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  1. I'm completely out of luck 😃. Based on the USPS informed delivery email I should have received the extension letter several days ago, but I still can't get it from the mailbox because "magically" I can't find the key. It seems to have disappeared into thin air. It never gets easier)
  2. Happy update 😄 After 11 days of waiting for any news, I finally received a text message from USCIS. Receipt #WAC.... Packet received by USCIS (Phoenix): 11/10 Text received with application number: 11/21 Check cashed: 11/21
  3. Don't worry, you will receive the message sooner or later! I was in the same boat. My package was delivered on 11/10 and I got a notification only 11 days later, no holidays or anything like that, and it took them that long!
  4. Same here The package was delivered on 11/10 and no news since((
  5. If I were you I would submit it right after Christmas. It doesn't matter if they are gonna work on it right away, at least you will be one of the first "in line" when they start working after the holidays.
  6. Sent my package on 11/08/22 via USPS. Based on the tracking number it was delivered on 11/10/22. Last time I used FedEx and paid over $100 for overnight delivery. This time I chose the Priority Mail Med FR box and it cost me only $17 😀.
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