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  1. Food bank yasss! I am going myself next week too😃
  2. Wow 3 months? I am from Indonesia also and was working as a secretary to director too. For safe it’s better to resign after you got approval of NOA2. But giving 3 months will be quite hard as you need to back and forth to Jakarta for medex and interview. Remember in between you will need time to collect supporting documents for interview too (myself including police certificate from other country I lived more than 6 months outside Indonesia). Myself, I resigned 2 months before NOA2, tendered resignation on mid December last year, 1 month notice, HR working on my replacement and was lucky enough on week 3 the replacement joined so I could do hand over and trained her before my last day. Pretty risky, luckily my fiance visited so I could spend my quality time out of work. A week after he left on February, we received NOA2. April-May was busy back and forth Jakarta for medex and Interview (as I lived in Bali). A whole March while waiting NVC, I took my time to prepare supporting documents for interview and also traveling SEA. interview were done and approved on May, end of May I flew to US. goodluck!😀
  3. We had exactly the same biometric date! Hopefully I will hear something too. (Fingers crossed no RFE haha) Hope you will receive the RFE mail soon so you can fix it sooner. Cheers
  4. Okay, thought no NOA yet because your timeline not updated. Have you done biometric too? the current trend is USCIS RFE for birth certificate which normally they already sent it. hopefully yours will be an easy fix. Normally 1-2 weeks you should receive via mail.
  5. Hi, our timeline is almost the same. Just curious you haven’t received NOA1 but from tracker is expecting RFIE?
  6. I was just wished “only if logic applies”, ours will be proceed accordingly after yours hahahha
  7. Wow lucky!! When was your biometric completed? I guess to soon for me to expect that lol latest update still “biometric review was completed on both i-485 and i-765” what about yours?
  8. Same here in Ohio. Passed the written test for getting TIPIC, however my NOA1 is under my husband's last name, while my SSN is still in maiden name. DMV will proceed only after I change my SSN to married name because their system shown error "name did not match". I have not go to SSA yet to change my name as I heard they normally will ask for EAD since my I-94 is already expired. So, I will just wait until EAD on hand to change name (or hopefully it will come together with EAD since I ticked "replacement SSN" on I-765 form) then proceed applying DL again.
  9. Agree with you. We sent multiple certified copy of marriage certificates (3) and 3 cover letters too. Better over prepared than sorry😄
  10. Login/signup to myUSCIS with your email and password, then add your case number😀
  11. You may check your update status on USCIS account. My case, 1 day after biometric it has been updated to “fingerprints review was completed”
  12. Seems busy day at your ASC office. Anyway, goodluck! Yess waiting game lol
  13. I feel you ahhaha goodluck! Relax, this is the easiest part of the process. Mine literally 10 mins in-out the biometric 😀😀
  14. On point for fix hair and make up hahahha I am happy that the photo taken on biometric will be used for the card instead the one we sent when submitting the AOS, looked awful on those pictures lol
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