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  1. How long did it take everyone to get there SSN? It’s be two weeks from the interview tomorrow and still no SSN. 😕
  2. Hello everyone, I have a few questions that can hopefully get some answers! 1. Does this mean we don't have to do anything else for two years (except 90 days before the GC expires)? 2. Did anyone else not get a stamp (551 I think) in their passport? He was approved but didn't get a stamp.
  3. Had the interview today, my husband will have his Green Card in 7-10 days! The wait was kind of long (maybe an hour) but he apologized a bunch. He said it'll be pretty quick since they already had everything. I printed off a bunch of stuff and all he asked to see was our IDs and his actual birth certificate, lol. He asked how we met and all the questions you have to answer on the AOS (terrorism, fraud, etc). Took his picture and his prints and we were on our way! Interview took about 10 minutes all together! So relieved and he's happy he'll finally be able to work because we haven't even received the EAD or AP!
  4. Hello everyone, my husbands AOS interview is on September 4th. I’m the one that is super nervous about it.. Wondering what to expect during the interview? Please and Thank you.
  5. I'm so mad! We just received an RFE saying we didn't marry within 90 days.. He entered the US 03/09 and we married on 03/22!! Someone messed up and I'm not sure what to do.. I guess call. 🤬
  6. Hello everyone! On the USCIS website, they told us they mailed us an RFE. The next day in the mail we received an appointment letter for the biometrics and haven’t received anything else since. Does anyone else know if they label the biometrics appointment under an RFE?
  7. Hello everyone. I have a question! Do we file for an ssn after getting our work permit? I read on the website that we can't get an ssn as a non-us citizen unless we are allowed to work.
  8. Medisys (New name is Horizon Occupational Health) in Montreal, a block or so from the consulate.
  9. No, I don’t believe they go through your past medical records or anything, you just have two papers I believe with some questions to fill out, but the medical exam is mainly focused on present, not past. Only paperwork you have to bring is vaccination record and immigration related stuff.
  10. No, you’re only asked if you’ve ever had problems with drugs or alcohol in the past.
  11. Medisys/Horizon Medical Review: We called on January 14th, he asked when the interview was (February 20th), then said "okay, then your appointment should be on February 13th". We provided a number and email, a few minutes after the call we received an email with our appointment details, plus some additional helpful information. We arrived in the morning (our appointment scheduled for 7:30am), we approached the desk and confirmed the appointment. The lady asked for a few things, then we sat down and there were some forms to fill out. There wasn't that many people at all, the first time my fiance was called in was for blood, weight, and blood pressure. The worse part was getting blood drawn from the nurse. She couldn't find a vein in the left arm, so my fiance suggested his right since he had blood drawn from it a few weeks ago. He had it hurt like hell and after she was done with it and we had to go wait back in the waiting room, he was telling me how sore his injection site was on his right arm. (Throughout the day, it started to bruise and the next day the bruise looks pretty nasty. Over the next few days the bruise started traveling up his arm like a line.) He then had a chest x-ray done, had to provide a urine sample, had his blood pressure taken 1-2 more times. Once he saw the doctor, she asked him some questions. He was called and sent back to the waiting room multiple times and throughout the appointment, the waiting room became pretty packed. The whole thing took about an hour and a half to two hours. Our appointment was on Wednesday and his results were ready on Monday. TIP: I suggest making your appointment early as possible, so its not packed and crazy. (My Consulate review is in the actual consulate review section).
  12. For some reason, I can’t upload a picture of it because “the file size is too big”. But at the top it’s titled COMPLETING IMMIGRANT VISA APPLICATIONS BY MAIL. Then it explains how to send stuff into the consulate with name, case #, mailing address, and email. Some links for I-864, I-134, etc. Then numbers and email for questions.
  13. Hello everyone. My fiancé had his interview today and we had a document missing (his police check). We told the window person it was currently on its way in the mail, but the interviewer never brought it up or asked about it. We were approved, given a pink slip and a white sheet (explains how to send stuff into them) and she said he was approved and he’ll receive his visa in about 2 weeks, but nothing else from that. I was curious if I could see what other approved people received as their white sheet along with their pink sheet. We obviously know about the pink sheet, but nobody talks about their white sheet, they just say they received one with the pink. Just want to know if we received the same white one as others or if it’s different,TIA.
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