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  1. Husband has received his EAD! 3/14 Now wondering does this mean his social security card is on the way, what is his next step in order for him to be able to work?
  2. I just discovered 55/15 exception for my mother which she can take the civic test in her native language. Now my question is since has to take an intérpreter to her interview does this interpreter have to be certified translator or just capable of speaking both languages?
  3. My mom is filing for us citizenship, I’m trying to help her a bit but I have a few questions. she’s been married for more than 10+ years with citizen husband but she currently is separated still legally married does she still have to show her spouses taxes? They file separately… considering the 10+ plus years she’s been a perm resident does she still have to go go through this process with her spouse?
  4. I received 2 texts today acknowledging forms were received… questions is why 2, each one has a different receipt#.
  5. Do I have to attach a cover letter to the application? How do I do it? What should I say?
  6. My husbands medical form came back in a sealed envelope from the dr, the issue is that the copy of I-94 was not included in there so what should we do about this?
  7. is a cashiers check from my bank on send for payment?
  8. So if we answer NO on question 61, do we continue answering the rest of questions down to 68?
  9. is my answer for this question c9? if not what is it for spouse of us citizen?
  10. getting a new one will take 6 months to receive it and that we’ll prolong this application so we’re thinking of just using the old expired one.
  11. It’s the passport he used to enter which is now expired so can that one be used as current passport on the form?
  12. I what if there is no new passport to enter on form i765, can we just use the old passport number?
  13. For some reason I thought online filing would be quicker and preferred but now I realize I shouldn’t have done that and I totally regret it definitely creates a mess!
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