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  1. That´s a correct observation. USCIS quarterly reports also confirm with this trend at SF. Straigtforward cases are processing quickly.
  2. Wow, congrats. I have already given up hope for 751 approval before my N400 interview.
  3. I think fee increase is fine, just like inflation. I just find it hard to justify 751 for increasing from about 600 to 1200. 15% increase is understandable, 100% is not. It puts 751 to the pricy end of their forms, but 751 is still a low priority and takes ages for some. I have no opinion on premium processing. For me, I would probably choose a cheaper and slower option, and thus, 600 is a lot, even though I didn’t pay that.
  4. Haha, you know in your soul that they want to take however much they can get and do zero thing
  5. The same reaction. I had to check the official file to make sure.
  6. The USCBP at that crossing doesn't know what "conditional" is
  7. It's not Canada. It's the US border agency when I returned.
  8. Wanted to add a data point for border crossing. 1st CAN->USA: officer spent 5 minutes reading documents carefully 2nd CAN->USA: the whole agency doesn't have anyone understanding ROC process and questioned the validity of my card. Spent 15 min at the office for secondary inspection.
  9. https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2023/01/04/2022-27066/us-citizenship-and-immigration-services-fee-schedule-and-changes-to-certain-other-immigration#page-526 For those who have cases pending, feel blessed that we are paying 600 dollars less.
  10. Same field office and timeline here. I'm also waiting for interview to be scheduled. Hope it's not a long wait.
  11. Can anyone share their recent timeline for filing N400 while I751 is pending? FO is San Francisco. Getting a little anxious seeing N400 from others later than me already finished their journey.
  12. Line chart is misleading on distinct FOs. It will be interesting to see how the past quarter compares with the previous ones.
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