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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I thought I wanted to share with you all what kind of questions were asked at the marriage-based AOS interview. Can anyone tell me how yours went, and the overall flow of the interview? I am going to share mine. My US spouse and I got called separately (my spouse first, and me second). The interviewer asked my spouse about 20 questions (which I thought were way more than I had expected, after I read everyone's experience on here), and took note of every answer to check if I will give her the same answers later. After my spouse finished the interview, my name was called and here is the flow of what I went through. By the way, I have no criminal history, no health issue, and no immigration issue in the past. 1) When I entered the room, I was asked to raise my right hand and swear to tell them the truth during the interview. 2) First, she went over my application and asked me to answer the following: ---What is your full name? ---What is your birthday? ---What is your place of birth? ---What are your parents' names? ----What is your spouse's name? Including middle name ----What is your spouse's birthday? ----How did you last enter the US? ----(Going over the application) Have you engaged in any illegal activities etc (She asked me about 20-30 similar questions, to all of which I answered no). 3) Then she asked me to submit any documents that prove that our marriage is based on true love. She counted the number of pages of the documents I submitted and asked me to sign a paper. 4) Finally the interview questions. (She asked me so many, so I am going to write all I can remember. ) ----How did you come here today? ----What type of car? ----How did you and your spouse meet? ----What is the date of your wedding? ----What did you do after the wedding? ----What did you eat at the wedding reception? ----Did you eat cake? What kind of cake? ----How many people attended your wedding? and how many witnesses? ----What kind of siblings do your spouse have? ----What bank do you and your spouse use? ----Do you and your spouse have a joint bank account? ----Do you have TV and/or internet at home? What provider? ----Do you have a cellphone? From which company? How about your spouse? ----Where do you and your spouse work? How much does each of you make? ----What did you and your spouse do last night? ----Do you live in an apartment or a house? If apartment, what's the rent? Who owns the property? ----Who do you live with? Any roommates? What are their names? ----Do you have a washer and a dryer at home? ----Where do you put your dirty clothes? How about your spouse? ----What's the color of the bathroom? ----Is there a window in the bathroom? ----Describe your bathroom. After that, she asked if I have any questions. And she did not tell me if I passed the interview or not. My USCIS online case status has not been updated, so I am still nervous if I did okay. Anyone, please share your experience!
  2. Hello, Couple questions. We finally got our interview date! Excited after almost 1 full year. i’ve seen some general questions that they ask... but, does the spouse go into the interview with petitioner? Can we bring our child in? Also, is an interpreter really needed? thank you,
  3. Hi everyone, I thought it might be helpful to create a post with examples of questions that were asked at your interview. It can be quite overwhelming to search through the 200+ pages of the Montreal DQ'd thread. So... what questions should I prepare for for my upcoming interview in Montreal? (Bonus points if you were asked questions about reestablishing domicile.)
  4. Norfolk, Virginia My husband attended his Naturalization Interview today. He applied based on marriage and the 3 year-rule in December 2019. Interview was scheduled for 09/22/2020. He arrived at his interview and was asked questions directly from his application. He was then asked to read a sentence in English and write the response. Next he was ask a few government/history questions: 1) Who is the governor of your state? 2) Who was the first President? 3) What are the two major political parties in the U.S.? 4) Name one of the writers of the Federalist Papers. 5) What are two ways that Americans can participate in their democracy? The process took 45 minutes. He passed all without any issues; however, he was told that a decision couldn’t be made at this time. The interviewer told him he should hear something in 3 to 4 months, but with COVID it might be longer. If he didn’t hear anything within 6 months, to contact them. He was told he would either be asked for additional documentation or receive notice that his naturalization was approved. It was a bit disappointing, as we had hoped we were finally done with this process, but it looks as if it’s another waiting game. In the last five years, he has made 2 trips to his home country of Afghanistan to visit his family. I am wondering if that had anything to do with it or if this is a common thing? For those that weren’t approved immediately, how long did you have to wait for your naturalization?
  5. Hi there, we are new to Visa Journey. My spouse is scheduled to be interviewed for the IR1 immigration visa at the US Embassy in Tokyo in 2 weeks. We are now preparing the documents and questions to be asked. Wonder if any fellow VisaJourney-ers could provide some points on: 1) What documents are required to bring to the embassy? We were told to follow the instructions on State Department embassy website regarding documents to bring to interview. Will there be other additional info to bring? 2) DS-5540 - the “Public Charge” form - it seems the embassy has stopped issuing immigration visa following the ruling on July 29th in SDNY which enjoined the implementation of the “Public Charge” policy. Yet, State Department still has not provided guidance on how to follow the ruling though USCIS did already. 3) What questions would the CO being asking my spouse? Like to hear some real case questions being asked at your interview. 4) Any other tips or pointers would be helpful? Best, TK
  6. I feel like once people went through the interview process they forget about this website and about all the people waiting to hear back about their experience. My Fiance and I are pending the interview and studying dozens of "most common questions asked" ... But would love to have your personal experience with the interview and most importantly WHAT DID THEY ASK YOU? I think this site is lacking the support of AFTER receiving/ or not the Visa. PLEASE comment below, tell us how your interview went and help the rest of us. ❤️❤️
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