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  1. little immigrant

    Vawa 2019

    I was in an abusive marriage and I promised myself if I ever got pregnant by him I would leave the country before giving birth so I can withhold the child from him and never tell him. I'm sure he would have used a child against me somehow and to hurt me. I can't tell you what to do but you're lucky you're not in the same country as your abusive husband anymore because he can't do much anymore. He might even want to "make up" and file for you to come back just to continue the abuse. Please be careful and take care of yourself and the child.
  2. little immigrant

    Mistake in the green card

    Me. My resident since date on my second 10 year GC was incorrect and it nearly prevented me from becoming a USC because as the officer stated according to the later date I wouldn't be eligible for citizenship yet. She almost had me correct it with a I-90 form but thankfully she was convinced that my first two cards showed the correct date. I got the second 10 gear green card because I changed my name. When is your interview? If it's still a little bit I would file I-90. Make sure that the Part 1 question 15 date of admission has the correct resident since date.
  3. little immigrant

    Married to non us citizen

    Block him on all social media and you can also block phone numbers
  4. That is the case for the I-765 only and it doesn't say this for the I-131 NOA. I really need to read... thank you for pointing this out.
  5. Well it won't help anything if it's already expired
  6. Who is they? Chances are you get your interview and Green Card before it's approved Don't travel without valid AP
  7. If it's an emergency you can try to get AP at your field office
  8. little immigrant

    July 2017 AOS Fillers

    Wow already "card being produced" that's awesome! Once it ships you'll get the tracking number on egov.uscis.gov and if you have informed delivery it will automatically appear there. CONGRATULATIONS!
  9. Technically unauthorized work of a spouse of a USC is forgiven. My husband voluntarily told the officer at the AOS interview that he worked while unauthorized and the officer didn't even mention anything. We were still approved.
  10. little immigrant

    Wife having affair

    Gather evidence NOW that you married in good faith and put it in a safe place for ROC Sorry this happened to you and good luck
  11. Doesn't DACA give you a work permit? @databit
  12. Hi I received the same RFE although I meet the income requirements by far. That sentence "Based on the documents submitted with Form I-864, Affidavit of Support, for the petitioner, the income did not meet the 125 percent of the federal poverty guideline for the petitioner's household size" is just a standard text and it does not mean that your sponsor does not meet the income requirements. It just means they want more documents to prove it. I sent letters of employment, 12 months worth of bank statements for 3 Bank accounts and a retirement account and asset documents. I don't remember if I included tax documents during the first filing or the RFE. I do not understand why they don't make this evidence a requirement during the first filing of I-485 because they will always ask for it anyways. I think they're buying themselves time by sending this RFE and looking for a reason to deny.
  13. Why do you use browsers? Use Adobe reader.