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  1. Thanks for the replys . I think we will be re submitting the forms . Wife called her bank last night and they said its not 100% they wont ask for a authorisation via the app ( wife works in a hospital ) so prob not see any notification come through plus they said they may auto deny any money over $500 . So looks like we will be resubmitting with the new AOS fees be looking at $3005 Hopefully will be able to re submit most of the paper work but i believe some may have been scanned and bar coded ... does any one know if we have to re print everything or are any forms with the barcodes still acceptable ?
  2. U mean the smaller date on lower corner of sticker we handed to ups store
  3. Never thought of that does it happen ... 🫣 though if they take money would that not indicate forms have been handled and a case started in which case we should be able to contact somebody regarding our case ?
  4. We did try contacting USCIS but not alot they can tell us untill the files have been gone through etc , and system updated. To be fair what ive asked i believe only USCIS would know the answer too but again its just to gather some thoughts
  5. Hi we have been chasing some documents for a while as my wife although born in the USA was adopted originally so we were waiting to have everything in hand to send together . Fingers crossed . Time now will tell . Although we suppose a good sign is if they attempt to take the $ from our account . We just hope they see the ship ( r ) date which we have been told is on the label just tiny.
  6. Hi new to the boards here . Maybe we dont need to worry but what are others thoughts here ? We file our AOS well we thought we did on 30th March 2024 as per advice from a immigration Lawyer through my wifes work . They didnt file for us but they went over every form to submit including which forms we needed what fees to add etc et .plus they went through each question with us on each form before we put everything together ready to post . The main thing was to hand this into a mail carrier before the 1st of April where the fees were going to rocket and that some forms that can be filed together will now be chargeable . We attached the form that allows the set ammount to be taken from our card With that in mind we went to a local ups store on saturday 30th March with everything needed . All forms checked , checked and tripple checked . All good .. Handed over to ups store . Watched them print a label and attach to the form packet. Got our reciept. We were told that the package wont leave the store as they have no pick ups at the weekend but it will leave the store monday the 1st of April and will be there Tuesday 2nd April . No issue as long as its handed over before 1st April Checked tracking this morning and it had indeed arrived this am but.... Looking through the tracking info it says label created Monday 1st of April . We have our reciept confirming the day we paid ( over the odds ) at ups store and the time but we are a little worried now regarding everything being denied and sent back to us and have to file again with the extra fees as it seems they dont contact you before returning ? If they do we can provide the reciept as evidence of handing over before the dead line . Possible saving grace is the tiny and i mean tiny ship(r) date at the bottom left of our sticker stating 03/30/2024 2:49 pm Any thoughts on this
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