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  1. Do I send in the originals with their signature or a scanned copy?
  2. Im almost at the final stage of assembling the packet. Everyone puts in their first "exhibit" the check, notifications, etc. Does the cover letter sit on top or do I put my credit card form on top and then its cover letter? CC form, email notification, then cover letter? im not sure, please help!
  3. Hello, I was wondering if someone had an example of a sworn affidavits as a “renter” technically. My mom and I bought and own a house before my husband moved here. Everything utility wise was moved over to our new house but everything stayed in her name. We send her money weekly. I will be providing some proof of that but I’m looking for an example of affidavit she can type up for our packet! TIA
  4. Thank you for All the info. We don’t have anything joint except for our phone bill. We have to keep everything separate because I’m on disability and Social security with give me a hard time. Would this be a problem?
  5. Hello, my husband has a 2 year green card. We have to renew it soon to a 10 year green card. Does that mean we are “removing conditions “? Can someone help guide me to what section/ papers I need! TIA!!
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