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  1. I'm not sure if this applies, but OP can check the Exceptions section here. It's not clear to me if the only way to get this exception is to file the Form N-470 beforehand, but I mention this here to spark discussion on the possibility of OP being exempt from the residency requirement.
  2. Thanks for the clarifications, everyone. I'm learning new info and I hope it's useful to OP.
  3. Reading others' responses, is my assumption correct that a minor child automatically naturalizes alongside the parent (with custody), but doesn't get a naturalization certificate, but can also prove citizenship without it? I'm assuming you can apply for a passport for her with her proof of citizenship being your naturalization certificate and any documents that show the parental relationship (and possibly proving custody?). Basically your daughter is already a U.S. citizen and she does not need the N-600 to prove it, and once she has her U.S. passport she can use that moving forward as proof of citizenship.
  4. Her eligibility begins ninety days before the three-year anniversary of the "Resident since" date on her two-year conditional green card. You can calculate it here.
  5. Updating on behalf of my friend. She sent an N-400 paper application in November 2020 due to requesting a fee waiver (which you can't do with online filing). She received a notice of acceptance of the fee waiver request but it's hard for me to date the timeline since the online case status page still only shows the earlier received date from a month prior. It also seems like the fee waiver acceptance letter was returned to sender and then re-sent to her, but anyways, the brief timeline is below. Local field office: Houston, TX Priority date: November 16th, 2020 I-797C NoA fee waiver acceptance letter date: December 27th, 2020 (weirdly, mailed out on December 29th, returned to sender on January 9th, received by the NBC on January 13th, and then finally received by my friend on January 29th). The online case status webpage says that they received the form on December 17th, 2020 and hasn't updated with any other status.
  6. I get that everyone should go to the SSA to update their status post-naturalization, but I don't know of any examples where a problem would arise if you don't update your status that showing your American passport wouldn't fix, such as government jobs requiring citizenship. There probably are systems where eligibility for benefits is checked via the SSA record as opposed to other means, but I just want to know specifically what those are out of curiosity. I doubt it's mandatory anywhere to renew your driver license after naturalization but many people do it for two reasons—one being those who change their name with naturalization and need their ID updated to reflect that, and the other being people whose IDs/licenses are valid not for the full standard period (in my state it's eight years for adults) but rather for the period of a foreigner's authorized stay (so if you have the two-year conditional green card some states would only give you until that expiration date). I can imagine there are some people who get their ID valid for two years with the conditional card, then extend it with the I-751 Removal of Conditions Notice of Action that extends the validity of the card for one year beyond expiration, and then they are eligible to naturalize under the three-year rule before they ever would have needed to renew their ID with the ten-year permanent green card.
  7. Just for my own knowledge… what happens if you don't update your citizenship status at the SSA? For proof of employment, you can show your Social Security card with the restrictive text and proof of work authorization, such as your naturalization certificate or U.S. passport. Of course one should go to the SSA and update the information, but what problems arise if you don't? Thanks!
  8. Congrats! If you sent a fee waiver request I assume you were a paper filer, then? Did you also file a Form G-1145 requesting an email and/or text notification? My friend filed in November and received an email or text (I forget which) a few weeks ago but still hasn't gotten the NoA1.
  9. FYI my friend received an online update that her case was received. See my post here.
  10. Also following this for a friend. Is the idea to simply check "Yes" and explain that one was below the income threshold, or check No because one was not required to file for that same reason? Just trying to get a handle on the logic. Thanks!
  11. I'm not sure but this case has a fee waiver request so maybe it's related to that? I'd be curious to learn more if anyone knows how the fee waivers are handled.
  12. Posting on behalf of my friend, who mailed her paper application, which was received at the Dallas, TX location on November 17th (according to the USPS tracking number). Yesterday, December 28th, she received a text message with a case number that indicates it was received on December 17th (exactly a month later) and is being processed at the National Benefits Center. Her field office location is Houston, TX.
  13. Are there any paper filers here still waiting to receive a receipt notice? I'm posting on behalf of a friend who sent her paper N-400 application to the Houston, TX office on November 17th, 2020.
  14. Do you mean nine months just to get an NoA? Regardless, thanks for the reply.
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