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  1. well I found this: https://www.newscentermaine.com/article/life/food/maine-department-of-corrections-to-support-restaurants-impacted-by-dine-in-postponement/97-d831a922-90dd-4192-995e-c3a87462808b#:~:text=MAINE%2C USA — Governor Janet Mills,health and mitigate the spread Plus this: https://www.pressherald.com/2020/05/30/mills-directs-corrections-department-to-buy-surplus-restaurant-food/# So the answer is probably less. But the point I was trying to make is that the article makes it sound like the restaurants would not be allowed to open or to recoup any losses from being unable to offer dine-in services. I don't live in Maine and I don't know what the conditions are like there right now. It may make sense to allow outdoor dining only in these places. We were supposed to be starting outdoor dining and some limited indoor dining before the looting, and a couple of places have already. (My favorite Kreation Juicery has outdoor dining and I had wanted to go check out the patio when I got the COVID all clear but that will have to wait for a while now.) Viruses and public health can be unpredictable, moving targets. The restaurants are being given what looks to me like a middling path while the spike passes. It's not perfect but it's better than shutting them down completely.
  2. That piece is incomplete and misleading. It plays down that restaurants in those counties are cleared for outdoor service, and doesn't mention that a deal has been struck with prisons in the state to buy excess food from restaurants in those counties. Only dine-in service has been postponed. The author does himself a disservice by leaving out the complete picture. It also says that the restaurants can't reopen. That simply isn't true. Restaurants can reopen with outdoor dining. https://wgme.com/news/coronavirus/maine-business-owners-sue-gov-mills-over-delay-reopening-of-restaurants
  3. Hi there! Congrats on your pregnancy first off. Wishing you health and safety and calm in these strange times. I am really in the thick of the protests/looting right now. I am in Santa Monica, a little city stuck between Los Angeles and the ocean, and yesterday our sleepy tourist town exploded in property damage and looting. The CVS at the end of my block was looted, and I am only a couple of blocks away from a huge shopping mall and the main shopping district in general. Curfew is about to start here at 1pm. It's crazy. BUT I will say this. I have lived in California almost my entire life, and besides this and the Rodney King riots in 1992 (I am too young to really remember them) nothing like this has happened before. It's not the protesters who are causing the damage and destruction -- it's the organized gangs of looters who are using the protests as cover. This is scary but it will pass. It's a singular event that will be over within a week or two and we will be left with the damage to clean up. Now, where you are going to in CA makes a huge difference. In LA, there are so many different neighborhoods and little cities (like Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, etc) that have different vibes and levels of crime. You'll always have property crime, but some places are safer than others, so safe you can walk around at night no problem, no one will bother you. I lived in the Bay Area for just over a year, and the main problems in the city I lived in (Berkeley) were from petty theft and the occasional assault. I had to be more aware of my surroundings, but I had no problem walking home at night from the shopping strip I lived off of. I grew up in Burbank which was... boring. I will not lie! But there were far fewer people of color there than even next door in North Hollywood. I lived in Pasadena for almost 7 years and it was prosperous and safe, and far more racially balanced than Burbank. You get out of the LA and Bay Areas, and things can be very different. In the Central Valley and far north, it's generally more conservative but crime wise it is "safer." Where you are moving to in CA will make all the difference. So this is to say that these events happening here are NOT normal and will pass. California is such an awesome and amazing place -- I wouldn't live anywhere else. And I am blessed to have a fiance who isn't making me move to London, where he was working before he came here on a work visa. I am a California girl and I may be prejudiced though!
  4. I got this bit of good news this morning: Alex got the same thing. We've been self-isolating for over a week now, so I guess this means we can go to the grocery again. He's completely better, I have a lingering low grade fever and sluggishness. Edit to add: we're in the part of SM that has a curfew starting at 1pm, so I guess the grocery trip can wait until tomorrow. Going to binge-watch season 2 of Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce instead.
  5. Thank you. We are fine, TIRED, a bit freaked out. Okay more than a bit freaked out. Mom and pop places are being targeted along with the big guys. The cops are saying that it's maybe 20 organized groups roving and looting. They are moving onto Venice now, breaking into places on Abbot Kinney Blvd. They broke into the CVS AT THE END OF MY BLOCK. My parents are understandably very upset we are here but there is nothing to be done, we didn't have enough time to leave and there's all the COVID19 stuff too of course. No results yet and these will be delayed because testing has been shut down. His mum is frantic because she is so far away. We didn't tell her exactly how close things are, especially the CVS thing. Going to try to eat something and drink a glass of wine, it's surreal. Thank you, we will!
