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Found 8 results

  1. I just wanted to ask if FOIA Request are mailed physically or emailed, I had requested my immigration file from USCIS and my Mom's entry record in DHS. I have a 2020 case Number, I also want to know how long before it arrives and if they issue correspondence? thanks!
  2. Hi! I am planning to apply for a tourist visa for my Mom as i wanted to have a family vacation in san francisco, together with other relatives who are in the US however I am having troubles answering my 75 Y.O Mom's DS-160 as it required the previous dates of travel to the US. My Mom traveled to San Diego back in 1993 using a B1/B2 visa and she was investigated by INS back then as somebody reported her to be working illegally ( didn't overstay and not working in fact) and she ended the trip short, she was able to come back using the same visa in 1998 ( 10 years multiple entry) and she was actually able to acquire another visa under H1 for Guam in 1998 to 2000,her last was at San Francisco in 2002 she never returned to the US after 2002. Said passports had since been lost and nowhere to be found, so now we have no proof of her coming to the US except for her restricted SSN Card and expired license, could i just put tentative dates on the DS-160? and if not, where can i acquire her travel records? i tried using a scan of her previous passport in the dhs i-94 website but no record was found. I am a Canadian and my mom is filipino. Tentative Validity: B1/B2 1993 to 2003, H1 Nov 12 1998 to Nov 05 2000 ( I still have my H4 Visa stamp in my old philippine passport btw, can that be used?)
  3. The US I-94 form is now online and electronic. You can find your number at the following site: -- I-94 DHS Information On the above site you can enter your information and print a copy of your electronic I-94 record. For visa petitions, please attach this printed page (containing your electronic I-94 information) and include it with a copy of your US visa and associated entry stamp (in your passport). [ reference source ]
  4. My wife and I got married last year June 2018. Her i94 ended on July 2018. I'm going to file for her this month April 2019. She has overstayed for more than 180 days. My plan was to initially file i130 only then if it's approved followed by i485. But I've read somewhere that since she overstayed I need to file i130 and i485 concurrently. If I didn't it would look suspicious. is this correct? Would it really be better if they were filed together? thanks so much 😀
  5. Hi everyone, I am a U.S. citizen and my spouses' green card got denied because CBP incorrectly admitted him as an F1 visa student instead of a (DA )advance parolee. Since USCIS thought he abandoned his case, it got terminated. We filed a motion to reopen his case with USCIS and got his I-94 corrected by a CBP officer. His I-94 has the correct class of admission and the reason for the denial has now been fixed. But now, his F1 Visa and I-94 are expired, which would not have occurred if I-94 was corrected in the first place. Instead they would've granted him the green card. Now we are waiting for the Motion to Reopen but he is currently in a "Limbo" status unable to do anything until the case is adjudicated. USCIS said all we can do is a file a motion to reopen and expedite the case, which we did. So now we are just waiting. We are both afraid that USCIS will say we fixed CBP's error too late.... I really hope this error , which has now been fixed, will not cause him to get deported or have our motion denied :(. Anyone have any helpful information ? All is appreciated.
  6. Hello! I'm reading that my fiancé has to attach to the i129f my I-94 and travel history, i sent him my J-1 visas and stamps that my passport has but when i check my i-94 online it just shows December 5th 2017 as my most recently entrance BUT my last entrance was December 2nd 2018. I want to know if some of you had this kind of problems and what you did about it.
  7. Hi, i have a complicated case. My visa expires while i planned to be in the US. I had bought tickets (before getting my passport with visa) from June 10-th to August 22-nd and my visa expires on July 13. What do i do? I`ve heard of form I-94. Can border control officer give me longer I-94 term then my visa`s expiration term? And can i hypothetically be in the US after July 13 ? Here`s some information from "travel.state.gov" about this case: "My visa will expire while I am in the United States. Is there a problem with that? No. If the Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection Immigration Officer at the port-of-entry admitted you into the United States for a specific period of time, s/he will note your authorized period of stay on your admission stamp or paper Form I-94, called an Arrival/Departure Record. You will be able to remain in the United States during your authorized period of stay, even if your visa expires during the time you are in the United States. Since your admission stamp or paper Form I-94 documents your authorized stay and is the official record of your permission to be in the United States, it is very important to keep inside your passport."
  8. Hi All! Got a question about the I94 for yall. My Fiancee and I went through the LA POE about 12 days ago. I know some people say their Fiancee's I94 is usually found online within 1 to 4 days. I still cannot seem to access hers. I have tried many different namcombinationsns: First Last First Middle Last FirstMiddle Last Middle Last Middle First Last MiddleFirst Last Vice versa with the Last name being First... Still nothing... Any suggestions? Advice?
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