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    Receive I-864 Package: 2011-11-10
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    Packet 3 Received: 2011-11-10
    Packet 3 Sent: 2011-11-10
    Packet 4 Received: 2011-11-15
    Interview Date: 2011-11-30
    Interview Result: Approved
    Visa Received: 2011-12-06
    US Entry: 2012-01-11
    Port of Entry: San Francisco
    POE Date: 2012-01-11
    ROC I-751 Filed: 2013-12-19
    NOA1: 2013-12-23
    Biometrics: 2014-01-16

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  1. Miss M

    90 Day Fiance -- season ???

    Human trafficking? Did you watch the video clips?
  2. Lease? But you don't live together. Credit card might be helpful but I think you will need to show a history of transacations on both the credit cards (co-mingling of finances etc.)
  3. Miss M

    90 Day Fiance -- season ???

    Pedro’s family is scamming Chantel while being incredibly disrespectful the entire time; I can’t stand to see their smug faces on my tv! David is so entitled! Sheesh.
  4. Miss M

    my cousin was deported from Dallas

    Agreed. I come from a place where cash is still very common (even for large transactions) and most people keep cash in their homes because if you bank it, it's hard to withdraw it (there are stringent daily limits); foreign currency is hard to come by within the banking system and so most people traveling abroad will have huge sums of cash on them. International transaction fees on credit cards are atronomical, too, which adds to many people's decision to carry cash. I know Zimbabwe's economy is pretty unique in many ways, but I would imagine there are many countries in which cash is more commonplace than cards and people are just so used to cash transactions and carrying around large amounts.
  5. I too haven't read the entire thread but here's my 2c - I came here to be with my spouse. He'd lived in my country for 10 years and I honestly never dreamt of leaving - we had a good life. He however, was homesick. So now we're here and I'm so appreciative of the internationally recognised college degree I obtained here (I had a degree back home but it wasn't worth much anywhere else) and the opportunity to have a career that doesn't exist where I'm from. I'm also really grateful for the lifestyle we're giving our kids in California and the all-embracing culture of the Bay Area.That said, our plan is to move back to my home country once we reach retirement age so I'm happy where I am, knowing we'll eventually go back. I've come to love California but I miss my family terribly and I'm very attached to them whereas he's not particularly close to his family
  6. If it helps any, we sold a lot of assets as we prepared to move to the U.S and both our foreign bank and U.S bank advised us to just make sure we kept a paper trail because of money laundering concerns etc. Other than that, we had no problems moving the huge sum of money and no one asked us about it (except for the forms we filled in to move the money).
  7. I hadn't even thought about that. Yeah, something's not adding up...
  8. She is from the UK, came in via Mexico. He is from Guatemala.
