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  1. I asked the visa officer at the embassy to issue me a 10 years visa since I don’t like keep having to reapply but he said the maximum for my passport is a multi entry with a 2 years validity visa.
  2. According to google more than half a million people adjust status after entering USA a year! Chances are you will be fine.
  3. I travelled through Heathrow I never needed a transit visa.
  4. Congratulations 🎉
  5. I’m about to get my second dose of the covid vaccine today in preparation for the medical for my immigrant visa. I also did not want to get vaccinated but I got to do what they ask me to if I want to immigrate to USA. I googled it THIS MORNING hoping they have changed the guidelines and I’m not required to be “fully vaccinated” but nothing have changed since last year. I can’t see where it shows any new info about this..can you provide a link?
  6. I say it’s a High chance the Brazilian will get the visa especially with the extended international travel history and also going to school and working in another country (Ireland) is considered a strong tie.
  7. if I wasn’t married to him I would have been denied. papers I took with me to the interview was •pictures of us and our multiple countries we visited together Maldives,Lebanon,Turkey,Malaysia,Thailand but they did not bother to look at them. •our marriage certificate.(asked to see it right away) •HIS proof of income.(asked to see it) The person who interviewed me for the first time asked me to see my Syrian passport but I only had a copy of it with me at that time but also he didn’t ask me to submit it or reschedule the interview. I was put on AP for a week after then I received my passport. Other times after that I was issued the visa faster within 3 working days. my North African mother also was granted a US visa,she was given the visa on the same bases,also listed my husband as the sponsor and had all supporting documents to prove his income and marriage to me but they did not ask her to see those documents and was granted a visa right away. my UNMARRIED sister who lives in SYRIA has a North African and a Syrian passport was interviewed in Lebanon (since the U.S. embassy in Damascus has shot down due to our civil war) was granted a visa solely because of my marriage to my US husband! she also listed him as a sponsor and submitted HIS papers and strangely they asked her for passport photos of MY kids as well.she works with a big organisation in Syria though but they seemed interested more in asking about my husband and our relationship. my other unmarried sister with no job got denied visa after ONE question at the embassy in Lebanon CO: who will you be travelling with sister: with my sister and her kids and husband. CO:does your sister have a valid US visa? sister:Yes she showed him the wrong expired old visa of mine!! The officer mentioned it was expired and after that denied her visa. she never applied again she is not interested her feelings are hurt 😬 Sorry my English is not so good I tried to explain as much as possible. hope it helps someone and gives hope.
  8. I got multiple tourist visas to USA while married to my American citizen husband with no ties to my North African “high fraud” country with no job,oh I also a dual citizen and has a SYRIAN nationality! I got my first visa to USA DURING the beginning of our civil war there AND I entered USA pregnant at 6.5 months with a note from my doctor that I was allowed to fly and faced no issues at all. they gave me a visa solely on my tie being married to my husband and American kids,I listed him as my sponsor that he is paying for my expenses there since I also had NO BANK ACCOUNT or savings. each time I got a 2 years (max for my country) multi entry visa. I visited for a month each time I went there with no problems and at entry to USA I was given the max time allowed for a tourist visa i know a lot of comments say your husband most likely won’t get the visa but in my case it was different and you won’t lose anything by trying. I think it all depends on the individual case and person.
  9. I’m a Kuwait resident not a Kuwaiti citizen.my original country (in North Africa) usually considered “high fraud” . but I understand it all depends and nothing is guaranteed.
  10. I got multiple tourist visas while being married to my American husband and had American kids. No issues at all at any airport I entered from either. my visas was issued solely on my tie to him and I had no tie to my country or a job. they always asked me why I’m going to USA at the interview and I stated to visit his family and explore USA.
  11. Not yet. Still waiting on taxes. we are at the nvc stage yet and gathering supporting documents
  12. I have googled but I’m not sure I understand (as usual when it comes to this immigration process) 😓 so Can I apply for a social security number before being granted an immigrant visa? Or I have to wait till after entering USA with my immigrant visa? if I can apply from now..what’s the procedure? How do I start this thank you all for your time
  13. What kind of proof did you submit if you don’t mind me asking
  14. Covid vaccination wasn’t required for medical?
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