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  1. i'll see you and raise you....... https://politics.theonion.com/elizabeth-warren-disappointed-after-dna-test-shows-zero-1829766407
  2. Ban Hammer

    Friends girlfriend denied entry

    this thread has run its course. it is now locked. do not restart this thread
  3. at least it didn't turn out like this one did https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/heartbroken-mum-teen-who-killed-8518826
  4. NEW YORK—In an effort to find a more constructive way to cost the other team yardage, the NFL asked pass rushers on Wednesday to seek amicable resolutions with opposing quarterbacks before resorting to a tackle. “Instead of immediately stooping to a violent hit, defensive ends and linebackers should take an empathetic stance and try talking the quarterback out of his attempt to throw the ball,” said NFL vice president of human resources Kim McFadden, adding that pass rushers should use “I statements” to keep quarterbacks from feeling threatened while defenders asserted their own feelings as to why the signal caller needs to take a knee and lose a down. more at https://sports.theonion.com/nfl-urges-pass-rushers-to-try-reaching-peaceful-resolut-1829659755
  5. Ban Hammer

    Why the Left Is Consumed With Hate

    we never see anyone claiming hilllary molested them.
  6. Ban Hammer

    Why the Left Is Consumed With Hate

    if anything, that might have been the same thing my dad told me, but it was more in line about not having to pay child support........
  7. i read that as implants the first time.........