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  1. Documents supporting your application plus new evidence. it is important to submit the new evidence to probe along the way until naturalization that your marriage is bona fide. Cata
  2. Not really. The tracker USICS system (app) told me when it was mailed Cata
  3. · I am based in Boston, EAD took three days to arrive. Cata
  4. I think it depends on how independent you are. I wont file join taxes with my husband. I think the US needs to modernize in many aspects with the inmigration process, and not all couples want to merge finances. And that is fine. Cata
  5. Maybe it is time to contact your representative man/woman in the Congress. They speak directly to UCSIS on your behalf. Cata
  6. In my particular case the review of my REF took 4 weeks, setting an interview in Boston took another 4 weeks. The only "standard" time is the 4 weeks wait to be scheduled for the USCIS interview in Boston. Cata
  7. Hi -Your significant other must bring a government issue ID and you need to bring your passport along with any other document issued by the government -It seems you dont need to do a medical again. Congrats for the interview! Cata
  8. It seems there isnt a standard time for this Marcela. I have seen people getting the EAD in three months but it can take longer than that. This is not clear process and all decision are taking in a black box. Cata
  9. Thank you! I wish the best for you both and I hope you can work soon. Cata
  10. Thank you Lovely Lisa! I know, I wanted to share my experience because I had a RFIE, i didnt have my vaccination process with the embassy and my husband was laid off just one week before the interview. I think it is good to share the info and let people know that anything can be expected in this process and that at the end everything will be fine Cata
  11. Thank you for your answers and help. My husband was asked about his job situation and he explained to the officer the actual situation. He was understanding and took the documents. I was approved for a green card on the spot. Cata
  12. My interview at Boston for AOS from a K1 Visa went well. We had the interview in the morning. We were very nervous, so we decided to arrive very early but they didnt let us to check in until 30 minutes before the fixed time for the interview. We went to the cafeteria upstairs and had a nice cup of tea ... The USCIS officer asked the petitioner (my husband) to come first for the interview and he asked my husband to handle all the new documents to him. I waited ten minutes in the waiting room. I noticed the officers were asking the beneficiary to come before the beneficiary to the office. Then my husband left the office. Then the officer asked me to come in. I was in his office no more than 10 minutes. He asked 3 questions to us: 1. where did we meet? (I met my husband in Boston). 2. how did you decided to married? (he proposed in Boston and I told our story), 3. Who made coffee this morning? (He did). I noticed he was checking my answers with my husband´s answers. Then, he proceeded to ask me all the I485 questions. I made a joke to him.. He asked me: have you kidnapped someone? I said Yes: my husband´s heart. He laugh. After that, I was very comfortable. He told me on the spot: I will aprove your Green card, and he explained to me about the two conditonal-year and that I must apply 90 days before the two years deadline for removing conditions. I was so happy that after I left the officer office I told my husband WE GOT THE GREEN CARD and we kissed and had a hug ....in front of everybody After that we went to the restaurant where we had our first date, engagement dinner and marriage celebration. Oh WAIT.... He did ask my husband whether he had a new document to handle, we did provided our joint financial documents etc. And GUESS what! He never asked me about the vaccination update. I just realize that after leaving the building, so I had to return and handle the sealed envelopwith the vaccination information to him and he said never mind. And GUESS what! He did ask about current job situation of the petitionary and we explained the situation and he didnt put a lot of weight on that. While we were walking to our favourite restaurant my husband almost cried. What a journey! I checked the USCIS website after leaving the interview, and it said: Card Being Produced. Relieved! 💞 We both have learnt a lot from this journey indeed. Still scared and I wont belive it until I have the green card in Hand. Cata
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