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  1. USCIS updated my case status again: Response To USCIS' Request For Evidence Was Received They are workign again on my case. Cata
  2. Hi You dont need to send original documents. It was my mistake Cata
  3. It cost a ton of money to me because I had to order a new traslation of the birth certificate. I submitted the original brith certificate and the original traslation to english to USICS. And it creates a delay because of all bureaucratic process: without this people losing this document my case would have been ready for interview on the 4th of October. Cata
  4. Yes, I am sure. I just sent my Birth Certificate today but it costed a ton of money to re-send again this document and traslation not to mention that there is a delay in the process of almost 4 weeks. Cata
  5. Hi Lirca! Thank you so much for this information. Yes, I will send a copy of my birth certificate next time. I hope you will receive good news soon Cata
  6. Thank you Lirca. Yes, please give me the webiste. Did they review your case for interview appointment ...? You only know whether they will ask you a REF after they update the USCIS webiste and you are well for they to set up an interview. Cata
  7. I know alreay why they sent me a REF. They lost my birth certificate and traslation and they are asking for this document. GREAT. Thank you US Goverment. Now I just need to request my BC and traslate it and this will take one month. Thank you US government. Cata
  8. Thank you. I am so tired of this process. They also hold the EAD process. I want to work!!! Cata
  9. I dont know yet why they sent a REF. I saw the status of my case at the USCIS page. I will let you know when I receive the letter. Cata
  10. I did my Biometrics on the 4th of September and today I received a REF
  11. No, they don't. I received all the three letters but never a text message.
  12. I completed my biometrics one week ago but I never recieved text messages 🤣
  13. I have seen here people receiving REF after completing biometrics. Cheers Cata
  14. I received the NOA 1 Letters after they cashed the checks Cheers Cata
  15. Today, I got my NOA 1 for the AP and my biometric appointment letter ! Thanks, Cata
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