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  1. It's a gable either way. We have been at NVC since summer 2020 and there doesn't seem to be any end in sight. I've seen people cancel their K1 and file CR1 and already have visa. But they filed late last year. It's frustrating to wait. It's taking a huge toll on my fiancée, her two kids and myself. There are days when I think we will probably not make it.
  2. Is anyone else still waiting? We've been stuck at NVC well over a year now. K1 was a huge mistake.
  3. Looks like you guys made it. We are still waiting for interview.
  4. Anyone else still waiting for interview? We are nearly two years since filling and been stuck at NVC for over a year. This is very stressful for my fiancée and her two kids and I don't know if we can wait much longer.
  5. The lawyers for the Ramirez vs Blinken are suggesting that making a switch to CR1 from the K1 at this time would be a bad idea. They are saying it would be quicker to wait.
  6. Yes, it's possible. My fiancée's acquaintance, the guy who took our engagement photos in the Philippines just had a virtual wedding with his American fiancée. They have never met in person. He is 24 and she is 19. They went through Utah County and I actually attended their zoom wedding. Kind of weird in my opinion.
  7. I haven't seen my kids, 5 and 7 nor my fiancée for two years now. I don't get enough time off work to spend it all in quarantine. And trying to meet them anywhere else is a nightmare. All the tests and airfare would cost close to 10k.
  8. But they still require vaccinated persons to be tested multiple times. The tests are expensive. What I don't understand is in the Philippines, you get tested after arrival and then you still have to wait in quarantine for several days afterwards.
  9. The Philippines is clueless on a lot of things.
  10. The US is averaging close to 150k cases a day at the moment. The Philippines is averaging 20k. Granted the Philippines has 1/3 of the population of the US. It's still a very small percentage. Even with the state of the pandemic the US, our Govt hasnt put in place the level of restrictions that the Philippines has. The Philippines is just dramatizing the entire thing. Kind of like how Seattle and parts of California go on shutdown when they get an 1/8 of an inch or snow or temperatures drop below freezing.
  11. Having to be vaccinated and having to take a covid test prior to the medical is a a result of the loser Philippines mishandling of the pandemic and snail paced vaccine rollout combined with the BS quarantine and lockdown Rollercoaster restrictions. If the country was operating in a similar capacity to the US, they wouldn't have these extra requirements and petitions could be completed quicker as the embassy could be at full staff. Everything is based off local conditions, which is no fault to the US, but the Philippines.
  12. Required to have a negative result before medical and then before entering the US. Philippines is a BS country. Couldn't pay me enough to live there.
  13. I believe this 70% of the population has now been adjusted to 90%
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