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  1. beloved_dingo

    Seeking advice on K1 Visa

    I should have clarified, I meant uncharted territory for me/my knowledge of how it affects immigration.
  2. It isn't expired...OP clearly stated it expires in March and they applied for renewal in mid-January.
  3. The OP. It's the 2nd sentence in their post.
  4. When I went to the site, it said Self Check is down for maintenance.
  5. They said "I received my combo cards (work authorization & advance parole) last year."
  6. beloved_dingo

    Seeking advice on K1 Visa

    This is accurate, from what I understand, because it is still a closer blood relation that 2nd cousins. 1st cousins share an average of around 12% DNA. 1st cousins once removed share roughly 6% (but can range from 3% - 9%). 2nd cousins share roughly 3%. So on and so forth. This is kind of uncharted territory as far as immigration goes, but I would think as long as the marriage takes place in a state where 1st cousin marriages are legal, then there would be no issue. It's not unusual to marry in another state (or country).
  7. I find it interesting that this employee told you there was a "new" rule about waiting 21 days, when there's a thread here on VJ where someone was told the same thing in 2014 (despite dozens upon dozens of people successfully applying for their SSN without waiting). After doing some googling, I couldn't find anything about a new policy either. In fact, the only relevant information I found was that you are NOT required to wait before applying for an SSN (there used to be a 10-day hold after arrival in the U.S. before you could apply). Makes me wonder if a different employee would have told you something else. I'm going to call my local SSA office and see what they say. Seems a bit restrictive to say you have to wait 21 days but you also can't have less than 14 days left on your I-94.
  8. @BananaButton5 Beautiful photo. Congrats on your marriage!
  9. You misunderstood my post. I was not saying you have to have authorization to get an SSN... I was saying you have to have authorization to WORK, but that doesn't interfere with the fact K1s can get an SSN. Hence why I posted the screenshot from the SSA website.
  10. K1 visa holders are Legal Aliens Allowed to Work. You just have to have work authorization first. That is why K1s are allowed to get SSNs before adjusting status.
  11. It took me awhile to realize this is actually the best case scenario. I got a refund this year of $65, which is the lowest refund I've ever had. But, I also had more money in my pocket last year than I've ever had. Definitely better to have more at your disposal throughout the year - and save $$$ on your own - than to count on money back from the government once a year. A lot of low-income people (myself included, in the past) get in a cycle of depending on that once a year refund. They don't even attempt to save, or save very little, and then wait to deal with major expenses at "tax time". It just creates a vicious cycle that only keeps poor people poor.
  12. Sounds like she's trying to scare you into getting her way. Even if she did try to file the AOS paperwork, it would just get rejected without you providing the Affidavit of Support. Not to mention she needs $1200 to pay for it also. I remember reading your previous thread. File for divorce and cut off all contact with her (except through lawyers, if/when necessary). No point in dragging this out and allowing her to make empty threats.
  13. beloved_dingo


    You can visit his home country and travel abroad in general once Advanced Parole is approved. Currently, this is taking about 5 months from filing to approval.
  14. I would suggest reading over this: https://www.uscis.gov/policymanual/HTML/PolicyManual-Volume7-PartB-Chapter6.html Some relevant excerpts - With certain exceptions, a foreign national is barred from adjusting status if: •He or she continues in or accepts unauthorized employment prior to filing an application for adjustment of status;[1] or •He or she has ever engaged in unauthorized employment, whether before or after filing an adjustment application. [2] These bars apply not only to unauthorized employment since an applicant’s most recent entry but also to unauthorized employment during any previous periods of stay in the United States. [3] A. Definitions 1. Unauthorized Employment Unauthorized employment is any service or labor performed for an employer within the United States by a foreign national who is not authorized by the INA or USCIS to accept employment or who exceeds the scope or period of the foreign national’s employment authorization. [11] The INA 245(c)(8) bar applies to any time engaged in unauthorized employment while physically present in the United States regardless of whether it occurred before or after submission of the adjustment application. USCIS places no time restrictions on when unauthorized employment must have occurred, because the INA does not state that the unauthorized employment must have occurred during any particular period of time. @Olga&Jared As others have said, your situation is a bit of a gray area, and you could get away with it but it is grounds to be barred from adjusting status according to the USCIS policy manual. I wouldn't risk it, because when it comes to tax time, you will have to disclose this income and that will be proof to any officer looking at your taxes that you had employment. I believe you mentioned previously that you have clients from all over - including the U.S. correct? If you are living in the U.S. and you accept work from a U.S. client, well that's pretty clearly U.S. employment, is it not? Doesn't matter if the transactions take place online.