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  1. My husband is self-employed so he enrolled me at Marketplace with the same insurance he has himself: Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative, Envision - Bronze. It's not cheap, but he had no problem enrolling me.
  2. The Stockholm embassy did ask for DS-5540, so we had to fill it in and bring supporting documents. Once there, they didn't show much interest in it and commented that my husband earns well above the required threshold so it was more a formality.
  3. My interview was on May 28th. The embassy required me to wear a mask (they informed me of this in the email with instructions from them) and everyone at the embassy was wearing one as well, some were wearing surgical masks and some just scarves. I took the SJ train from the south of Sweden. I was the only one wearing a mask on the train. The seat next to you is not available for sale. I did go in first class as I find there are fewer people traveling first class and you sit further away from each other. From the Central station in Stockholm I walked to Villa Källhagen, a hotel 3 minutes walk from the embassy. It was very nice to be that close. I walked up to the embassy area the night before to check it out, and then when I went there the next morning the guard told me to come back later as I was too early. I sat by the water waiting. The embassy staff was incredibly nice and supportive, especially the guy interviewing me. He didn't introduce himself, so at first I didn't realize the interview had started! The Swedish women who first asked for my documents before the interview was a bit more stern and to the point, but she was helpful too. At Villa Källhagen you can get room service for 150 SEK so you don't have to go to the hotel restaurant. There weren't many people wearing masks in Stockholm other than at the embassy.
  4. After the expedite was approved I received an email with instructions on how to prepare for the interview by taking the medical exam and collecting documents. When I was done with the preparations, I sent them an email informing them of that and asking them to proceed. They then sent me an interview appointment for 2 days later.
  5. We just called them and asked how to go about asking for our case to be expedited. They told us to send an email to stkivinfo@state.gov , so we did asking how to proceed with requesting the expedite. They replied telling us to "provide justification of urgency and hardship" and to "attach supporting documents of hardship for consular officers review". I'm thinking it's up to the individual embassy which grounds they approve or not.
  6. We got DQ at NVC on March 16th. In May we asked the US Embassy in Stockholm to be expedited due to my husband living alone in the US and belonging to a risk group for Covid19. The embassy approved the expedite and contacted NVC for transferal of our case. We've now had our interview and are approved! Passport is presently on its way from Stockholm to my house. The embassy and its personnel were very kind and helpful.
  7. Thanks, but as far as I can see not all posts are shown that way. I'm looking at the posts of a poster - LionessDeon - and her posts only go back to February 20, 2019. But I'm also looking at a thread in 2016 where she replied. It would also be nice to see threads posters have posted. Is that not possible on VJ? And is there a cutoff of how far back you can read a posters' posts_
  8. Hi,

    congratulations. Is the embassy open for CR1 interviews? Did your husband get the visa?

  9. Sorry if this has been asked before. How do I access a poster's old threads and posts? I can only find the most recent ones on the user's profile. How far back can you read someone's posts? Thank you in advance.
  10. My husband is 60+ and belongs to a risk group for Covid19 due to high blood pressure. He's living alone and we stated he needed the support of me in case he becomes ill with Covid19. Also, I live in a multigenerational family so it would be safer for me as well to join my husband in the US. Yes, the visa we applied for is an IR1. We've been married 2 years.
  11. I am on my way to an emergency interview in Stockholm, Sweden at this very moment. We were DQ March 16 and wrote the Stockholm embassy requesting an expedite May 12th, telling them we were already DQ. The embassy then asked NVC to send our case to them, which NVC did. NVC informed us of their actions via mail but the only correspondence we have had is with the embassy. The embassy approved our expedite request.
  12. If I understood it correctly, you have to go to a non-banned country and stay there for 2 weeks before flying to the US or you won't be let in..
  13. I don't know the answer to your question of whether the embassy only considers the US citizen's emergency or if the beneficiary having an emergency situation qualifies for expedite. We listed both in our request for expedite but our main emphasis was on the US petitioner's situation. From reading on VJ it seems embassies around the world are handling the situation somewhat differently. I read a poster stating they had gotten expedite approved at NVC but still were referred by the embassy to wait until the embassies open. We've been told from our embassy that as soon as we have all our interview documents in order, they will schedule an emergency interview for us. And here you are telling us your spouse already has been approved but they are sending you his passport without the stamp. I don't know if asking for an expedite would be helpful to you or not. I guess I might also be a little cautious of telling the embassy your husband is having panic attacks. Does he have a history of this or is it new due to the Covid situation? More experienced VJ posters may want to chime in. Good luck. Hope this situation resolves for everyone soon.
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