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  1. The letter is worded generically. Mine said I didn't meet the requirements when in fact I did. I provided them all bank statements for 12 months and everything I had. It was a thick package and I felt bad for the officer who had to go through it. I was approved without needing a joint sponsor.
  2. Thank you so much for the update. Since it was a different person with the same name, I'm sure they'll sort this out and approve you.
  3. Well, your title says you don't know why they were refused but in your text you mentioned that the embassy wants the consent letters. You know the reason then. You already submitted those. Now you need to wait. I had my (step)son come here and I knew I needed some sort of letters from father and mother so the boy is allowed to immigrate. I had everybody prepare stuff already in advance. I had no problem at the embassy stage about this. My son just immigrated 2 days ago.
  4. My son entered the US two days ago. He is IR2. I'm very excited. On the DS-260 I indicated that we never applied for a SSN and that we want the SSA to issue a SSN and a card. I want to know if this happens automatically. Our SSA office in my city is currently closed due to covid. And the SSA website also says the easiest way to do it is to indicate on the DS-260 if you want one issued. But I read time and time again that people have to go to the office to get one. And then get the run around. Has anyone ever received a SSN card completely automatically without doing anything? What would be the best course of action for us? Just wait and pray that it arrives?
  5. I don't see the DOS number which one is it? There is one that starts with MNG but it doesn't fit in the text box of the website to pay the fee on
  6. I wasn't given a letter with a DOS number. Only a letter that explains how the 1 year stamp works etc and that I should receive a Green card shortly but there is no way to pay the fee. Help? Point of Entry was Miami. No I didn't pay the fee already
  7. I printed everything immigration related two sided and it was never a problem
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