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  1. At my oath ceremony I saw people who had their name changed against their will by the IO
  2. You can add a statement on the last pages as there is room for that. Just refer to the page and item number.
  3. You'll receive a name change document along with the naturalization certificate. You can then change everything over to your birth name.
  4. My naturalization certificate still shows my A# therefore I have one and I believe I listed it on my petition for my step-son. US passport is proof of citizenship therefore it's all you need.
  5. Did she finally retrieve her passport from the first envelope?
  6. How do you expect a RFE notice when he already threw it away? The next letter you'll get is most likely a denial if the RFE wasn't responded to. I would file a new I-130 for your son.
  7. I'll make sure to put my step-son on my insurance as soon as the enrollment period is open. I would have done this anyways. I don't know why this is news.
  8. I had to reschedule a AOS interview for my husband because I was in the hospital after surgery and couldn't get discharged yet. We were rescheduled to have our interview almost exactly a month after the original one. However that included a walk in without an infopass at that time. I hope you get yours soon and get it over with. I also wonder about the questions they asked.
  9. No SSN needed. I got married in Florida as a tourist without SSN
  10. So... Why did she have 2 kids from a different guy while she was dating you?
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