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  1. I have a chronic illness and was without coverage for a few months. I brought medication worth of 3 months. I had to suck it up.
  2. I updated my address both online and via mail. My letter went to my old address. I changed my address again during my Naturalization interview. The oath letter went to the old address again! That's why I suggest having a PO box for mailings if you're planning to move during an ongoing application. Still do your duty of updating the address when you move but you won't have to worry about your mail getting lost as your PO box stays the same. I had delayed sending in my last application for a day or two so I could open a PO box for this very reason. It worked out for me.
  3. What's your resident since date and what's the expiration date?
  4. File a complaint here https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/visa-information-resources/ask-nvc.html?wcmmode=disabled
  5. Hi, congrats on your wife passing the tests! Waiting always sucks but I'm confident you'll get an oath ceremony letter soon. Hang in there
  6. Sounds like they're using your email. Make sure your email in your profile is correct I had people sign up to Facebook and Instagram with my email address. I keep getting a password reset email once in a while from them on my email.
  7. And he didn't do it? When I came to the US I brought 3 months worth of everything I was taking. TSA was really cool about it. I brought prefilled syringes and carried them on and they said "no worries you need it"
  8. They asked me all about my previous marriages and I had to recall everything
  9. I thought you had to live together by the time one applies for naturalization
  10. We never got my son's SSN card automatically after ticking the box on the form. We had to roll up at the SSA ourselves and within that week the card arrived.
  11. Germany doesn't care where you live next. They put "ohne Wohnung" in my Personalausweis. I put the address of my then-husband's mother in Florida for all USCIS matters.
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