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  1. USPS informed delivery says I either expect to receive the green card today or tomorrow (if they are too lazy to deliver it today, as what happened some time ago for EAD card). I have benefited a lot through this forum and I didn't see a lot of Pittsburgh filers, so I would like to share my timeline and experiences. As a same-sex marriage couple, we kinda worried about AOS at the beginning for recent immigration policies. Yet we are too young and too POOR to hire a lawyer, so we decided to file AOS ourselves since I don't have any complications. This is my timeline: Pittsburgh, PA 04.16.2019 applications sent through Fedex (485,765,130) 04.18.2019 10:30 am application arrived 04.23.2019 5pm credit card charged 04.24.2019 midnight received text and email notification 04.29.2019 paper receipt received 05.03.2019 notice of biometrics (notice date: 04.26 appointment date: 05.17) 05.06.2019 biometrics walk in successful, 485 same day fingerprint review complete, 765 the following day complete 05.10.2019 485 ready to schedule for interview 06.19.2019 interview was scheduled 06.24.2019 interview notice received, interview at 07.26 11:15am 07.26.2019 interview and IO recommended for approval,the same day 485 changed to interview competed, case must be reviewed 08.01.2019 485 changed to new card is being produced 08.05.2019 card mailed out, USPS/USCIS notified me with tracking number on 08.06.2019 Interview day: Got there early and took one minute to go through security. There is a couple ahead of us having some complicated immigration case so we didn't get called in until one hour later than scheduled time. Folks, remember to have some breakfast if yours is scheduled around noon. Anyways, the interview itself was straightforward. The marriage certificate, passports and state DLs are requested to see. The IO asked EVERY SINGLE question on 485 and 130. They apparently know very well how each country works ( I was asked about why I didn't join communist party and why no military training during college). We were asked about each other's birthdays/parents names/parents locations. They requested more evidence but since we submitted a lot (although they didn't have time to review them beforehand), we only gave them updated bank statements, leases, insurances and explained why we didn't file tax jointly. Then the IO went ahead to explain removal of conditions and will recommend for approval. Took probably 20-30 min in total. One thing I must suggest tho, DON'T expect them to approve the case the same day. Although some people gets online update to approved the same day of interview, but most people had theirs approved several days or weeks after. I was expecting same day online approval, so I had a lot of anxiety when the case is updated to "interview completed and case must be reviewed". Anyways, we are done with USCIS for 21 months, good luck to you guys and see you guys in two years!
  2. It was very smooth, although our interview was delayed for an hour because someone before us took too long. She said she will recommend us for approval
  3. Congrats on completing the interview, your experience looks very smooth! Would you mind sharing what questions were asked during the interview at Pittsburgh office? I'm having mine tomorrow to prepare for
  4. It was five days for me. I think it depends on individual complexity of paperwork/background check etc.
  5. Hi there, I'm also filing AOS at Pittsburgh. If you don't mind, could you please share the time between the date that status changed to "interview scheduled" and the date when you received the letter for interview date? Mine just updated two days ago. Thank you!
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