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  1. I'm CSC as well, PD 24 Sept and AR for 272 days as of today. I anticipate getting approved at the end of July/beginning of August.
  2. As others have said, you can absolutely go on ESTA, get married, go home, and file. I did it in August with zero issues, I think if you click my profile I posted about it. You'd obviously need to be vaccinated though as you've said. You do need to be vaccinated as a prerequisite for the visa - for the CR1 at least. We filed in September (PD 24 Sep 2021) and we're still waiting for the petition to be approved. I will hopefully be moving at the end of the year, but we're both OK with the wait (I say that but I'm on VJ every day lol) and I'm trying to make the most of my last year in London & Europe. I do understand the desire to be together and start a family, it's tough. Maybe best to request an earlier L1 from work if you can? Honestly the K1 seems to be taking exactly a year for the petition to be approved which is longer than the CR1 at the same stage, and there are just so many downsides. I'd narrow the dilemma down to CR1 vs L1, and go for a CR1 if you can't get the L1 moved up to this year.
  3. I can't really speak to the L1 visa but would it not be simpler for you to travel to the US on ESTA, get married, return home, and then your spouse files the i-130? From reading your post it seems the downsides of the K1 are more limiting than your hesitancy towards CR1. Personally we did what felt more pragmatic and realistic over what felt more natural, or even over our desire to be physically together as soon as possible. The CR1 is ultimately far less limbo and I can travel back and forth & work while waiting it out. We did a v small courthouse ceremony in the US - basically an elopement - so we could file ASAP and we'll do a bigger wedding when pandemic travel restrictions for family members are over. Thankfully our families were very supportive and understood why we did it this way. Could this be a possibility for you? We have friends who did the K1 and it took over a year for the petition to be approved. The fiancee is ultimately moving sooner than me, but she's going to essentially be stuck and jobless for a while, and kind of regrets doing it that way.
  4. Yeah I got AR 117 days ago (on 1 Oct, PD 24 Sep) but nothing since. It might be different now you're getting AR several months in - fingers crossed for you!
  5. The USCIS website https://egov.uscis.gov/processing-times/more-info says: Estimated time range: This column lists case processing times as a range for select forms and locations. The lower value of the range is the time it took us to adjudicate 50% of our cases. The upper value of the range is the time it took us to complete 93% of our cases. There's more info on the page as to how it is all calculated. I agree nationality is a factor in long timelines when high-fraud countries are involved but I don't think there are really any advantages for low-fraud countries.
  6. I don't think there's a lot you can do to change service centres. We're California too (as of September when I last asked). Don't put too much stock in the USCIS timelines for California as the bottom end of the timeline is when 50% of petitions have been approved (rather than it being an average of all petitions). I also think VisaJourney timelines - particularly for Nebraska - are skewed because many get the NOA1 from Nebraska but are actually at different service centres and they don't know or update their timelines/data.
  7. I was asked directly on my arrival in Seattle in August. Said I was visiting my partner and CBP asked how long we'd been together. When I said three years he said "that's a long time, are you planning on getting married?" I said yes, but clarified I'd return home to wait out the spousal visa. He kind of stared at me for a bit and stamped me through. Tbh he was probably weighing up whether to send me to secondary or not, so possibly got a bit lucky!
  8. Just checked with Emma and we're California. Hoping for the best 😕
  9. Our lawyer sent ours in via mail on 23rd Sep and our PD says 24th Sep. Status changed to active review on 1st October but tbh I've been reading that active review this early doesn't really mean anything. Receipt notice says Potomac but the letter my husband got with our USCIS online account access code says California. Not sure what to believe, will need to ask Emma.
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