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  1. nope, just send in your 2018 tax returns, I would recommend the tax transcript you can easily get on the IRS website after you create an account. do not send in 2019 W2 without filing first. W2s alone are useless to them. you need all the papers W2/1040 and whatever else you filed OR you get the transcript without all these extra paperwork
  2. honestly i brought more and they really just looked at few. more is better. K1 papers aren't necessary...But they will ask same questions they did at the K1 interview, like how long you've known each other, when did you decide to get married, etc...
  3. I found this article, doesn't look like Canada treats it like a marriage as US does. But I would report it just to be safe. Since you guys ended it, you went your separate ways as if nothing binding you? did you have to sign any legal documents? if there was a lawyer involved during your separation and such than I would report it and provide the documents that ended it. http://www.canadiandivorcelaws.com/common-law-marriage/
  4. oh I would've reschedules hahaha so i can get the 10 year green card instead. oh well, but I think you went through the usual, they tell you they will review and you hear something 2 weeks later that you got approved. hopefully! but man i would be pissed if my interview was scheduled few days before my 2 year anniversary. oh well.
  5. First that depends on your state you reside in. Second, it depends on which DL you are aquiring. There are currently 2 out there, one for driving, there is a new DL called the Real ID, that is going into effect October 2020(used for driving & traveling within the US), people have already started getting them, that one requires a SSN, passport and a proof of address. if you are getting the DL that is used for just Driving then you should be fine. Again it all depends on your state of residence and their rules. In Connecticut and Illinois, you can get a license without a SSN by submitting a letter from the Social Security Administration stating you are ineligible for a SSN. in Cali they dont ask for such letter. so if you fill out your timeline and all your info, it would help us help you!!
  6. good to know for us newly married who has no idea how to do their taxes anymore(i was filing single all my life) until now. it's like starting a whole new grade level, huh? what? talk to me like im 4!! no matter how much i read about it, all I read is gibberish🤣 hopefully they wont come after me since I'm also not a big earner. but there honestly should be a guideline out there for all different scenarios that people have. i dunno just a thought. this forum can get overwhelming.
  7. when i filed last year, i asked my accountant about his past income and he said you dont need unless he was making alot of money, which he wasn't (barely making anything) so he said not to worry about it. we filed jointly. my concern is this year, now that he's working i have no clue if i should file jointly or separately, everyone keeps saying try both to see which one works best for me. super confusing. I wish this tax filing is more simpler. so I am thinking to MFJ again this year
  8. what? hmm that's weird, never hear that one before. try going to a different office but now that he's married his status might give him issues with obtaining it. but 3 hours?? wow, i never wait more than 30 min, try going on a wed next time, and don't be one of the early birds, we tried that the first time, it was a waste of time(2 hours) to find out it wasn't in order. it's by what you are there for.
  9. give and take, I got the email June 4, I got my letter June 10 my interview was scheduled on 7/10 so for me it was 5 weeks
  10. usually you will get the interview letter in the mail within 2 weeks and the interview is usually a month out.
  11. ohhh I havent seen any recent update for Boise, although not sure if everyone is updating their timeline so it's not reliable. what does your I-485 status say exactly? does it say "ready to schedule interview" ?? if so when did it change?
  12. Full name on passport, its fine if others dont match, just go with passport. if i remember right, they do ask if you went by another name, maybe just mention that.
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