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  1. Yes, that's what I was getting at. I've seen it on here elsewhere in the 8 or so months I've been on here. Why leap from one partner to another so quickly -- what's so urgent about getting married? Why not get to know each other a bit better before making a major commitment?
  2. I know I am on my second marriage to a non-USC, but circumstances are very different. I just see lining them up as kind of cynical. Again, I don't mean to be judgemental, it's just not something I can really wrap my head around.
  3. Wait wait wait. You just withdrew a I-129F at the consulate and now you have a new fiancee? I... I don't mean to be judgemental, but does your fiancee know about what (and I could be wrong) looks like a very fast turnaround time between breaking off commitment to one woman and making a new one? If it were me, I would be extremely wary of committing to someone who didn't take some time to reflect on what ended their previous relationship, especially one leading to marriage.
  4. I told you it was a punishment. Perhaps like @Nature Boy 2.0, Alex also has a short dominatrix, though I don't have much of a rice fetish. Bread fetish, maybe. But only the good stuff.
  5. But didn't KFC have a female Col. Sanders at one point? I feel like I hallucinated Reba McEntire wearing a white suit (it was during a kind of weird point in my life involving a lot of jet lag every other week, so v possible).
  6. I put my hands up and admit that for pretty much my entire first marriage I didn't touch a dish (housekeeper), but pre-marriage to Voldy and after, I have mostly used a dishwasher -- only handmade pieces from Alex's mum's studio and the fine china gets hand washed. Was I supposed to notice that dishwashers suck? Or toilets? I mean, if you are not able to flush it down with one flush on a standard toilet, you have bigger problems than low flow. I hear a lot of KFC value meals will do that to you.
  7. Yes, that is your punishment. You already know I am short. You just need to narrow it down to one of two.
  8. So we were not made for each other after all, Nature Boy. I meet only two out of three of your criteria.
  9. Irish researchers with a grant from the Irish government, it looks like. Perhaps they could replicate it in the US, although I'm not a middle-aged, overweight person who could take part. But give me time, give me time... and plenty of cheese.
  10. I don't think "short" is impolite -- sorry, moving to my laptop as I have been on my phone and it's far easier to type on this thing. Anyway, some people think that "petite" sounds more feminine and therefore "nicer" than the harsher-sounding "short." I'm short! If you saw me in real life, there is no way of getting around this fact. I have been this height since I was 12 and I have made my peace with it. I do feel for my taller female friends -- I have never had my height be a negative issue for a guy who I was interested in/was interested in me. It's apparently a plus? (Which I think is weird and fetishistic, honestly.) But one of my good friends is almost 6 feet tall and again and again she deals with guys saying they just can't get past it. She has no issue with dating shorter men, so the problem isn't there. She's not dainty but she's not a "big girl" -- just tall and proportionally sized. Apparently her being the tall one can make men feel less manly, or that's what she tells me. Even guys her height have told her that they're looking for shorter women.
  11. https://www.businessinsider.com/cheese-benefits-for-your-heart-cheese-matrix-2018-8 Yes!!! 🧀 🧀 🧀
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