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Found 19 results

  1. Hi, i have a complicated case. My visa expires while i planned to be in the US. I had bought tickets (before getting my passport with visa) from June 10-th to August 22-nd and my visa expires on July 13. What do i do? I`ve heard of form I-94. Can border control officer give me longer I-94 term then my visa`s expiration term? And can i hypothetically be in the US after July 13 ? Here`s some information from "travel.state.gov" about this case: "My visa will expire while I am in the United States. Is there a problem with that? No. If the Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection Immigration Officer at the port-of-entry admitted you into the United States for a specific period of time, s/he will note your authorized period of stay on your admission stamp or paper Form I-94, called an Arrival/Departure Record. You will be able to remain in the United States during your authorized period of stay, even if your visa expires during the time you are in the United States. Since your admission stamp or paper Form I-94 documents your authorized stay and is the official record of your permission to be in the United States, it is very important to keep inside your passport."
  2. My wife and I got married last year June 2018. Her i94 ended on July 2018. I'm going to file for her this month April 2019. She has overstayed for more than 180 days. My plan was to initially file i130 only then if it's approved followed by i485. But I've read somewhere that since she overstayed I need to file i130 and i485 concurrently. If I didn't it would look suspicious. is this correct? Would it really be better if they were filed together? thanks so much 😀
  3. Hi All! Got a question about the I94 for yall. My Fiancee and I went through the LA POE about 12 days ago. I know some people say their Fiancee's I94 is usually found online within 1 to 4 days. I still cannot seem to access hers. I have tried many different namcombinationsns: First Last First Middle Last FirstMiddle Last Middle Last Middle First Last MiddleFirst Last Vice versa with the Last name being First... Still nothing... Any suggestions? Advice?
  4. Hi Guys, I entered the US on feb 1st 2018 with my K1 visa. The CBP officer just gave me my passport back with a stamp mentioning the 3 months that i have to marry my fiancee. Now this is the part that gets me confused- I went to this website- https://i94.cbp.dhs.gov and printed my latest I-94, does that mean that I'm in the "system" ( aka SAVE-ASVI system)? or should I wait for a 1-2 weeks? Another question - what documents do I need to bring with me to get my SSN? Thanks!
  5. My Fiance recently visited me in the united states, however upon entry as a visitor, there is no record of her visit on the CBP website. This particularly concerns mean because on the I-129F petition, there is a section that requests the I94 information. Since there apparently is not a number available, do I leave this section blank (I94 number), and fill in the rest of the info (Date of arrival/departure, Passport number, etc.)? Or do I leave this whole section blank? My hunch is to simply fill everything in, but leave the number section blank. Thank you!
  6. Hello, We are in the middle of filling out paperwork for AOS. My spouse had a flight from Belgium --> Las Vegas --> Seattle. Arrival in Las Vegas was 10/20. Arrival in Seattle was 10/21. I believe that his POE date should read 10/20, but his electronic I94 states that his date of entry was 10/21. Is this a problem/does it need to be corrected? What date should be used on form I-485 for "most recent date of entry"? Thanks in advance!
  7. I am filling my status adjustment form through my wife, I left in 2013 to my home country and re-enter now and I have the form i94, I need to know what kind of admission is ?? 46a? Beneficiary's Entry Information 45. Was the beneficiary EVER in the United States? Yes No If the beneficiary is currently in the United States, complete Items Numbers 46.a. - 46.d. 46.a. He or she arrived as a (Class of Admission): 46.b. Form I-94 Arrival-Departure Record Number ► 46.c. Date of Arrival (mm/dd/yyyy) 46.d. Date authorized stay expired, or will expire, as shown on Form I-94 or Form I-95 (mm/dd/yyyy) or type or print "D/S" for Duration of Status 47. Passport Number
  8. F1 student here trying to complete form I-485. While filling out the form I noticed that my i94 admission number is different to the number that I was given on a paper i94 a couple of years ago. I live at the border with Mexico so I was told that I could travel to Mexico as many times as I wanted without requesting a new i94 at every re entry. The last time that I requested an i94 was on September of 2014 ( which is the paper copy that I have), however the online CBP system shows that I was assigned a new i94 on May 2017. Which i94 should I put in my i-485 application?
