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  1. If you are married imminent employment in the US for the USC spouse is grounds for DCF It really depends on your circumstances. Nothing can be done if you are not married.
  2. You are probably right. But you are not in removal proceedings.
  3. LOL I’m sure but you won’t be coming back without a (real) visa either. Good luck!
  4. You don’t need a waiver. Continue your K1 path. Something made them think you were coming in to adjust status. Did you pack furniture or something? Bring the goldfish and cat?
  5. Not on the lease, different address on drivers license, taxes, and W2’s and it’s April. This isn’t going to end very well I think.
  6. It’s a required test. I am unaware of a way to get out of it.
  7. If that’s going with the package, declares intent, and is originally signed I wouldn’t touch it. That zip code doesn’t even have to be there, just the signed statement of intent.
  8. Since you never bothered to share what country your fiance is from you actually didn’t get anything. In some countries if YOU can’t demonstrate that you can sponsor your fiance what he/she has means nothing. Timelines help other. Build and populate yours if you wish us to help you.
  9. Why does he need a visa appointment? What country?
  10. Yeah caught my snap on that, thought they were through NVC step Someone clicked the wrong key. That’s the message you get when they finish processing your N400 and are ready to eyeball you in person
  11. Return to the home with a deputy and retrieve your property is bad advice? Are you Ok today? That’s exactly what you do when your breakup is acrimonious. IF the abuser loses control the abuser gets hauled away. You can have a yard sale at that point if you are married in Florida.
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