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  1. Depends on if you want a letter telling you to wait an additional 60 days or not.
  2. How much do the case processing times really tell us given that "the estimated time range displayed is based on data captured approximately two months prior to updating the page"?
  3. So did we! We're planning to wait til our 2 year anniversary so we won't have to deal with a conditional green card. It feels good to have one year down.
  4. Using resources to answer those inquiries instead of processing applications.
  5. Doesn't answering inquiries regarding outside normal processing time take time away from the actual processing of the applications?
  6. I wouldn't worry yet. This is normal for Nebraska. Soon it will be our turn!
  7. Given that the husband recently got citizenship through the military and has a younger brother with American citizenship it sounds to me as if the mother-in-law came to the US with one child (the husband) and then later had another child on American ground. So the children have managed to get US citizenship but not the mother. And, naturally, they want to see if it's possible for her as well to legally stay in the US.
  8. Maybe the petitions have been divided up on different employees? Who knows? Our cases have somehow been touched or looked at or sorted, but there's likely still months or so to wait for the NOA2, at least if your service center is the Nebraska service center. And then there's the entire process after that. If you fill in your timeline here on VisaJourney, they will give you an estimated date for when you will receive your NOA2.
  9. https://myaccount.uscis.dhs.gov
  10. It's on the old USCIS site: https://egov.uscis.gov
  11. I have priority date July 19th and mine was also updated on February 2nd. Nebraska service center. Don't know what it means, but thinking we are finally getting closer to being dealt with.
  12. Jon & Ygritte

    Child support nightmare.

    I was surprised it was only child support, so am asking if that's correct. Sorry if I overstepped.
  13. Jon & Ygritte

    Child support nightmare.

    And no alimony after that? My husband pays $2500 (already taxed) in family support. After the youngest kid turns 19 he still has to pay alimony $2500 (not yet taxed) until his ex wife turns 67. After that it's $700 forever.
  14. Since you still don't have the visa and thus are not moving yet, I would accept the money for now and then inform the government when you do move.
  15. Jon & Ygritte

    Scandinavians Part 2

    I'd contact the appropriate authorities and hear if they can give him a more official certificate (by snail mail). Perhaps they can even issue it in English.