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  1. Thank you guys for sharing you timeline, i also submitted my N400 Jan 2022 and my finger printer was reused, i guess the wait starts. Congrats for been USC.
  2. 153 days after my case was received, my ROC was approved @WAC
  3. Yes that's the norm, the piece of paper will have the date and time for passport pick-up. Just make sure you have water with you because you have to wait under the sun before they call u. Congrats
  4. Please monitor your case online , USCIS my send your interview letter to your previous address (very common) would recommend calling them and confirm the updated mailing address they have on file.
  5. Not sure how they manage packages mine was received Feb 23, and I received my notice or action last evening. Just give it a week
  6. A consent letter Will suffice. The Dad authorizing his kids to move to the US with u and get it notarized. That's what i submitted and it was approved
  7. My son did his test in Senegal..The clinic in Gambia said one of their machine was not working.
  8. Anyone else having issues paying immigrant fee/Green card fee? Having error message the whole day.
  9. My bad, it's April 2020. Lol Right after the interview, the status was on AP, however within 5hrs it changed to Issued
  10. Update: DQ : April 17, 2021 Interview : 25-Feb-2021 Visa type: IR2 Embassy: Dakar The staff are very professional . Just a heads-up if your or your petitioner was married before, kindly take original or certified copies of all divorce and current marriage certificate. A lady came with only a photocopy and she was asked to bring certified or original. Finally bring the US standard passport picture. Good luck to all.
  11. True, very frustrating Did they ask u to send back the rejection notice or u just resend everything back?
  12. The US requirement is 3days not 72 hrs before your first departure. Base on your timeline you flying from west Africa and i assume you may have a layover. So if your first flight leaves Tuesday and test was done Saturday then you meet the requirement even if u arrive in the US on Wednesday or Thursday.
  13. Am in the same mess, mailed mine Jan 18, lost my credit card that i submitted to USCIS and unfortunately, i forgot about USCIS and cancel the card, so am 100% sure they will reject my petition because they will not be able to get their money. 1 days after mailing the package, i went to the post office to see if they can intercept and return the package, unfortunately, i was told my package was not eligible for that. Am still waiting for they to reject my petition before i send in a new one. Just give it a try and visit the post office tomorrow morning. The good news is, if you forget to sign the credit card authorization form, and the person processing your form is flexible, the card will still work. I have seen few post regarding that. The copy of the green card is a requirement, however, if you lucky, they can accept the petition and send you a REF . Good luck
  14. The automatic response is normal. They will get back to you within 7 working days. I emailed them twice and they replied within 7days
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