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  1. Hey everyone! Hope your visa journeys are going well. we sadly still haven’t heard anything serious from our I-130. PD 03/27/2021 online filer, but NOA1 came from Potomac AR 08/27/2021, but no approval and nothing since 🙁 just chatted with Emma and I was told my application has been in Texas since the first day and that it’s still within normal processing times currently. following this thread, it feels like everyone that filed around the same time as us is already at NVC or even further… hope we catch up soon 🤞 wishing everyone luck and a quick approval whatever stage of this process you’re at 🍀
  2. Congratulations ! I remember you were from Kansas, too, but must have moved to Washington now 🙃. Glad everything went well for you and your wife!
  3. Congratulations !!! Super happy for you! 🎉🥳🎉🥳 our petition is in Texas as well, although we got our NOA1 from Potomac as online filers, the ask Emma chat representative told us it’s in Texas now. PD 3/27/21 Hoping we are getting approved soon, too! 🤞
  4. Yes, I did check right away, but there is nothing but the receipt notice from them. Congratulations on your approval! 🥳🥳🥳
  5. Finally an update for us, too!!! PD and NOA1 on 27/03/2021 actively reviewed since 8/27/2021! 🙂 finally some news! We were getting worried since we seem to be the only online filers that have Potomac on their NOA1 on both the online and paper version and had not heard anything at all. But that is until now! 🙂 it’s moving along!
  6. Congrats!! Great news, since your case had been transferred to Potomac, if I remember correctly! Keeping my fingers crossed for a fast approval! (And hoping ours will get actively reviewed soon as well ha ha)
  7. We filed online and our online NOA1 and our paper NOA1 both say Potomac!
  8. Us too! And as expected, nothing yet Germany is going into yet another lockdown and we are very bored 😴
  9. Hi! Thank you for sharing! Do you mind me asking why a tier 2 officer called you about your petition? Did you ask for a call back or did they just call you out of the clear blue? we did not add a phone number in the i130 part about the petitioner. since we are both living in Germany together at the moment, we didn’t think it was necessary.
  10. Oh wow! What a small world! no updates on our case yet. Reading about everyone checking on their case status to frequently makes me feels like I don’t check on our status often enough. Lol 😅 But I guess we did not realize that processing times vary so much depending on the assigned service center. 😮
  11. Hi everyone! congrats on getting the filing done everyone! We filed our I-130 online on 3/27/21 and got the Receipt Notice online the next day. It says we are at the Potomac Service Center. We’ve been married for 2 years and are living in Germany together right now
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