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  1. You can always go to the city and get a "Meldebescheinigung" for both of you that shows you live in the same address no matter whose name is on the lease. You would just have to be translated like every other document that's not in English.
  2. A master craftsman IS NOT EQUAL to a German Bachelor. It is ranked equally, but it is not equal. In German, it is gleichwertig, but not gleichartig. (valued equally, but not of the same kind) For example, a master craftsman does not give you the right to get a masters degree nor are you allowed to call yourself a bachelor.
  3. Your sister's TIN (Tax Identification Number) is her SSN. - I believe TIN is an Australian term. Only if she was not eligible to obtain a SSN in the US, but is required to file taxes in the US, she can get an ITIN (US term for Individual Tax Identification Number). USC are required to file taxes even when living abroad. So your sister might have some filing for the past years to do. Below $95k foreign income a year is except from US taxes, anything higher than that will have to be taxed in the US, too.
  4. I wrote "SAME AS MAILING ADDRESS" into #12 and kept filling in my addresses into #14. It says "if you answered "No" to item 11, answer 12. You did answer yes, so you can leave 12 blank. I have heard a lot that it's better to write something into the item rather than the officer thinking you had forgotten to answer the item.
  5. Hello VJers, my spouse and I are filling out the I-130 to be able to apply for a CR1 visa soon. My spouse is the USC petitioner, I am the foreign living beneficiary. This marriage to my USC spouse is my first marriage. I do not have any biological children. However my USC spouse has a son from a previous marriage, who was 16 at the time of marriage (and still is 16). Not sure if the age has anything to do with it, but since we are married, he would be considered my step-son, correct? On Part 4, Page 6, Answers 25-32, it asks for Information about Benefeciary's Family, more specifically "provide Information about the Beneficiay's spouse and children." On Answers 25-28, I would obviously the Information of my spouse. Is it correct to put my spouse's son information in answers 29-32? Even if I obviously do not want him to immigrate with me as he is already there? Or is he not even considered fitting into the category of "beneficiary's spouse and children", since he is technically not MY child? Maybe I'm overthinking. I just don't want to confuse the USCIS. Thanks!
  6. I have no experince trying to cash US Checks, nor have I ever been to Turkey. But I can say that I've used transferwise successfully before to transfer funds from Germany to the US and the other way around. It worked very well and the money was transfered within a few days. The fees were also very reasonable compared to a bank wire transfer. I just checked in the app and Turkey seems to be a country they are able to send money to.
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