  9. I recently arrived to USA with my K1 visa. I have FNU as given name in my Visa so i got that on my i94 and SSN too. I got married, got marriage certificate with correct name. I also got my passport corrected with name split into first name and last name. What to do next? Should i start my adjustment of status with new name or i need to correct my i94? if so how can i update i94 with new passport?
  10. Hello there, I got stuck in a particular situation and I'm uncertain about my next steps. Just looking for similar experiences out here. I arrived in the U.S. with my K1 Visa on April 11th. On April 13th I requested my SSN. I was told by the representative who served me that requesting it only 2 days after my arrival was not going to be an issue. She also mentioned that the area we live in is currently subjected to administrative delays and that it would have taken up to 6 weeks to receive the card. In that moment I didn't see any problems with the delay -- after all I was all focused on my upcoming marriage, so I just figured the wait wouldn't weigh on me whatsoever. Boy, do I regret that. I waited 6 weeks and the number never came. I called back and was instructed to wait further and given the same "administrative delays" reason. So I kept waiting. In the meantime, I got married and I started preparing the AOS package, intending to send it out as soon as possible, but I kept waiting for that as well: having requested the number, it only seemed logic to me to wait to receive it and include it in the application. Weeks passed and still nothing in the mail. I kept calling and I kept receiving the same explanations. I went back to the local office, only to be quickly dismissed and invited to wait longer, after hours and hours of waiting in line. I exposed my case on their official FB page, and they referred my complaint to the Field Operations Staff. Besides that, I didn't receive much practical help. I called again and I was assured that the request went through, but the number hasn't been issued yet. At this point, after 3 months, I feel I did everything I could. My I94 expired yesterday and all I want to do is send out my AOS packet. I would have sent it weeks ago, but I kept postponing and hoping to receive the card. My question is: is it okay to send the AOS packet while a SSN request is open/pending/processing? I received mixed answers from the social security employees, and I can't really say they proved themselves to be reliable. The forms instruct to write down the SSN number ["if any"]. Would it be safe not to include mine, even if I requested it? Would it be a cause of RFE? I can't seem to find answers about this anywhere. I have spent so much time at the phone, on hold, only to unsuccessfully get 0 straight responses. Is anyone in a similar situation? What is your best advice? Thank you
  11. I got engaged in US last Oct 2017 while I was visiting then re-entered US Feb this year and got married last week (5 months after re-entry). My i 94 will expire Aug and we cannot file same time i 130 and i 485 because my spouse has not filed his taxes for the last 3 years. My questions are: 1. Can we still lodge application after my i 94 expires while we complete documents in US? 2. Can I get deported if I would be out-of-status and my tourist visa valid for the next 3 years be revoked? 3. I have good travel history in US and this is first time just in case. Should I request for extensionof stay for the reason of being spouse and we will lodge application for i 130 and AOS? Thank you.
  12. I'm confused if I need my beneficiary paper Form I-94 to add to the K1 visa paperwork or not. Over the past month, I've been contacting via email to U.S. Customs Border Protection (CBP) and how to obtain and receive the paper Form I-94 but the reply are not very helpful and the site is confusing me so I can't find what I really need. I tried to call them on the phone but I eventually kept going around in the redirect from robot operating so I can't get a hold of anyone to talk to. My Fiance more likely has the electronically issued # from the CBP. Otherwise, I would've probably had the paper if I found it. Meanwhile, we went to the CBP site and got the information. I'm not sure if the paper form is needed or not though. I hope to hear back from someone who can help me out with this. I know I have a long way to go, I wished I went through this papers a month ago from when I got started on it but now it's time to make up for the delayed process.
