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  1. I have a doubt... A person married with an American Citizen has the benefit of becoming a Citizen at (3) years ... by Adjustment of Status ... What I don't know is, if USCIS starts counting for 3 years from the day they get married, or from the day they get residency? To complete those 3 years?
  2. HELP!!!!!!!! URGENT!!!!!! My EAD card was supposed to arrive tomorrow Wednesday. I have kept checking the USPS Tracking Number and it now says that they returned my Card to USCIS, because it could not be delivered, but I do not understand if I receive letters daily, my address is correct ... I was running to the Postal Mail and they could not do nothing because I was already on my way to (National Benefits Center) Lee's Summit, Missouri MO 64063 Any suggestions, please? HELP...
  3. Good night friends! My Status Adjustment Package (I-765 / I-485) and USCIS received it on April 22, 2019 ... May 24, 2019, I took the Footprints and I have NEVER heard about my case again. Someone from the month of April here who has not responded from USCIS? Too much time has taken
  4. Hi Friends, I have a concern, A person who arrives for the first time with Residence in the USA. You must go to the Social Security Office to apply for the SSN card, Or is that already in the System created and sent to the house? My mother already has a month in the US, and the SSN does not arrive
  5. When a person applies for the Adjustment of Status 2019 Why USCIS sends a CARD EAD to some people ... BUT other people are NOT and sent to an interview without CARD EAD. Some people get the Green Card Interview FIRST, and they NEVER receive the CARD EAD even applying for it. Other people get the EAD Card First than the interview. What is the difference? My case is in this USCIS office: (MSC **********) USCIS Office Address: National Benefits Center P.O. Box 648003 Lee`s Summit, MO 64002 I am waiting for a response from USCIS to be able to work since MAY 2019 I am waiting for a response from USCIS to be able to work since MAY 2019
  6. Case is Ready to Be Scheduled for An Interview As of May 29, 2019, we are ready to schedule your Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status............................ Every day I check my Mailbox to see if the interview arrives but, USCIS is taking a long time, and the employment authorization is the same
  7. I have a question, I am organizing all my documents to send the Adjustment of Status (AOS) I just need to confirm ... My partner was previously married, but he got divorced, WE HAVE TO ALSO SEND THE DIVORCE ACT IN THIS NEW RELATIONSHIP FOR STATUS ADJUSTMENT) In this new relationship?
  8. Greetings friends My case number in NVC was assigned to me on December 31, 2018, 17 days have passed and NVC is not yet sent to the Embassy of the Dominican Republic, I am worried, my name is diary and he only tells me that this is fast in the consulate, but I have seen people who accepted after my case and already at the Consulate received it. Can someone help me with some clarification
  9. I have not received the NVC Letter, can I get the medical records without that letter, or do I have to present it at the medical clinic?
  10. Greetings friends NVC assigned me the case number on December 30, today we are on January 12 and we still do not send it to EMBASSY, will it take a long time? I am from the Dominican Republic What time it takes from saying: IN TRANSIT to READY FOR INTERVIEW
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