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  1. I thought the same too, however was unsure because sometimes they use P.O boxes
  2. My fiance was told by a consulate guard to send his medical exam results to the consulate through DHL. Does anyone know what address he should send them to?
  3. I was wondering if my baby and i are able to be on WIC even though I applied for my fiancé’s k1visa? I do have a joint sponsor but was curious to know if that affects them in any way? Thanks
  4. My fiancé’s visa was refused June 2019 and was told to come back January 2020 and have a new medical exam done. My question is does he need to get his fingerprints done again? I messaged the consulate(Ciudad Juárez) and they told me he would not need a new interview only a medical exam, but didn’t say anything about the fingerprints? Can anyone let me know if they have any insight on this? Should I schedule the new medical exam already? Thanks
  5. Yes it's very confusing. I sent the consulate an email, I'm waiting for a response to see what they say. Does anyone know how long they take to respond?
  6. No instructions on blue sheet. I've read several post about some people sending/taking results to the consulate personally as well as someone who said they had to wait for another interview to be scheduled. However those posts we're 2-3 years ago.
  7. Yes we are very lucky that it's only 6 months. Do you know if he needs to wait to be scheduled a new interview after the medical exam?
  8. Would he just send the results in? Or take them to the consulate personally?
  9. He was not given a 221(g). He was given a blue sheet of paper saying to return January 2020 for a new medical exam to prove that he is "clean"
  10. Fiance was denied his k1 visa for admitting to having used drugs in the past (marijuana). Fiance was told he can obtain an another medical exam January 2020. Can anyone with a similar experience let me know what happens after? What do we have to do? Anything I need to submit? Would fiance have another interview or just the medical exam? Thank you
  11. Does my fiance need to take a copy of the joint sponsor's birth certificate to the interview? (Ciudad Juarez)
  12. When I was done scheduling the interview they sent me an email with the information but no barcode? Is this the appointment confirmation email that I'm supposed to print and take to interview?
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