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  1. Greetings, We are currently in the market for an additional car for our family. Looking for a used vehicle that will be mostly used by my wife. Currently we have two young children, one who is still in a carseat and a baby due in December. My wife has no driving experience and will soon be starting an adult driving class so she can earn a permit. Being a Filipino, she's short in stature, 4'10 and around 90lbs. As we are soon to be a family of 5, we mostly likely need either a minivan, or smaller seater... Something that would seat at least 7. I am looking for suggestions as to what others might have done.
  2. My wife wants to start shipping thrift clothes to the Philippines for ukay ukay purposes. Is this legal? She thinks she can fit 400 pieces in a 24x24x18 box.... Is this possible?
  3. We applied for AP along with EAD and AOS in early April. I am wanting to take my wife and kids on a cruise this year, but know we need AP first. What is the current timeline? Interestingly, my 6 year old daughter already received her EAD card.
  4. She had no identification on her person. And since she never carries the house keys with her, had no access to the house to retrieve anything.
  5. She has no identification on her for one. So they wouldn't have helped her. The bank only has a couple of branches in the area and I doubt she would remember what bank it was especially with it being a local credit union.
  6. This is a joint account. I only blocked the card because she took off and we had no idea where she was for over 36 hours. She pretty much abandoned the kids without telling them where she was at. We waited in the park for 10 hours for her to come back and finally had to leave when the park closed. She could have been with anyone who migh have been trying to use or take advantage of her. Also because she was upset and distraught and not emotionally in a good place, she could easily have drained our account.
  7. She's so wishy washy and back and forth about everything. One minute it's she wants to get separated, the next it's she wants to go back to the Philippines... The next it's she wants a divorce and then she's saying she will give me a second chance.
  8. She's already telling me she wants to go back.
  9. Pushing her away or hitting her so she will get off me so I can drive safely is not abuse.
  10. I'll buy tickets back to the Philippines for all three of them.
  11. She feels some trust with my mother. And has opened up to her on several occasions. She told my mother yesterday that she would try to give me a second chance, but if I hit her again it would be over. I messaged my wife bcak in regards to her debit card being blocked. That we had no idea where or who she was with and that I did not want her to be taken advantage of. I told her that I was in the wrong for hitting her. That there should never be a reason to hit anyone and that it wouldn't happen again. I told her that I would immediately enroll in an anger management program so that I could learn how to deal with my frustrations in a controlled manner. She said she would forgive me if I acknowledged that I hit her other arm which I did and said again there was no excuse for my actions. And that as mentioned above it wouldn't happen again and that I would go to counseling. She asked how could she know it wouldn't happen again. I responded that I knew that I would lose the most important thing in my life which was my her and the kids. She didn't respond to that. But responded this morning that she has decided to get a separation and that I need to turn on her debit card so she can pay rent and food as per her, I am responsible for that. I have yet to respond to this request. I think we both need to sit down and talk about things. Especially with the kids and baby on the way. Text messages don't resolve issues.
  12. I live in the city, but we don't have good transportation system here. It's a good mile walk to the nearest bus stop. Uber could work, but it's not heavily used here, so it would be expensive to go anywhere.
  13. This exactly. I don't know what else to say. I understand she wants a car for example, so she can be more independent and not have to rely on me to take us places. She's never driven a car, nor had a license. I'm trying to explain that I would rather not take out a loan for a car at this point because we have other things to focus on. One being a baby that will be arriving in December. I typically pay cash for everything and unfortunately the immigration process, supporting her for two years while waiting for our case to process took a huge chunk of my savings. I don't know how else to explain this to her. She has met some Filipinas online that belong to the same Church that she communicates with. I don't know them all personally, but the girl she is currently with is one of them.
  14. Of course I would pay the support for my child. But again, she has no money to hire an attorney.
  15. And who will pay for that? Definitely not me.
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