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Found 32 results

  1. Hi there. We are about to start our process. I've read so many posts about the Melichor (or something like that) doctor , saying she pretty much FORCES you to get the vaccines there with her clinic at a VERY HIGH COST. 1* Is there anyone who had the vaccines OUTSIDE her Clinic (other clinics, MINSA, etc) ? 2* Which vaccines are mandatory for the K1 visa ( I read somewhere : influenza, tb, hepatitis and neumococo, true?) ? Thank you so very much! Dee
  2. Hi, We are more than a little confused about some items for my husband's upcoming Medial Exam and Visa Interview in Paris, France. I am a US citizen, and the petitioner, and we have done everything ourselves up to this point. Can anyone definitively assist us in determining the following: 1) Which vaccines are absolutely required to be current (within the last 10 years) at the time of the Medical Exam for an applicant that is in their 50's? 1A) My husband has lost his MMR and other vaccination records, will a report of blood tests for specific vaccines be enough for the Exam? 2) Does an applicant need to disclose their HIV status to the civil surgeon at the medical exam? It says in the instructions to be prepared to discuss current medications and conditions the applicant has, but that HIV is not a disqualifying condition anymore, but we are more concerned for the sake of medical privacy to not provide unnecessary medical information if we don't need to. 3) Where is the Medical Questionnaire for the medical exam located? Or is it form I-693 that we just print and bring with us? 4) Any moral support or words of comfort to ease the nervousness of this pending ordeal would be greatly appreciated!
  3. My vaccination waiver got approved and I offer help to anyone who has trouble preparing the waiver package. I have posted on here as army16 before.
  4. Hi guys, I was missing few vaccinations during medical exam for K-1 visa. Doctors adviced me to get missing vaccinations done in UK, before I leave the country. This is so I don't need to pay for doctors in US. I got all done with my surgeon in UK and have proofs with me. Now preparing docs for AOS. After reading the medical form I-693 requirements, I got confused if I need to see civil surgeon again? Or is it enough to send copies as an attachment with my application?
  5. Two Lost Souls

    MMR/Tdap Vaccinations at GP?

    I'm having some trouble getting my vaccinations scheduled via my GP. At first I was told I could just schedule them in with a nurse, but they have now said that since it is classed as a travel immunisation, I will need to go elsewhere and get it done privately. They didn't even offer for me to have it done at the GP surgery for a fee. I did explain that I am going over there to live, and not to travel. I know plenty of people on here have had no issue getting them done at their GP at much reduced cost - or even for free. I looked at private clinics and they cost around the same as Knightsbridge. Is there any argument I can use with my GP surgery in order to get the vaccinations done a reduced cost, rather than having to go privately? Every penny counts at the moment with all the visa costs and I'd rather not pay £100 for jabs if I don't have to. Any advice would be most appreciated.
  6. I'm currently finishing the K1 process but I have a question about the AOS medical. I had my medical in London on 05/09/2018 so at the time it was out of flu season and therefore they didn't give me a flu vaccination. My interview isn't until 17/10/2018 (which is in flu season) so I emailed the medical centre to check and they basically said that now it is flu season I will need to get one or be prepared to get one for AOS. Therefore, I got the flu vaccination done in the UK on 13/10/2018 so that I'm ready but since it is after my medical it's not on my DS-3025. I have got evidence from the pharmacy that gave me the flu vaccination to prove I've had it though. So my question is whether I will need to see a civil surgeon in the US before we submit the AOS documents to get them to sign off on the form i693 that I've had it? I wanted to be able to use the results of my medical in the UK for my AOS (as I told them at the medical so they would ensure everything is ticked off) but it seems they might have overlooked this. Has anyone else had this and found out what USCIS want you to do? I don't want to pay to see a civil surgeon if I don't need to, but I also don't want to exclude it from my application and then get a RFE later down the line because of it, so I was hoping someone might be able to help! Thanks in advance for any advice!
  7. AmandaandChayne

