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  1. Green card in hand, they didn’t deliver the card to me. I saw a notification that it was available for pick up, so I went to the post office to pick it up. I think it’s nice if they made people pick their card to avoid misplacement.
  2. My status changed to case was approved on both I-130 and I-485 on 08/29/2019
  3. Update! I woke up this morning to 2 emails, 1. On my I-130 saying case completed and must be reviewed 2. I-485 Says Card/Document production. I can’t seem to have access to my online profile, I’m guessing the system is down i’m so grateful to God and everyone on this group for their inputs. My prayer is that those still waiting to hear something will receive some good news soon. 🙏🏼
  4. I’m done with my interview. Field office: Pittsburgh PA PD: 03/06/19 Biometrics: 04/18/19 Case ready to be scheduled: 07/16/19 Interview date: 08/27/19 We got there at 10am, our interview was scheduled for 10:30am. Interviewer called my husband and I in around 10:50am, We took the oath, she captured me and took our photo IDs. She started the i485 questions with me, after that she asked me to step out and asked my husband some questions on the i-130 form, about how we met and when we decided to get married. Then she called me back inside and asked the same questions, she said our responses were the same. We gave her our table if content (15 documents), she took every of our documents. She also told me to identify some people in the pictures and asked were they were taken ( she didn’t take my pictures but made photocopy of them). In the end she told us she needed to run some last background checks. She gave us the White paper that marked case under review and explained the procedure for removal of conditions. She also said if I’m approved I will get my green card within 2 weeks She also appreciated that we did a table of content of all our supporting documents, she said it made her work easier. The entire interview lasted for 40 mins and I’m hoping this is the end.
  5. Same thing. The only time I sent something to them was when I accidentally applied to expedite my i485 instead of my i765 ( I wrongly put my receipt notice for i485 and the officer on the phone went ahead to put my application in without objecting). Then they asked me to send my supporting documents, which I did. I thought that was what got me the interview sooner (obviously not because it looks like they are just reviewing the documents I sent since). Hopefully that’s what it is.
  6. Please does anyone understand what this means? I didn’t send any correspondence to them neither did I get a RFE. I have my interview coming up next Tuesday and I hope this does affect anything
  7. Your previous service request is valid for 30 days, so if you don’t get a response back after 30 days then you may do a new one. I see you’re Nigerian. Good luck
  8. Don’t feel so sad, I also felt this way when I didn’t get any updates on my case, it felt like I was the only one not getting any news. I applied to expedite my i485 and I got scheduled for an interview (I don’t know if it was the expedite that worked or it was just my time). I got my interview notice in the mail and till now, I still don’t have anything updated online but I will have my interview in 11 days. Be optimistic and keep calling them.
  9. I think you may be able to get your case expedited, since it’s a USCIS error that they delayed your case. Talk to a tier two and ask to expedite either your EAD or your AOS.
  10. Yeah it’s safer that way, having a human being do it for you than a failed online service. You should take the new lease with You.
  11. You should inform your interviewer, the officer will give you a form to fill, that way you can have future correspondences to your new address. ( I know this because my friend did it and they sent her green card to her new address)
  12. 12 days to my interview. I’m excited and anxious 😱 Pittsburgh filers should please share their experience
  13. Yeah it was two pages. Someone said combo card comes in a Usps envelope
  14. It’s could be your interview notice, I got mine addressed to me like this also and they never updated my online account.
  15. Cincinnati and other field offices from Ohio are pretty fast. I saw a couple of them here on the March thread already had their interview done since May/ June.
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