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  1. Philippines will still require those leaving to be quarantined for 14 days when they come back. Those facilities are upwards of 100 USD per day
  2. It's not that serious. The CDC estimates survival rate is 97% - 99.5%.
  3. You can, but you have to travel to one of the CFO offices. We tried signing up for the GCP online seminar. They said we had to have Visa in Hand before they would let her take the seminar.
  4. It's easier for her to do the seminar online because she's not anywhere near Manila, Cebu, Clark or Davao. Also she had two you children who don't have anyone to watch them if she had to travel. We sent all the docs they were asking for besides the visa.. As she hasn't yet had an interview nor medical.
  5. @Cody&Razely How did you get to do CFO without visa? We tried to register for online seminar in August, but the counselor who contacted us said they wouldn't allow her to attend seminar until we had sent a copy of the visa
  6. So for all those who received NOA2 early this year and didn't get a chance to get an interview because of lockdowns, like those in the Philippines... You are saying at the one year mark they will have to refile? I doubt the Philippines will start processing K1 before mid next year
  7. "(b) (U) Validity of a K-1 Petition: An approved K-1 visa petition is valid for a period of four months from the date of USCIS action. However, the consular officer may revalidate the petition any number of times for additional periods of four months from the date of revalidation, provided the officer concludes that the petitioner and the beneficiary remain legally free to marry and continue to intend to marry each other within 90 days after the beneficiary's admission into the United States" https://fam.state.gov/fam/09FAM/09FAM050207.html
  8. It can be extended indefinitely if needed.. Not only one year.
  9. Yeah, but they will quarantine your butt for two weeks when you come back.
  10. Ours took six months and we applied last December. You probably won't hear anything until after the new year.
  11. What's your point? This isn't going away anytime soon. People are going to die. You can't force people to remain in their homes without provisions and not provide them with some type of assistance.
  12. Why are they staying locked down with only 3500 cases on average each day? Thats nothing. Fatality rate is 1.7% from reports I am looking at. 300,000 confirmed cases out of a population of 110,000,000. Close to 50,000 active cases with the rest already recovered. So, 0.27% of the population has been confirmed to have been infected. And your chance of getting sick in the Philippines and dying is 0.0045% figuring 5000 current deaths
  13. Crud is getting old.... Averaging around 3500 cases a day and everything is still locked down. Ridiculous.
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