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  1. No I don't believe it changes anything. Your application will be handled as before
  2. It definitely makes a difference being transferred . You will now be on that service center’s trajectory. I think things would be a lot better if all centers worked on the same timeline more or less. There would be less wondering and frustration (myself included) . anyway I hope everyone is approved soon too ! Good luck
  3. I also thought this lately! I wonder if it really has slowed down recently … I hope not.
  4. I'm going crazy too. It just feels like such a waste of time away from my husband. We still have NVC to go through too. I've not seen many July filers approved without a K3
  5. Maybe your case was transferred to a service center with a longer processing time
  6. me too it's good news but the current trend I'm seeing for Potomac is around 12 months without filing a K3. Surely it can't stay at this pace... ?
  7. I remember a long time ago when the pandemic first started, people were using this website to try and meet their partners. https://www.tripmatch.org/ Never used it myself but hope it works for you
  8. UnfortunAtely not.. PD 21st July, actively reviewing end of November . If our application is still at Potomac then we won’t hear anything until maybe may or June which is really heartbreaking
  9. Unfortunately you don’t get to choose which service center processes your application. If you file online, you just submit it and then you will receive notification of where your application has been sent to. Can be transferred to another at any moment. if you mail it in there are different locations to send it to depending on your location, however these are just lockboxes and not actual service centers. It then gets forwarded on to a random center.
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