  6. This is a block and a half away from me. I am trying to stay offline and stay connected to my family and family right now, same with Alex. Taking a breather between calls. We have been under curfew for the past 25 minutes. Windows are locked. My best friend who lives two blocks away from me got out of here this morning and went to a mutual friend's in Burbank; we are only still here because we really didn't have enough time to get ourselves together and get out. Given our pending COVID19 test results, we really had no business leaving self-isolation anyway. City and county officials are saying the demonstrations today in SM are separate from the looting and damage. These are people coming into our community and taking advantage of the demonstration to do this to us. Local news is calling it organized crime. This is terrifying and this is not just one race or ethnicity doing this. Going offline again for a while. Could use everyone's positive thoughts for our little city right now.
  7. Agreed. I think that can be said of many people and institutions. Making corrections is an important part of accountability, which we see too little of these days. Edit: some on the ground reporting from MPR updated only a few hours ago: https://www.mprnews.org/story/2020/05/30/outsiders-extremists-are-among-those-fomenting-violence-in-twin-cities
  8. And he corrected himself, which I was glad to see, instead of just ignoring the mistake. That's the right thing to do.
  9. I read this to him. He said he is sorely tempted but he is more concerned with what his wife-to-be wants at home. And if she says no, it's sadly a no. On the other hand I have agreed that once life gets back to normal he can get a rifle for shooting and hunting. We are trying to figure out how/where to store it. I am not completely unreasonable but I want to make sure that we have a compromise. We are fine and secure here in this building -- we have security here. And believe me, nothing happens in SM. Mostly property crime things like people leaving car doors unlocked.
  10. And now we have one too. https://www.santamonica.gov/press/2020/05/30/city-of-santa-monica-curfew-effective-saturday-may-30 We're watching what's happening only a few miles from here and it's so disheartening. There's been no reliable reporting about what caused things to go from peaceful to the Grove getting smashed up and now a nail salon on Melrose burning down. The Whole Foods at the Farmer's Market and the Nordstrom looted. Same with the Alexander McQueen store in Beverly Hills. Culver City declared a state of emergency. It's going to be a long night here.
  11. I don't disagree with you. The Grove protest was peaceful until... it wasn't. I keep hearing about outside agitators causing the bulk of the problem in Minnesota, and that the mayor of St. Paul said that everyone arrested there on Friday was from out of state. People of ALL stripes who have axes to grind or unrest to inflame are using the protests as cover, to create havoc of their own and to join in what's springing from anger about Floyd and others. It's too early to say that everyone who is looting and rioting is from one camp or another. There's way too much confusion -- which is what those who are seeking to inflame passions are relying on. We can condemn the violence I think without pointing fingers in only one or two directions. Curfew has been announced in downtown LA, West Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Not that we're going anywhere anyway, but tonight's a good night I think to open up a couple of bottles and stay put.
  12. Just because there is rioting and looting associated with some of the protests doesn't mean that all the protests are that way. We had a peaceful protest here on Thursday afternoon, no arrests, nothing. https://smmirror.com/2020/05/george-floyd-protesters-take-to-santa-monicas-streets/ On the other hand, downtown LA is not a place I would want to be. I reached out to Voldy this morning when I heard what was going on -- he lives in pretty much the epicenter of what was happening, at 8th and Olive. I am not a monster and I do worry for his safety. He said he felt safe enough last night (he lives on the 31st floor of his building) but he wasn't risking anything. He has gone to stay with a friend back in Pasadena to go ride it all out. He said it was insane watching what was going on, fires, noise of alarms and sirens and shouting he could even hear that high up and through his windows. However I just got word that things are insane over at the Grove, police cars on fire, and some talk of Proud Boys instigating things. This is in like the past half hour. Things like this aren't supposed to start around the Grove. It's really nice over there! I feel safe here in Santa Monica, it really is unlikely to become a hotspot but if it does, we agreed that we are jumping in the car and going to my sister's in the Valley, pending COVID19 results or no. We can just isolate in the backhouse there if need be. Stay safe all of you.
  13. OMG HARLOTS!!! I love that show so much. When my fiance's sister was last here visiting we binge-watched the third season together. Have you seen The Favourite? One of the main reasons why I wanted to see The Great was because it had the same writer.
  14. Hmmmmm, have you been comparing notes with my ex??? Spaghetti bolognese tonight, so we will be eating pork AND beef tonight. We have had a tradition throughout lockdown that every Friday night we get spaghetti bolognese from the same restaurant. Sometimes we go and pick it up curbside but since we're self-isolating it's delivery tonight. It always comes with the most amazing garlic knots and we stuff our faces and watch a series on Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime/etc. We finished The Witcher the other week, and now we're onto The Great. Both are fantastic! The Great is absolutely hysterical while not being completely historial.
  15. It's not science though. Not a hard science at least. It's social science. Also I suspect neither of us have read the underlying study -- while I may pay for my own Netflix these days, I'm not paying $35 for a study on the intersection of masculinity and the carnivore instinct!!!
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