  13. I have a B1/B2 visa and recently visited the US for 10 days. My i94 record shows Admit Until Date : 08/08/2018. I will visit the US again in May for another 2 weeks. This will make my total stay 24 days during 2018. To my understanding I am allowed to stay up to 6 months. Am I allowed to re-enter the US after 08/08/2018? Are there any possible issues that I should consider?
  14. Sorry for posting so much this week, I'm just trying to file this as quickly as possible but I don't want to make any oversights that might jeopardize our application either. I have a quick question about my Fiance's I-94 for the I-129F. I live in Michigan so when I fly anywhere I fly in/out of Toronto since it's much cheaper, and he did the same when he came for my graduation. However, he flew United and had a layover in New Jersey on the way back. At the airport he went through USA pre- check in Toronto where he got an "entrance" stamp on his passport despite not actually being back in the US, its supposed to make the process quicker. Long story short his flight was delayed 4+ hours and they ended up giving him a direct flight from Toronto since he had already missed his connection. So he has an entrance stamp but no exit stamp and his I-94 states he entered on May the 22nd and never left. Obviously he did leave but I'm really worried its going to affect our petition. He didn't keep his boarding pass as he didn't think anything of it at the time and there is no proof of an edited itinerary. Is there anything I can do to prevent this from affecting our petition?? My current plan of action (I'm not sure if this will be good or not, I'd just like some feedback if you wouldn't mind): -I've contacted the airline for a "proof of delay" letter, apparently they do that but it takes 7-10 days and I'm not sure if it will be from too far back. -I've got a copy of his bank transactions that shows purchases in GB after the 22nd. -We just found the luggage tag off of his suitcase that shows (YYZ to London, May 22nd) Do you think that this will be enough, is there more that we should do? Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  15. My mother's i-94 is been expired for 2 days. I finally got all her documents ready. Can I still apply green card for her?? Im US citizen. She has B2 visa. Im so nervous right now... I have everything ready.. I just dont know of its still ok to get green card for her.. I cant find information on USCIS site... Somebody please help me out... Thank you!
  16. Hi all, not sure if this is the right topic to post but here it is, feel free to move me somewhere more appropriate if so .. I am going to apply for AOS soon, and while we are waiting for the NOA1 receipt etc, we will be going on our honeymoon to Hawaii, the thing is my I94 will expire on February 1, which will be a few days past when we are returning from Hawaii to home in CO. I am a bit worried about this, I think I am going to have the receipt before we leave for vacation (fingers crossed), and EVEN if we don't have it at hand we can bring all the documents and application of AOS with us to our travel to show it's under process.... but does it suffice? I mean would there be any trouble at the customs? I know it's domestic flight and within the country but still. Should I apply to extend my B2 visa now so that I will have it valid while traveling within the country? Or is it not necessary? But it would be really close to my filing of AOS and I don't want to make any complications for the latter. Any advice? Many thanks.
  17. Hello, I am currently on the processing of COS to B2 from F1. I could print out my I-94 through the website about 6 months ago. I am trying to get a copy of I-94 and travel history, but it is showing "no record". I haven't left the states since last entry (August 2012), and suddenly, all of my information is gone. I put everything correctly and tried about 7 times to get I-94. Keep showing the same message - no record.
  18. I am under the impression that the longest any Canadian can stay in the USA (tourist) for any given calendar year is 6 months. My friend arrived in Aug, so we planned a departure date some time in Feb. However, when we left the USA this month (November) to go to Japan and then returned, the I94 record showed a renewed date, which is May 2018. This date is longer than the original 6 month duration. Does this mean my friend can stay longer now? pLease advise!
  19. First of all, I wanna say thank you to each member of this community that's here to help us. Well my wife is a US citizen, we're about to start the process of fixing my status. My last entrance was legally with my tourist visa and I'm still have my I-94. I married her and we have 2 years and half married. My question is I need to pay a $1000 fine and write down a forgiveness letter? or not because I came legally? I ask some people and they told me that I don't have to pay but just to make sure about it. I'm sorry if this topic isn't supposed to be here.