  9. Cleared my browser cookies this morning and had a pretty good run of uninterrupted browsing on VJ for about an hour. But that just ended: http://us.ecus196vu.pw/u1228s/index_h.html?model=iPhone&brand=Apple&osversion=IOS 11.2&ip= Francisco&voluumdata=deprecated&eda=deprecated&cep=-r2sHe_2ZH3WunnHJloAidH-WFSwX_YjqAlKjHx3EN6jJ2NWF7L9qYFp3fDpAN2RDD_uQOPr1wNrGRrxAek6Ouab9JNejHmLN3DFTMXqWqEYcBmWy6lyBMi54BbNpg7hSmXZFvrLeoNybebQ6trOD0aZt9NHnj_dtRU5LSAFRzr2CCMmO7273aJXaah0cALoK2DRTEbUcpFwmTXWu6aWttFcXTVMcCGXU4P4xxIYanXXO-6Om7cu0hJ14UmCfEtdbwBLhoMq1578907QSj7iwegFaBYbbXf_9x7WUAxDekG6AuaZsvhy68GJuMW5t-QzcUwt1KJ9q7fie-KV_uVHuw&clickid=EMxHZ9iZs9WkwgWokRG28t25m4nal-gA69kZ&channel_id=visajourney.com&rtb_source=pmPom&device_id=bba&sizeid=300250&mediaid=pulsepoint"
  10. http://us.authorizing735ly.pw/u1228s/index_h.html?model=iPhone&brand=Apple&osversion=IOS 11.2&ip= Francisco&voluumdata=deprecated&eda=deprecated&cep=vX0KcupQ_ipTj0aVUSoZ0dzfdJPzo72wyFP6wKTap_To5g2604wmZIsiDbZDFQnVaEtzUz8sIzboZe_MY2BPMyxUo9XUjiO1RjhzhO6Fn3D4I5Z5s4srgwIeOI0A2TYwF6pOxWYX-DeGTuphzlEkJTqXhLSllzITUs6qBYwA-OEj-WWrCgKcqbbQPPyzl7ZhvF7Wmn31knGHqzoP8sl3I5iLLHLDojE1aDs2uGYRz71WqHNdNN5O251mzHwZpNfwKQRgT0idZ6MTzBohX5x1fgd64YOYLKXvufL_zQuFXanI3RXKywgOCdGmtZLjQPaIVtENhxjNBhUeYuJgD97wiQ&clickid=1phJFsoRs9WkwgXrjRH7qPCwm4nal-gA1dkZ&channel_id=visajourney.com&rtb_source=pmPom&device_id=bba&sizeid=32050&mediaid=pulsepoint" I’ll try clearing my browser and update you later today. Right now, I basically land on the VJ home page and then anything at all I click on leads me to a pop up. I’m mostly clicking on ‘Today’s Most Popular Immigration Discussions.’
  11. For me it’s every other page or so, so it’s barely usable.
  12. http://us.amphitheaters541un.pw/u1228s/index_h.html?model=iPhone&brand=Apple&osversion=IOS 11.2&ip= Francisco&voluumdata=deprecated&eda=deprecated&cep=XraVMGo0jOZV6K5yDpURtERnQzhHY9Gmu8L2nUwfYHQo5M10nv2-_RkdliPBxI5sPmJWpImviFVKitDt-_d9ga3v9g8Y1aujQrBz99v3uaq1rSGOhcBZAkcvpIOAU0NXX1SxkbJwDOwlOpmBavV3nJGvHioiLW3Ir9ILzOgEeTgtqy6CBCUwB2meNO2_V2gWc3BSgjURlaOnLWc3Ukrj0zx5XaqGb84yebP5dCRG06VT1TpHSt2-MclbtsM1I_UcefHRQIrgmatIjZ4rwHxKqDI5dyUwc1S5YREQjIQovA4oISpZL26De6fTaBZaLHm-gqkKsD_d-5pmjKWO-Qbu_Q&clickid=5TN969wkyMykwgXAjBHPtM-UwJimjNoAxtkZ&channel_id=visajourney.com&rtb_source=pmPom&device_id=bba&sizeid=300250&mediaid=pulsepoint"
  13. http://us.copolymerizing946eq.pw/u1228s/index_h.html?model=iPhone&brand=Apple&osversion=IOS 11.2&ip= Francisco&voluumdata=deprecated&eda=deprecated&cep=8TqXl0LKL_ZuBD4kS2iRJceTuY7Z0dXY6_IzvfD3hq_brVQCygGsj93Q9PN07KhUGon7GoREoXRxrsI1xzXuq3nkPTFoOEcMNXxwQsKUd81uk2rR0bakOlnlmRsEHA8TVCp3VfCZ14-PIftHag9XbGGFsnypdObwMzQJ2BYONn0Z2q7cLf4VOSS5ZVAm3etLkCrHh67uNxOLbn9S_oyZ3JQumnXx7CCEnxrZGzMe3RfpYHi6lI40GTdSjQTTBBeZWN0_b8FVrKqBd0KG8V_GNhEbMqa-_uVx-M-g5QtbwLdX2ByOaykVyw4nQJlfQnibY36zYV-9vqXZ6PCk_-rlFQ&clickid=rTaEWoqWs9WkwgXAjBHzp9ykm4nal-gAt9kZ&channel_id=visajourney.com&rtb_source=pmPom&device_id=bba&sizeid=300250&mediaid=pulsepoint"
  14. 20 mins of browsing, completely ad free. Fingers crossed and thank you. 😊
  15. And now this: http://d36hwht462njvj.cloudfront.net/creative/c/3/?rdm=351305&m=1515524931&l=35130515155249285_aol_7dede1ab_041221512552766639511&platform=ios&adx=aol&clickid=15155249285_aol_7dede1ab_041221512552766639511&pubid=1aol_339876&ctype=2&classid=a1&subid1=web#