    Confusion over vaccinations required

    Hi sorry if this has been asked before struggling to find the right answer uscis site says one thing uk us embassy says another, the immigration medical form another. what do I need?
  8. Hi all, I had my marriage-based AOS interview on August 30th. All went well - we didn't get many questions, it was over quickly and the officer told us he was recommending our application for approval, and handed us the letter. He did seem new and inexperienced, but I wasn't too worried. I told him we were leaving the country in a week and asked if I needed a stamp in my passport - he told me no. Not wanting to persist, we left. Then I had a phone call from him, saying that in fact I DID need the stamp, as my EAD/AP would become invalid once the GC was approved. So we drove back to the field office (Atlanta). On the way there, I get another call telling me that the system won't let him approve the GC application because I am 'missing vaccinations'. I deferred my flu shot during my London medical in April 2017. I didn't get one before my GC interview as it was not flu season, so I physically couldn't. So I asked him what I need to do now (full medical again or just vaccination transcription?). He says he's not sure, but he will look into it and send an RFE that will arrive in 2 weeks. So we head back home again. Lo and behold, 4 weeks later nothing has arrived. I speak to two USCIS representatives this morning (am transferred to higher level) and neither could tell me anything. They said nothing on my account indicated that an RFE had been sent out or was required. Second officer submitted a service request to find an update on GC status - but I don't know whether that will tell me anything new. If anyone has been through anything similar post-interview, please let me know. I am feeling disheartened as I thought we were close to this process being over - but now it seems it could go on indefinitely... Many thanks.
  9. Hello Everyone, I'm curious to know whether the hospital keep the vaccination booklet (the one from childhood) with them/copy it OR forward it to the embassy? I'm assuming the use it purely just for info and give it back? Thank you!
  10. He went to his doctor in Yakutsk and they've lost his records. He's been back 3 times but no luck and our NOA2 is in September. I suppose there is nothing left but for him to have absolutely everything done again. Any other options or ideas? He was trying to get proof of previous vaccinations and to take the needed vaccines from his local physician because it's our understanding that we must pay for each needed vaccines on top of the $260 medical fee.
  11. Hello, I have a question regarding vaccinations in the USA, I require 2 vaccinations before I can file for AOS. I spoke with a lady at the civil surgeon's office who informed me I had to have my vaccinations done at the local health clinic and then schedule a physical for $400 with the civil surgeon. I was under the impression that it was the civil surgeon who had to administer my vaccinations and I didn't think I would have to take another physical, what's my next step? Any help is appreciated.
  12. Just need help finding the section on Visa Journey that allows me to view applicants with similar timelines to when I applied. Also if anyone knows of an exemption to avoid the flu shot. Thank you
  13. Anyone get their medicals in Houston? What to expect? approximated cost? any location that can recommend to me? I am a AOS filler and just receive a courtesy letter regarding my medical, I didn't send it with the Original submission of my AOS package because was scared about expiration of the medicals.
  14. Good day all So i've been here in the US for a couple of months now and i'm trying to get my AOS packet together a couple of questions: Do people tend to include relationship evidence in this packet or do they wait til an interview? I''ve noticed nobody mentioning it, so i just want to confirm. I had my medical in London in March and all i required was a tetanus booster which i elected to have from my local GP afterwards (saving myself some money i thought at the time) however this of course means my DS-3025 has my last tetanus as being over 10 years ago. I have a letter from my GP to prove i had the booster since. Do i still need to go see a Civil Surgeon? Frustrated at the thought of having to spend $300 on something when i thought i was saving money previously... Thanks in advance!
  15. Hello, I was reviewing my AOS packet and while giving a second read to the I-693 instructions something caught my attention. I did my medical in March 2018 and I received a completed Form DS-3025 to include in the application. My vaccinations record show that I only have one MMR shot, which I received one year after my birth. I never received other MMR shots. On the day of the medical back in Italy, the Panel Physician determined that I did not need a second one. However, the blanket waiver section on DS-3025 was left blank. I read experiences from other applicants getting an RFE for missing vaccinations - would that be my case as well? I also have with me the results of immunoglobulin blood tests for measles, mumps, and rubella that I took in Italy during my yearly checkup. They show that my immunity levels are high, but I now understand that any test or result from foreign countries will not be valid. What are my next steps? Do I really have to contact a civil surgeon and have the medical exam again? Is it possible to visit a civil surgeon only to have a second shot and avoid to do the same medical ($$$) test I did 3 months ago? Thanks
  16. I just finished my K1 medical today in Hyderabad, India. I was expecting to get some vaccinations. I've received them all as a kid but have no record of receiving them. The panel physician told me that vaccinations are not required for K1 visas (and a quick search on these forums confirmed that). He also said, "I'll write you a waiver so that you can show that to immigration when you enter." What does this mean? Will I still need to get all the vaccinations when I file for the AOS? I rather do that here than the USA...wayyy cheaper. And do I go to any doctor to get the shots or does it have to be a USA consulate appointed physician? Anybody else who's not been required to take any shots despite having no vaccination records?
  17. Hi, UK young adult looking to move to the US here on a K-1 Visa. I have a question about the vaccination requirements. I received Parts 1, 2 and 3 of the Pertussis/Whooping Couch vaccine, however I didn't have a booster at all, so my last shot for this was when I was 4 months old. I am up to date on Polio, Tetanus and Diphtheria, having had a booster for this a week ago. I have also received the MMR vaccinations. Do I need to go and get the Pertussis booster done privately (not available on NHS), or am I okay because I received the initial vaccination as a baby. Thanks
  18. I want to know which are the vaccinations that are required for the Dominican Republic embassy. I want to make sure so that my husband can have them done before his medical exam.
  19. Hello, So we were told to try and get vaccinations done before biometrics. My fiancee went today, however, for Hepatitis B there is a national shortage and they cannot provide it, influenza is seasonal and wont be available until winter, and they do not offer chicken pocks in the UK. Do we need to have these done for the K1? What should he do? Thank you,
  20. I'm trying to reach out to anyone who has information on how to get vaccinations done in Milan, Italy. My fiance lives in this region and we've received his NOA2, we're waiting to receive a case number from the NVC. He's been trying so hard to get an appointment for his vaccinations, so that he doesn't have to pay for them at the medical exam in Naples. Friends from Italy and in the forums have told us to go to the local ASL (this does not exist anymore in Milan). We've also been told to go to the ULSS, but this is a regional office and also is not found in Milan. He has called the ATS and ASST and the soonest they can see him is June 8th, which is 2 months from now. They haven't been any help to us, and he's called 3 times. Has anyone from Italy or Milan specifically done this another way? Any information is helpful! If he has to get them done at the medical, will they give him multiple shots in one day? We realize they're not required until the Adjustment of Status, but it will be cheaper for him to do them in Italy. We'd like to avoid getting them at the medical, and have that go smoothly. Thank you! Kelsey
  21. Need to get the medical exam done and here is what the office of my primary care physician quoted me. Comes out to a total of 745. When I check the older posts, some have reported getting it done for $300-400. I can't find a single doctor for that sum in my area. I was born in India and MMR wasn't available back then, I got BCG and DTP shots when I was a kid, and I don't have any certificate/document as proof of getting those shots. I had a skin test for TB done when I first came to attend school. I have never had any of the other vaccinations other than the flu shots. Immigration Physical 145 Hep A 90 Hep B 95 Varicella 180 Influenza 32 (already got flu shot) MMR 105 Admin of multiple vaccines 35 TB test 45 Gono 60 Total of ~750 Do I even need all these shots ? The vaccinations requirements page of USCIS lists only mumps, measles, rubella (MMR), polio, tetanus and diphtheria toxoids, pertussis, haemophilus influenzae type B, hepatitis B and any other vaccine-preventable diseases recommended by the ACIP as required vaccines. I wonder if this list is a ripoff attempt by the doctor's office.
  22. So, my wife (a US citizen) and I are hoping to move to the US at some point this summer. (Some of you might have seen my earlier post http://www.visajourney.com/forums/topic/654690-should-we-have-filed-with-dcf/ ) We submitted our I-130 in London via DCF in late November and it was approved early January. I have now completed and submitted (online) my DS 260. I have a record of my vaccinations. I am awaiting my police report (should be within 10 days). I have all the required documentation. I have two main questions- 1) Am I correct in thinking that as soon as I receive my Police report that I can schedule my medical? and that as long as I leave 5 days after my medical, I can book my interview at the same time? 2) I have vaccination records for Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Polio, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Tuberculosis (BCG) and Meningitis. I DO NOT have a record of influenza vaccines or Hepatitis B. Will the doctor at the medical exam administer these or am I required to get them BEFORE the medical? If he administers them, is there an additional cost (on top of the £300). Any help would be massively appreciated! Feels like its actually getting real now!!! Thanks!
  23. TANDS


