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  1. They tripled the amount of IR1 visas issues for December 2023 compared to December 2022, so that is good news, in the latest statistics.
  2. it use to be the wait time when the backlog was really bad, its no longer true, the wait time is now 20 months or so, its going down now at least.
  3. For one of my Joint sponsors (my father), I received a note saying: "Please submit every 2022 W-2, 1099, and Schedule form for (joint sponsor name)" My father is married and files his taxes jointly, but my mother is a house wife and contributes 0.00$ to the house hold income. My father is a self employed business man so I sent his 1040 with all the schedules along with the tax transcripts for the years of 2020,2021, and 2022. I also sent a letter from his account stating the current profit and loss up to July 2023 and the nature of the business. Since he is self employed there is no W2, any idea what they could be asking for here? I did submit all the tax documents in a single PDF concatenated, I heard that could cause some issues? Should I re upload all the 2022 documents as separate documents? Or perhaps they have a hard time figuring out how much my father contributed to the joint tax income since he does not have W2s? But I would think the schedules would cover that? Thanks.
  4. Hello, I'm self employed owner of a business, and I have a 1040 tax return, with all the schedules (profit and loss), for the 3 recent tax years, a profit and loss statement from accountant for recent tax year, and a letter from my accountant stating his working relationship with me. I have never received a IRS tax return transcript, I don't have a W2, and I don't have a form 1090 filed. My question is, will I be ok with just these documents? Thank you!
  5. Kind of confused as to why ISL is not speeding up now. Anyone hear any good news on the grape vine?
  6. Hello, Our I130 case got approved; however, we realized that the beneficiary birth certificate name is different from her passport and state id name by one letter, on the birth certificate it is Ahmed and on the ID it is Ahmad (The one we used during the USCIS phase), would this cause an RFE? The beneficiary country is Pakistan. Thank you.
  7. you should contact the embassy and asked them.
  8. You can transfer to another embassy, as long as you get permission from that embassy; however, it is not likely they will give it. I have seen people transfer on visit visas, so your milage may vary. The US government is cool with you using an embassy in another country along as the embassy is cool with it, and usually the embassy is cool with it if you have some kind of freelance visa or student visa. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/News/visas-news/update-on-worldwide-visa-operations.html
  9. I would definitely transfer the case. Pakistani embassy is a dead end and it's all because Blinken is prioritizing NIV.
  10. You do not need residency to transfer to another embassy, it's just that if you have residency then they have no choice but to accept the transfer (except in some extreme circumstances). You can also transfer on a visit visa, but the success rate of that is variable. You have to contact the embassy and there is a process that has to be done, it is up to the embassy to accept your transfer case.
  11. I really hope more interview letters come out this month.
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