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  1. Congratulations. Wishing you all success for the rest of the process. is the approval came from Potomac ??
  2. Sorry to hear about the health situation. Have you filed the papers to expedite and it got denied? Hopefully they consider if you send expedite request. Also Cali is atleast doing in order. I saw mid-sep approval from one of the facebook group. I believe Nov filers should start getting good news from mid-oct. Let's pray. GO CSC, GO USCIS. GO CALIF
  3. It looks like CSC is processing SEP 2021 files... GO CSC, GO USCIS, SPEED UP THE PROCESS.
  4. Mine is NOV-2021 NOA1 in Nebraska transferred California. I am eagerly waiting. I know CSC is doing SEP.. POTOMAC is little behind no too far. Yes, it is frustrating, but let's keep the HOPE HIGH and LET"S PRAY FOR SPEEDY PROCESS
  5. Did you put in Out of normal processing request? or else please reach out congressman in your area... 13 months is too long.. I know it is taking about 10 to 12 months.
  6. Good, at least you got a response and I feel like it is getting closer. It says it is assigned to an officer, hopefully he will get to it quickly. How long it took for your congressman to get response back from USCIS?
  7. CONGRATULATIONS. Wishing you all the best for the rest of the process
  8. The same thing happened to me, instantly went to AR, I am still waiting for 10.5 months. Later once I found out, it was transferred to another service center on the day it went to AR. So now if you chat with Emma, you may hear the same thing. It may be transferred to another service center. No transfer notice will be issued anyway.. so please SIT TIGHT and PRAY.
  9. Potomac is even worse than Calif... Don't worry Calif is moving they are not stuck at 10th Sep. it should move.. I believe Calif is done with all the Aug-2021 cases, all the Aug-2021 cases which are not updated in the timeline is because those users hasn't signed up to the portal for awhile and they moved on I guess. I took look at the rest of the cases transferred to Cali Approved 4 out of 9 Sep-2021 cases Approved 1 out of 22 Oct-2021 cases Approved 0 out of 5 Nov-2021 cases (I am in Nov) Approved 0 out of 5 Dec-2021 cases. Go Calif, Go CSC, Go California, GO USCIS, SPEED UP.
  10. Is it telling you cannot do because it is still under processing time? or is it telling you have pending enquiry?
  11. I thought you can still put in a request event the date says one and half months down the line. You can directly go to this link https://egov.uscis.gov/e-request/displayONPTForm.do?sroPageType=onpt&entryPoint=init. It takes a month to get response.. but at least gets their attention
  12. Do not worry.. agents do not have much information. Cases can be transferred to load balance but certainly not to cause more trouble or backlog. You will get approval in the next two weeks. Vermont is not taking that long, they are better than Calif (one month behind)
  13. It is a general statement they say w2/1099... if your w2 and tax return has same value, and if you do not have 1099. You can say that. Otherwise get tax transcript from IRS to upload
  14. Congratulations.  The NOA2 says OCT 14th... I think you mean to say SEP 14th.. Please fix that, it will help to accurately calculate the time

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