    Hi all, We have just received our NOA2 and are looking to get started with the rest of the process. Could someone please direct me to a vaccination list as I can't seem to see it on here. Thanks!
  24. I had my medical on the 30th of january this year. During I was told I would need a tdap, flu and chicken pox shot. I had the tdap done at the embassy practice but I was told I can have the rest in America due to applying for k1. I am very sensitive to vaccines, this vaccine has left in bedridden and in agony for 2 weeks now after I ended up in hospital. A flu shot did the same thing to me 10 years ago and it took me 8 years just to recover fully. She told me as I've had chicken pox 3 times I could get a blood test to prove I have antibodies. And for flu I may get away with not having if it's not flu season. But reading up it's not clear. If my medical was during flu season and I apply out of it, would I still need a vaccine? And how do I prove I have antibodies for chickenpox? Can I have a blood test by my doctor?
  25. Orientalelf

    K1 Newbie Questions (Chiang Mai)

    Hello Everyone, I haven't YET started the K-1 process, however, I'm taking the time to do extensive research and would greatly appreciate any helpful feedback or advice for the inquiries below. (Apologies in advanced if these questions have been answered previously) 1. MEDICAL EXAM + VACCINATIONS: Unfortunately my mother has LOST (yes, I'm blaming her) my small little vaccination booklet from the UK. I have read though, that -after a blood test- the doctor will be able to determine what I need. My question is will the medical exam and vaccinations be taken at the same place? Others on the forum have said they have taken it separately? Does this save costs? I'm assuming for Chiang Mai, I can take the medical at McCormick and the vaccinations at say RAM OR McCormick? -quite confused to how this works- 2. POLICE CLEARANCE: Ah, how I love how complicated and corrupt it is here. From what I have read, I'm guessing I'm going to have to take a flight to Bangkok and ask for it at the office? THEN, I'm assuming (if my childlike looks don't get me the nice lady offering the elusive express service) that I'll have to take another flight back to retrieve it (sighs)? Is there anyway they can post it to me? Thanks all for now folks. Thank you for your time and any contributions to my noob questions! Info about me: I'm Half Thai/UK (born in Britain) wanting to marry an American (my grandma would be horrified). I have a British AND Thai passport (will be using my British for the process). Lives in Chiang Mai permanently. 29 this year.