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  1. LOL here are the instructions. https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/document/forms/i-129finstr.pdf Show us which page you got that from
  2. Not seeing a beware here LOL. I just re-read this. So the conclusion is the petitioner’s stand alone affidavit of support with all joint assets listed and overseas income only (zero for immigration purposes) was approved. Where’s the fire?
  3. Strange. We qualified twice on assets. Must be that particular embassy
  4. Prep for an RFE, hope for the best. Package is a little lean but its enough to at least keep you in line. IF an RFE arrives: If you have matching drivers licenses send copies If you’re both listed as drivers on the same car insurance policy send it Health and dental, send proof you share a policy (you have that but still) Hold on to your 2022 taxes, it will add another year of joint filing Little one’s probably too young to be in school but enrollment records showing your contact names and addresses for school are a good adder. They compared our credit card numbers and house keys at our actual interview and that was AOS from K3 8 months after arrival. Our ROC package was a lot thicker. Photos and affidavits are pretty weak, your file is top heavy with weak evidence. Keep gathering and cross your fingers.
  5. Cant say never unlawfully present when you were ordered removed for what appears to be unlawfully present. Under what circumstances do none of these apply? Looks like the more than 180 days if he got a 5 yr ban? At a minimum unlawfully present and ordered removed is yes. Illegally entry is unlawfully present. At least two of these are yes.
  6. Normally - not - and I believe the notice was a heads up to make sure the profile is up to date. My recollection was that we also paid for delivery at interview but embassies do things differently. I recall going to like three different counters dumping cash here and there. Stay in touch with the IV unit. I did and asked for / received the tracking number when the passport was sent. If I were to recommend any further action that would be it. Safe travels!
  7. Thats good news. Create the profile, schedule the flight at least two days before the visa expires. Tight window but do-able. I’d suggest a nonstop to US soil.
  8. I-94 does not apply to immigrant visas and we left / entered on a visa once because it had a different A number than the still valid green card. Took citizenship to straighten that out. Once a PR it takes a formal court hearing and order of a judge to take it away. CBP can’t invalidate LPR status (they seem to think they can though LOL)
  9. Nobody here said likely. What we said: Likelihood of denial is elevated when a CO has a clear discrepancy in the filed documentation in front of him or her. These packages are normally approved or denied and the decision is made essentially before the applicant walks through the door. One time a CO was grilling me (USC) about sponsoring on assets when I could see the document in front of him was already stamped approved. I did not take that grilling seriously LOL. We were comfortably within the law (something like 21X household size or something like that all banked and invested back home, nothing to do but hit “sell”)and he was just having what appeared to be a little fun with us. 😡 I-134 too. Not even a “real” support affidavit. Told him that too. He (almost) smiled. We were playing “the game”. How many times here have we seen applicants denied while holding a stack of evidence brought to interview? CO doesnt even look at it. From as far back as I remember (2006) we have been carefully advising applicants to front end load their petition packages with solid evidence (not chats and phone bills and emails and photos) of real time spent together and what that time was spent doing and we always advise and warn and brief K1 applicants that their job is to prove to the officer that they are fiances intending to get married as soon as their feet reach US soil. Any indication otherwise - either not enough time spent together or even a sniff that the couple skirted rules to hold “engagement ceremonies” or sign marriage contracts or took any other action that would indicate any interpretation of formal, informal, backyard, or any marriage activity at all has caused a denial. My problem here is that this is what the CO will see while he/she is making the real decision, the one made before the interview. Its a valid reason for concern and that is all it is. The overall opinion here is prep for the questions, ride it out, and expect to marry in home country / re-file if the worst happens. As MikeE says, I’m out. Wishing OP the best of luck.
  10. If you say “never done it once” to an IO who is looking for an inconstancy while he/she is staring at a chat log with what appears to be you using his last name that is going to get you grilled. They love that. He/she will count the number of times on that page and debunk your “never done it” and have fun doing it while firing questions about it to you. Interviews with things like seem to be something they live for. They look like they have fun doing it. I’ve personally attended (3) embassy interviews with my wife. They are paid to do one thing, screen you out, not approve you. You want to know what to do now? Prep for that. The correct answer is it looks like yeah we dunnit then hope they accept it because if the grilling starts it’s spray and pray rapid fire questions. Once you get defensive they melt you down. You know every time we’ve been in an embassy waiting for interview at least one person leaves in tears. It’s not a flippant joke and IF it comes up your answers need to be in the context that the person across the counter’s entire reward system is based on how many he/she weeds out, not approves. God helps those who help themselves and “faith without works is dead”. You did not help yourselves sending that stuff in. It was a term of endearment and no more. That is the truth and that should be your position no matter what asked.
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