
    ----- Overview, Procedure
    Children of US Citizens or Permanent Residents:
    ----- Overview, Procedure
    Parents of US Citizens:
    ----- Overview, Procedure

    Non-Immigrant Visa Guides:

    Visitor Visa Guide: Business, Pleasure, Tourist, Medical Treatment
    Temporary Worker Visa Guide
    Student Visa Guide
    US Exchange Visitor Visa Guide
    US Diversity Visa Lottery Guide

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    Permanent Residency, Work and Overseas Travel:

    Applying for US Permanent Residency (Green Card):
    ----- Adjustment of Status Guide (K1 & K3 Visa Holders)
          (Explains concurrent filing for an EAD and Advance Parole)
    ----- K1 Visa Adjustment of Status Tips
    ----- K2 Visa Adjustment of Status Tips

    Removing Conditions On Permanent Residency:
    ----- Guide to Lifting Conditions: I-751

    Renewing or Replacing Your Green Card:
    ----- How to Renew Your Green Card
    ----- How to Replace Your Green Card

    Obtaining a Social Security Number (SSN):
    ----- How to get a Social Security Number Guide

    Working & Traveling:
    ----- Employment Authorization Document (I-765) Guide
          (Before Green Card)
    ----- International Travel as a US Permanent Resident
    ----- USCIS Travel Documents

    Becoming a US Citizen (Naturalization):

    US Naturalization Guide (N-400), US Naturalization Process
    US Naturalization Requirements

    Immigration Medical Information:

    USCIS Designated Civil Surgeons List
    USCIS Vaccination Requirements
    Medical Exam Information

    Other Important Things to Know:

    USCIS Receipt Number - What Does It Mean & Case Status
    Paying Immigration Fees
    NVC Case Status, Contact Info & Shortcuts
    General Assembly Instructions
    Adjustment of Status from other Visa Types
    Bringing Animals to America Guide
    Affidavit of Support Tips
    Example Forms
    Example Interview Questions
    Q&A Session with a former USCIS Adjudicator
    I-130 FAQ's
    DS-160 FAQ's
    Online Electronic I-94 Information

    Special Circumstances:

    Impact of Changes in Family Status
    (Divorce from, Death of, or Abuse by a USC or LPR Spouse)
    Criminal Record