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  1. I'm glad everything worked out and thank you for the tip with the autofill the passport application. I can't remember how I did mine but I'll definitely keep this in mind for future applications. I became a citizen in 2017, long before the pandemic 😊
  2. Correct. That's what I did but it was before the pandemic however my husband has a green card now. Tourist visa overstay, I was a green card holder. Applied for and got citizenship and then we filed i-130 & i-485 and the other forms. I'm not saying this is ideal or advised but this is happened in my case.
  3. They say I need to submit a letter of explanation to say why I don't have this document available the way they want it to be. I can't change the fact that the boy was not registered and born in Managua so I have to explain that. I hope it goes well.
  4. I'm calling them now and I'm on hold. I can't read the messages but when I hover over response note it says the following: Please replace this with an acceptable birth certificate from a correct issuing authority. Please use our Document Finder at https://nvc.state.gov/find for acceptable documents guidelines. [Format is correct, but is not issued from Managua, the Lugar de inscription states issued from Somoto Madriz,] However the boy was born and registered in Somoto and I cannot falsify a document. How have others overcome this?
  5. Hi the birth certificate got rejected again. This time I had the translation and the certificate from the central registry of Managua and I scanned front and back and the translation is also front and back. I don't know what they could possibly want? Why do they keep rejecting this? I don't know what to do.
  6. Hi I applied under the 5 year rule. Keep important documents handy and write down the dates as things happened. You might need to retell your story during the interview. I had to and I had to remember some dates. I was even asked if I lied on my form. Of course I didn't but she wanted to trap me in a lie. So come prepared. I suggest you look into getting a restriction order. If you get a restriction order, take the papers with you. You haven't gone to the police so you don't have proof of his abuse. You need to protect yourself not only by leaving him but to keep a trail that shows that you leaving was justified so his claim of fraud cannot hold. Of course my ex husband often threatened with deportation but he is responsible for you for the next 40 quarters that you work. If you get on public benefits and the government will come after him. So really, you have the upper hand right now. He will not be able to withdraw the I-864 nor can he deport you. Sorry if my post is all over the place, I just woke up from a nap
  7. Sounds very stressful. I hope she can fly. Keep us updated
  8. I keep reading on the news that they are halting green card productions is that true?
  9. My husband and I have been using our SSNs for our taxes and we received the $2400 stimulus check. I'm a naturalized citizen, he is currently a green card holder.
  10. Block him and cut off all communication. You can come back with your 10 year green card. He has no hard evidence to back up his fraud claim. USCIS will just throw it out. Get a divorce asap and live your life. I've been through an abusive relationship with the threats and stuff. I flew abroad on my green card and came back just fine. I was put in secondary and answered all questions honestly. Please don't worry. If you need to talk, send me a message.
  11. You're wrong. It's her property. I'm glad she swiftly changed her address. You don't own the keys to the country. You can't deport her. You can't even withdraw your affidavit of support now. You're on the hook for her. You better hope she becomes a citizen after 5 years. I was in an abusive relationship and I'm the immigrant. There is nothing my ex could do. He wanted me out as well and threatened to deport me every other day. He tried to withdraw the I-864. I stayed and divorced him. And that's all you can do. Divorce and move on. Her status is none of your concern but you better hope she doesn't use public benefits.
  12. Do you have their number? I'd love to call them. The contact us link isn't even working. I didn't upload the back of the document and it has some kind of seal or stamp so I uploaded it this time along with translation. I wasn't able to read the message in the inbox but when I hovered over the rejection it said the same thing as before. So I hope this fixes it now. I don't know what else they could want. I got the birth certificate from Managua and everything. I had to send someone there and pay them to get it for me.
  13. So I got the birth certificate from the Central Registry in Managua and now I got a message that it was rejected. I cannot read the messages on the CEAC website because they aren't loading. I don't know what they could ask for now. I never did a correction on the birth certificate it should be the way it was originally. I don't know how to solve this. I can't even read the message and I don't know what to submit. My guess would be a translation because I didn't have that then but I have it now and I can submit it but I first need to see the message first. This is so frustrating.
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