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  1. can you think of any red flags as to why they might have separated you? age difference, prior/recent divorce?....hope you hear good news soon.
  2. yes unfortunately everyone who did their interview last week with me already getting their card in the mail while I'm still waiting
  3. USCIS was being grilled couple days ago on why there is a backlog and what they are doing for solutions. Its a long video but i skipped throughout. Nothing that we don't already know, more applications turned to higher backlog. USCIS also said the number goes really up right before an election. lack of staff blah blah blah, so anyone who is bored and wants to watch. link below. https://cis.org/Testimony/Policy-Changes-and-Processing-Delays-USCIS
  4. They are together, it should say serves as Advanced Parole on the bottom of the card. congrats!
  5. yes I looked them up online and i emailed them explaining my issue, they responded with 2 attached sheet, depends on your congressman, they will give you the sheet that you need to fill out, mostly privacy release sheet, so i filled both sheet out and i attached the job offer letter. if you wanna send proof of your hardship, maybe send a bill of a loan or rent, along with your monthly bills, maybe credit card bill. but i honestly didnt send any of that. so it all depends on whos working on your case.
  6. Just like Peot mentions, it's case by case basis, I didn't have to show proof of financial hardship but i did explain why i need to expedite for multiple reasons. ALSO you didnt mention if you did your biometrics yet. I would wait until you have completed your biometrics before you submit an expedite, I believe they can't give you EAD without completing biometrics. 1. I made enough above poverty. my income was great when i lived with my parents, but now that i moved out, the bills were piling up and one income wasn't enough. I also mentioned we live in the suburbs and my husband wasn't able to drive without an EAD or go grocery shopping, etc. it was a very difficult situation, especially in the winter months, he was going crazy sitting at home, he started applying for jobs and got a job offer letter and i used it to expedite. 2. I reached out to my congressman office only because calling USCIS was a total fail at the time, you can try it but they weren't even picking up the phone. The Congressman staff has more power I guess, they asked me to fill out 2-3 papers to email back and I attach the job offer letter for proof of expedite. They were very willing to help, within 2 weeks, card being produced. got card in mail a week later, so a total of 1 month if they are quick. 3. do not say your job is flexible, give them an end date, it will make them work on it quicker. give them a month from when you submit them. Like i said, i didn't provide proof that i was struggling financially, but i did explain that i bought a condo and I'm paying off the loan and bills, which was a lot on my shoulder, we desperately needed another income to help ease off the stress. I was also paying for wedding party at the same time. but i didn't mention that. but the driving in the suburbs might have helped.....who knows. or maybe the congressman staff that worked on my case was really persuasive. she even called me to tell me how committed she was to get me the work permit. so it's really all luck at the end.
  7. We had enough proof, all bills in both our names connected to the same address. bank joint account. Adding him to the deed is a process. also i read a lot of people didn't add their spouse to the deed and they were approved. honestly she didn't even ask about it, so im not worried too much. she seemed very laid back, definitely not prepared, it's as if she looked at our files, 10 minutes before calling us in.
  8. Hello, We finally had our interview yesterday in the Chicago Field office. per usual, you go through security similar to the airport, get ready to take off your shoes. we go upstairs 2nd floor to check in, the receptionist and guard were very friendly and joked with us when i didn't say good morning, trying to keep us relaxed a bit. Our appointment was at 11:45, we arrive 11:30 and waiting until 12:30 to go in. so prepare to wait at least an hour, we weren't sure if their lunch break was the reason of delay. there were multiple officers taking people in, i think i counted 5 or 6. ours was a young female, she was nice but still a bit stand-offish. We took our Oath, she took my hubby's fingerprints and both our IDs, his passport. first thing she asked about was his medical because it wasn't in the packet which i did submit. whatever i made her a copy of our original ones, she asked for the original, there goes that!! now I'm stuck with a copy which I hope it's not needed anymore. She asked him to confirm his identity, Name, DOB, address, etc. then she asked both of us how we met and when we got married. when we moved in together, where we both work and what we do. She then went through the yes/no questions, she randomly picked to ask him, like has he even been denied entry to US, ever been arrested, prostitution,etc...she asked if he ever been pulled over by police or got a ticket. at the time of filing we said no, but he got a speeding ticket in May and we paid it in June, she asked where he got pulled over and who pulled him over, my husband didn't know the exact details, he just said near our home, then she asked if we paid it, he told her yes, she said that's all they care about. MAKE SURE YOU PAY your unpaid tickets before your interviews, if you have one. At the end she said that was easy enough, right? we're like yes, all she said was give me all your proof of relationship, gave her utilities bills, bank joint account, joint tax returns, etc, and our wedding bill lol, also like 15 pics. she says she will review and we should hear something within 2 weeks(hopefully) 15 minutes and we were out the door. it wasn't grilling whatsoever, but I'm curious why some say they get approved on the spot while some have to wait.
  9. nothing yet in the mail, i am going to check today after I leave work. I should get it this week for sure. i was told 5 weeks. so mid july sounds about right.
  10. where do you see that info?? on the website it says 9-32 months, not very accurate. but yeah Chicago is very backed up. I will wait for the letter in the mail to really know the actual date.
  11. My interview was scheduled today. kinda shocking knowing my office is a slow one. I'm starting to get nervous as I will have to start working on putting together all the paperwork. If anyone can give me pointers or list of things they asked about, other than wedding pics. Anything is helpful. Much Appreciated.....as I wait for the instructions in the mail. Thanks!
  12. I’m chicago. I got ead/ap already. No update on green card yet, it should take about a year to hear anything for Chicago
  13. Other than the job offer letter. I wrote a brief description for my expedite. Saying how my hubby had to wait for me to come home to go out cuz he can’t drive without an EAD, it’s a hassle living in the burbs. Also mentioned that I bought a condo and need his help with bills. Just basic stuff really. The congressman just helped push it through. They have higher power I guess. Also want to note that my congressman is new to his position so he wants to prove he’s doing something!! so that worked on our side👍🏽
  14. I can’t speak for all. I say give and take one month from submitting the expedite. 2 weeks for case to change and 1 week to get ead. Currently it’s mailed to me. Still waiting. So companies usualy interview multiple people and then they finally choose and that could takes weeks. If they are in a hurry to fill it, that will be difficult. you will need them to write you an offer letter with a start date, let’s say they want you to start work 3 weeks from now. Right away you can file for expedite and wait. Depends on Uscis how quickly they look into your stuff.
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