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  1. Cata&Ben

    K1 Visa Interview Bogota

    Hi. It is the Petitioner who receives all the formal communication from USCIS via postal services. You must have a WAC number and a BOG number, indeed. Also you must have her passport number because it is needed for the initial application to USCIS. Very strange case.
  2. Hi @Greenbaum What to do when an employer in the US doesnt give an employment verification letter for the Afidavit Support i34 ? Thanks !
  3. I dont have the Police Certificates in hand. I asked one from Belguium two months ago and it hasnt arrived yet. I prefer to set the interview date when i have all the Police Certificates I need
  4. I havent been able to setup my interview date! I am still waiting for three police certificates from abroad. What a problem is that! The embassy only accept originals ... and the postal service system to LA is the HELL Good to know there a lot of people receiving their K1 Congrats !!!
  5. Hi MIchael I am sorry you are still waiting. You have shown a great deal of patience and extraordinary demeanour I am sending positiev vibes for your case to be resolved soon Happy New Year
  6. Hi, please investigate all the options for you with a lawyer. Maybe K1 is not the route for you
  7. @Greenbaum I have a question. Do I need the police certificates for the AOS or another process in the US after getting the K1 Visa ? Thanks !
  8. thanks for this info. I appreciate it very much. I will send the certificate to the US.
  9. Hi! I might have to postpone my trip to the United States for one year or one year and a half. Current situation is: I got NOA1 and NOA 2 and case ready in the embassy for interview. Havent set the interview date or havent sent the DS160. what is the best course of action in my case? Thanks Cata
  10. I dont know. I am requesting a UK certificate as well. I asked the Colombian CO this question many months ago without having an answer. Let me know if you find the answer Thanks
  11. I have lived in 6 countries appart from Colombia and the United States
  12. thanks a lot!!! I have been searching for this information since March 2018!!! I appreciate it very much
  13. Ok. I asked you because: (1) I have searched thousand of times and havent found the answer via google. (2) I asked direclty to the US embassy via email, but they havent given any answer to this question. They havent told me if the police certificates I have are still valid after a year. Can you please tell me the website where you found this information. In case I need to tell the CO consulate that my police certificate are still valid. Thanks a lot!
  14. @Greenbaum how do you know aabout this? is it stated in an american governmental institution´s website? Thanks