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Found 13 results

  1. Hi all, I submitted my petition to remove conditions on my Green Card back in October. I received notice to attend Biometric's and attended etc. I received my I-797 Notice of Action confirming my Green card had been extended by 18 months on 11/10/18 . The issue is, the Receipt number (top left of I-797, beginning EAC) when I try to track the case status gives me a Validation Error. I assumed that this document would allow me to track my case but maybe I'm missing something? Is this how people have historically tracked the progress of their I-751 and I should call USCIS, any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks, Andy
  2. So we are 5 days out of the estimated processing time established on the USCIS website (which I know isn't as long as others may have been waiting). But this has been 7+ months and we still have nothing. I submitted the case inquiry already but I have to wait until August 19th now! My question is, is there anything I can do to be more proactive? I've been seeing people call tier 2 agents? Who are these agents and is it effective to call or wait? I don't want to piss off the people that basically have my future in their hands.
  3. For any of you who already received your NOA2/RFE, at what time of day did you receive an update about your case status? We should have heard by now, because the processing time is taking longer than indicated online. We are also sick of ckeching it 10 times a day.
  4. Hello everyone, I was just wondering how you guys found out your cases were approved, was it in the mail or through the USCIS case status online? I filed an I-130 for my wife and I've heard that the USCIS website doesn't always update on time, and to rely on the mail instead. What has been your experience?
  5. Hello, I submitted I-751 for removing conditions on my green card with all supporting documents in May 2017, received green card extension notice that same month, and completed biometrics the next month. My USCIS online status has been showing "Case Was Received" since then. Given that I still haven't received my new green card, can anyone tell me what sort of processing times they have experienced with the removal of condition? My case is assigned to the Vermont service center. Thanks, --Fijoy
  6. I filed I-485 together with I-130, I-765, I-131 in May 2016. No RFE. Mar 30 2017 interviewed with Baltimore office. It was smooth and normal. We were told no problem identified but all cases need to be reviewed by supervisor and we can expect to receive green cards within 4 months time span. Mar 31, 2017, my case was approved, Apr 3rd, we received welcome letter I-767 said green card will arrive in 3 weeks. Apr 4th we received another letter I-767C said case was reopened and further notice will be sent to us. Since then I contacted customer service (second tier support) three times, had one meeting with field office in Baltimore, none of them could give me any valuable information, nor did we receive any "further notice". I searched online, seems other people experienced similar but mostly got approved within one month after reopen. Most people said it is caused by the system bug. How come it takes so long for my case? I have submitted case status request today and suppose to get answer by Aug 24th. I will update here about the status once I know it. Meanwhile if anyone experienced similar issue please share here. Thanks
  7. When I log into USCIS case status website (https://myaccount.uscis.dhs.gov), under the case history section, it shows "Loading Data" and the website gets stuck. Is this happening to everyone, or is it only me? I can't see case status nor can I see any documents that were uploaded. It was working yesterday.
  8. Tried signing up twice and each time it just takes me back to the signup page, is it because I'm outside the US?
  9. September 2017 filer, AOS through marriage from an F1. We've completed biometrics, received an RFE and also received my combo card (Dec 22 2017). In all this time, my USCIS status online has only updated once; to say that they've received my case. My lawyer says this is normal and not to worry, but it's now Feb and we've had no news of an interview notice, and no sign of one either. We're in SLC, UT, which is usually pretty quick. Anyone else had this happen? It seems like the case is processing, as we received the EAD/AP card within 90 days. since then, radio silence... Thanks so much for your help!
  10. Got biometrics on 10/26/2017, but i-751 case number still doesn't exist on the USCIS website. The other CR189 case number can be checked on the website. Is this still too early?? Thanks
  11. We got our NOA1 last October 25. Upon checking our case status at uscis website, it always says my case status does not recognize the receipt number, though we are encoded it correctly. Does anybody had this concern before? Thank you so much!
  12. Hi, my case has been pending since July 2015 so I requested for assistance from USCIS Ombudsman. I recently received an e-mail saying that "The Ombudsman’s Office has determined that USCIS recently issued a decision regarding the application or petition referenced in your request for case assistance." but when I go online to check my status, I do not see any updates. Has this ever happened to anyone?
  13. All, I figured I'd start a thread for people to let others know the USCIS case status is indeed down for them, too and so there's less individual panic when the USCIS app says "case not found". Like I paniced this morning. Anyways, as of 10/01/17 at 9:30 am Mountain Standard Time (USA) the case status site was down for me. Make sure to post date/time, too, so people reading a post from here three years from now or whatever don't get confused.