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  1. I know OP had a challenging situation. He decided to come anyway (which is fine of course) and needs to get organized now. Get a job, get health insurance and build his life here.
  2. That sounds like a huge packet, are you sure you need absolutely everything? You don’t have to send 100 pictures when only 25 will do, for example. Do you have a case that requires this much evidence? My I-751 packet was 35 pages and no issues! I know mine was super small, but you are at the other end of the spectrum. Take out the staples though!
  3. In that case, it’s best to try to find the funds to pay for the exam and to find a job as soon as possible so you’ll have health insurance.
  4. Does your spouse work? Did they add you to their health insurance? This should cover most of the costs for the exam. Also check if the insurance has different coverage for in-network providers vs. out of network providers. They will be able to let you know this, just call them.
  5. Just try to calm down.. You don’t need an invitation and it is perfectly fine to visit a friend. Just answer the questions truthfully and there is no need to volunteer information if not asked. In your posts, you provide a lot of details and it’s not necessary to tell CBP anything they didn’t ask for.
  6. She can try to visit you, but it is clear that her intention is not to visit, but to stay. You need to file for the CR1 (spousal visa) now.
  7. A long visit, partner in the US and bringing all of her belongings is very likely going to give CBP the wrong impression. I would revisit these travel plans if I were you. Better to have shorter visits and have her show proof that she has her job to go back to.
  8. K1’s are taking around 13,5 months now, and you will have the no work, no travel after entering the US on top of that. Not a big fan of the K1 because of the restrictions that come with it. I say, CR1 100%!
  9. She can marry and adjust status if she is still in the US. Overstay will be forgiven for spouses of US Citizens. Does she have a SO in the US already or is she now looking for somebody in the US to marry for immigration purposes?
  10. Nothing wrong with visiting partner on an Esta but OP’s visits have been long and relatively short after each other, that looks more like living in the US than visiting. So @Jorgedig has a point there, this is leaning towards abusing an Esta. I visited my husband multiple times, but these were 2 week visits with at least 4 months in between
  11. As others have mentioned, a lawyer will not increase your chances of getting a tourist visa approved. You having proof of strong ties to your home country will help. You seem to have stronger ties to the US (a partner and being able to take time off from work for long periods) so I think you need to revisit that. Are you considering moving to the US?
  12. You are absolutely fine continuing your AOS, you don’t have to provide a reason for doing AOS. But please be aware that you cannot work or leave the US without authorization, and this wil take many months..
  13. CR1 is (in my opinion) ALWAYS the better option because the immigrant will be free to work and travel (if needed) immediately upon entry on their approved visa. The downside of the K1 is that the immigrant will be ‘stuck’ in the US without the possibility to work for many, many months.
  14. I also got married on my Esta, left after the wedding. Not a problem at all! (just in case you needed more examples :))
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