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  1. I changed my name in Germany after getting married in the US. My husband had to be there in Germany with me. I had to have an apostille and I changed it via German right but I could have done it via American right. I presented my passport with my married name to the embassy. It's your choice whether to file with maiden or married name. You can already use your married name in America for bank accounts and such. But if you file in your maiden name, you'll have to change everything later, including SSN card. I don't know anything about the hyphen. I know it can get difficult when applying for certain banks as their system doesn't take the hyphen.
  2. Hi I felt the earthquake too. I would stay, get married and adjust. Good luck
  3. If you can't get married within the 90 day period, you can adjust status with an additional I-130. I don't know if that's something y'all want to do. Or go back home (if flights are available) and marry another time and file CR1.
  4. Same thing happened to me. Once it got transferred, it was worked. Received RFE, responded, got approved. It's now with NVC
  5. Maybe it's time to update my profile flag because I'm no longer the immigrant. I'm applying for my stepson who is in Nicaragua My file finally arrived at the NVC and I received the email to pay the fees. I haven't read the email thoroughly yet because I was in the hospital but I will sit down today and read through it and pay the fees. I don't know what documents I need yet. I know the affidavit of support but I don't have the written permission from his mom yet. I need to get on that to have it ready.
  6. Hi I think that going back home in 2005 speaks for you. I think it will go smoother this time. Have a fun trip and take a bunch of pictures!
  7. Hi I put down my address in Florida but moved to a different state. It was no problem. They just sent my green card to my current address which was still a hotel at that time.
  8. missileman I almost didn't recognize you OP, please come back and tell us how you resolved this.
  9. Allow a lay over of at least 3 hours, maybe 4. It's better to sit in the gate bored than to run trying to catch a flight 😉
  10. Hi there. Nothing to worry about. My husband left the country for a vacation and he was let in with a dual combo card as well. All they did was send him to secondary inspection, which is standard when returning on advance parole. They asked him a few questions. He actually vanished to go to the bathroom and they called me up and gave me his passport and said "You're good to go". When my husband came back from the bathroom break I told him the good news haha This was in August 2018 by the way. He has since gotten his green card but we haven't traveled again. All will be well and she'll return to you. Please don't worry.
  11. The extension letter gives you 18 months more so you can travel. I hope you feel more at home now. I'm sorry to hear about your brother.
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