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  1. The USCIS is not looking for “US based things”, they are looking for shared things that any married couple could have. A lot of couples, like was on my case, live together outside of the US when applying. We had everything from my country and from the US just tax returns. Put focus on important things like the joint bank, health insurance, trips, etc. IMO the gold necklace are not important evidence. Good luck
  2. What was the reason for the denial? If was normal things like lack of funds, etc, you are ok. The problem is when some people lie on previous visas applications like saying they were married and was not true. Is there any red flags?
  3. Agree!! I printed EVERYTHING and the person didn’t ask for anything haha he checked on this computer but you know how they are, they can do whatever they want. Better safe than sorry!
  4. You have all the steps on the USCIS Website. Click on “Where to file for TPS” to file online. https://www.uscis.gov/humanitarian/temporary-protected-status/temporary-protected-status-designated-country-venezuela
  5. Did he claimed on the application that he was married?
  6. What was the problem with the police? this can possibly be the cause
  7. You can use the Fee calculator to double check. https://www.uscis.gov/feecalculator
  8. Your situation sounds hard but unfortunately does not makes you a “honest” person in the eyes of any country. You had time and money to “shop” for a place to be, as you said, in the US the option was maybe wait on prison but you have the time and resources to go to Canada expecting a different result. One part that I don’t understand is why are you isolated in Canada if you claim that part of your family live here and others in your home country, and you have a really good job that probably pay a good salary, why don’t they visit you? Or in a third country? Do they (the ones in the US) also have impediments to cross the border?
  9. Are you saying that your nephews live in the US? Is he a US citizen? If this is the case they need a copy, the person does not need to sent the original just if they specifically ask him for it. if is there an online case check if is there a option to add adicional documents. And you can also try to call or email them if is possible to any extra clarification.
  10. IMO they will balance the past and the present. If you have strong ties to Argentina, you have funds to your trip, and you are applying with a genuine intent you have more chances but as you know the goal is to find reasons to see if you have intentions to stay here. Visa is a lottery. My advice is: be honest. They already know eeeeverything about your past immigration journey, now they need to check your present. Focus on those things to increase your chances. Good luck
  11. How long after the moment that you obtained the Refugee Travel document did you try to cross the border? I’m not saying that this was your case but a lot of people use Canada as a first step to next try to live in the US. Just remember that does not matter if you are now ALSO a Canadian citizen you are still a citizen of your country (or if you gave up your last citizenship l, you still have a history with this country. This will always be in your record, forever and ever). If you share what country you are originally from can also help with some information. US and Canada share information not just because of the close border but also because that I mentioned, the amount of people that first try to go to US and after Canada and vice-versa, thinking one will be easier than other. Like other said and I agree 100% the best option is dig a little bit more before try to cross the border if you want to avoid the last kind of CBP approach. As you noticed they knew and have all the evidences that you did not was honest before and honesty is not just important on life but is essential in an immigration process. A lawyer can file a FOIA that maybe can shed some light
  12. Are you sure about that? I find it in a 3 seconds Google Search. https://ge.usembassy.gov/visas/important-visa-information/#:~:text=Contact Us,-To contact a&text=Email%3A To reach a customer,Call 1 703 520 2249
  13. She needs help and support. A immigration process will not bring this to her. If she is unsafe you can help her to move to another State. Brazil is huge. You also have a lot of nice and close countries that she does not need a visa to go and apply for residency like Uruguay and Argentina. I’m really sorry for her situation but like others said this is not the solution here now. She needs mental health help ASAP
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