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  1. They want you to send your medical or bring it to the interview? There are two different requests they usually send.
  2. There is no online information about your interview, you have to wait for the letter.
  3. My friend and her husband had their interview a year ago, and they were asked what did they do the day before the interview. Also if they drink coffee before the interview, and where did they get if from. So, I guess they can ask any questions.
  4. I've heard that USPS doesn't forward mails from USCIS. Maybe that's the reason. Did you get a mail from USCIS that your address had been changed? Maybe they still have your old address on file.
  5. I ship lots of packages every day, and I'm telling you that this "arriving late" status is nothing extraordinary, that's pretty normal. Once it's delivered you will see it. Sometimes it takes a week, sometimes 10-14 days.
  6. Don't worry, it's pretty normal lately that USPS delivers mails with some delays. This information even on the website.
  7. I think USCIS will be closed tomorrow and after tomorrow. Also I don't know whom you sent it, but if you sent it to the same address you sent your original AOS package as fast as I know they have to sign when they get mail if you send it via UPS or FedEx. And if they closed today there is no one to sign. And I guess you didn't send it via USPS, because USPS closed today as well.
  8. By the way, when is your interview? Because USCIS Suspending In-Person Services on Jan. 19 and 20. So if yours supposed to take place on Jan 20, it might get cancelled.
  9. You better call again and try to find out what's the date of your interview ASAP. I got a notification on Dec 23, LA office as well, and I already received the notice in the mail like a week ago. Also, the most important fact is our interview scheduled for Feb 1, so if yours scheduled around the same date and if you wait till Feb 4 it could be too late. Best for luck! Call again, until they tell you the date or resend the notice.
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