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  1. We've been on "Ready to be scheduled" since August 30th. No updates on EAD/AP.
  2. We're at 111 days, and were also hoping to get EAD approval around day 135. *fingers crossed* At least it's FINALLY cooled down over here, we had record breaking high temps up until yesterday (95+ degrees in October!!!) so my husband couldn't even go for walks for very long due to the heat.
  3. I tried the "Live Chat" option on the USCIS website just for kicks. The rep didn't directly answer my question - I asked if the AOS application was at the local office yet. Their response was that "Processing times for this case are 7.5 - 15 months". I believe that means that it is at the field office, otherwise they wouldn't have been able to quote a processing time (since it varies so much from office to office). However, the processing time quoted is different that what it shows on the website for my local office (8 - 18 months). Didn't really learn much of anything but it is interesting. If we're on the "7.5 months" end of the processing time quoted we'll be happy (as long as we get the EAD before that).
  4. My best friend's mom used RapidVisa for her K1. She chose to do this because she is older and wanted the extra help. Her wife received her green card a few weeks ago. As an outside observer to their process, it seemed to take longer than average but that could be due to many other factors that I am not aware of. I chose to do it myself, because I'm detail oriented and I figured that no one else would care as much about our visa process than me (and my now husband). We're now at the AOS stage and have had no RFEs, delays, or issues thus far. So, as others have said, if you (and/or your partner) have the ability to follow directions, double-check your work, and utilize this site efficiently for assistance, there's really no reason to pay for a service. If not, then do what you need to do to get through this process with piece of mind.
  5. Congrats @Ethan & Shannon and @HYDTOORD Let us know when you're interview is scheduled once you get the letter.
  6. I don't see how that proves a point at all? People cheat on their partners and lie about their relationship status all the time, regardless of whether online or in person. If anything, talking to someone online first gives you a chance to vet them and figure out if there are "deal-breakers" from the get-go, etc. Making connections online (romantic or platonic) gives the opportunity to connect with people that you'd never get the chance to meet in the real world otherwise (even in the same city). It's very limiting to only consider the people you meet by chance throughout your day as potential romantic partners or friends. Of course I have strong feelings about this, considering I'd never have fallen in love with my husband if I didn't consider people I met online to be worth connecting with.
  7. That article is kind of ridiculous, imo, and oversimplifies the complexities of finding a suitable partner down to one facet. Perhaps if the writer stuck to the contents of Cornell study so that we could further understand exactly how the study was conducted and what factors were analyzed, it would be more enlightening. Instead, it quotes an "expert" and then spends the rest of the article focusing on one woman's experience (and let's face it, her lack of finding an "economically suitable man" could be for A LOT of reasons other than "they are hard to find"). Does this situation happen? Yes, of course it does. But I seriously doubt the declining marriage rate has much to do with "men not working hard enough/not earning enough". Marriage is not the be-all end-all that it once was and more and more people are waiting until later in life to marry. Hell I'm a good example of that, since I got married this year at 33. My husband has an ingrained willingness and desire to work hard, and that's all I ask from my life-partner, not a specific earning capacity.
  8. Is June the lucky AOS month or what? 😂 I don't recall seeing many people getting interviews this quick in prior AOS threads this year. I hope this trend continues!
  9. Hey there! We're in Birmingham, AL so our field office is Montgomery as well We filed on June 18th and status changed to "ready to be scheduled" on August 29th. Here's hoping things are going smoothly in our field office ❤️
  10. Honestly I wouldn't care as much about the long Green card wait if the EAD processing was more reasonable. Really hoping that those of us that don't get AOS interviews within the next few months, at least get the EAD/AP card.
  11. USCIS is very clear on the fact they want the tax forms (1040) with all attached schedules (W-2s, 1099s, etc) OR the tax transcript. Sending both is overkill, but if you send your tax form and it is missing any schedules you will get an RFE. A W-2 alone is not sufficient the Affidavit of Support. I always recommend using the tax transcript(s) because a) its less paper b) you don't have to include any other documentation and c) it proves you filed your taxes.
  12. We didn't use a lawyer because we had no red flags and Australia is not a high fraud country. Also I preferred being "hands on" for something so personal and important, rather than trusting a stranger to put as much care and attention to detail into the process as I did.
  13. My husband would second this as well. He's been such a good sport about everything so far, but I know he feels like he isn't contributing (which isn't even true - contributing is more than money after all). I worry about the EAD taking longer than expected because I know if this goes on for more than a couple more months it's going to become especially tough. We moved to a new apartment last weekend and he was so excited to move the heavy stuff and be "useful". It was quite endearing tbh 😂
  14. We just got the "Ready to be Scheduled for Interview" update. Yay!
  15. Glad I read this thread. I had no idea sponsors had to report their change of address as well and my husband and I are moving tomorrow! Thanks for the info.
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