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  1. Today was my husbands citizenship interview. I went with him just incase they decide to do a combo interview since our I-751 is still pending. They took us both in. They only asked me demographic questions and the rest was for him. He passed but because our green card is still pending, they told us to wait about 2 weeks to approve that(it’s currently in a different system) and then they will send letter for the oath ceremony. Best of luck to everyone and be ready for combo interview. You just never know!
  2. We got a n-400 interview date letter in the mail yesterday scheduled for November 3 in the chicago office. We applied for naturalization end of May. So that went pretty quickly. Our 751 is still pending. We are preparing for the naturalization interview. i noticed some were prepared for double interview but they only focused on naturalization. Any tips. Should I even bother preparing paper for green card?
  3. Hello all!! I didn’t see a May group for this yet. I am currently waiting for my daughters Birth Certificate and I am sending my application right away. I have gathered as much proof of relationship as I could(bills/pictures/our baby girl BC/tax returns/$680 check Wishing us all best of luck unto this next phase. Also...hubby and I will be reaching out 3rd year of marriage this coming November. We do plan to file the N-400 while our I-751 is pending. If anyone in the Chicago area have experience with the processing time for both...is combined interview a possibility?🤞🏽
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