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  1. I don't think they send a RFE for not submitting I-693, most likely it's for something else
  2. There are at least five-six people here who posted that their interviews were waived.
  3. Just out of curiosity. Does anyone know if "Case is Ready to Be Scheduled for An Interview" means there is zero chance to get an RFE? Or it's not related? I sent my response to RFIE last week and yesterday my case status changed to "Response To USCIS' Request For Evidence Was Received". Looking forward to see them accepting my response. 🙏
  4. My friend's husband (US citizen) never filed taxes in his life. They found a sponsor and their lawyer helped them to write an explanation letter why her husband never filed taxes. She never got RFE and she got her GC without any problem.
  5. I had been waiting for 20 days to get a text from USCIS.
  6. I sent the same, cover letter and a job offer. I guess it's just a bad luck, the whole AOS process has been kinda this way. Anyway, probably I will try to find a new job offer and try again later. Cause I got a RFIE as well.
  7. What a people working at USCIS (I don't know what department exactly responsible for AED)! During coronavirus-time when almost everyone struggling, especially in the cities where issued a shelter-in-place order, when thousands people lost their jobs, they denied my request 😭. I guess in their opinion it's not the time when people need to work 😡.
  8. Thank you. That's exactly what I did. I put the amount from line 31 of schedule C on the box where it says "total income" but I put a different amount on the box “current annual individual income”. Maybe that's the reason.... Also I'm thinking to submit bank statements to show income.
  9. So I have to put the same amount in Total income and Current income?
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