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  1. You can set up the appointment yourself. If I were you I would check the ais website several time a day. The NVC approved my case in April and I scheduled the interview appointment for June. Check constantly spots will open up
  2. Sorry, I forgot to add that we'll be flying back to my fiance's home state in Mexico after interview not the US.
  3. The interview day is the last day I plan to spend in Ciudad Juarez. The interview is at 9am. Thoughts about booking a flight at 7.50 pm flight leaving Juarez? Will this be enough time? Thoughts and opinions? Thanks
  4. When they ask if you if you've ever used drugs, should I just tell them truth and say I've smoked (marijuana) the last use was in January 2018 and the interview is in June. Can anyone share what they said if they had used drugs before? (Mexico)
  5. But it's not allowing me to pay? Anytime I try to pay it redirects me to the appointment page and no appointments are available. (Mexico, Ciudad Juarez)
  6. Can I not pay the fee if there is no appointments available? Anytime i log in to schedule interview appointment no dates are available, am I not allowed to pay the interview prior to scheduling an appointment? Thanks
  7. How long before the interview can I get all the w-2, bank statements etc. Can I get them a few months before the interview? Does it matter?
  8. I'm trying to make an account so I can pay the visa fee and schedule the appointments, but anytime I type in my email waiting for the instructions to continue making the account I never receive an email? Has this happened to anyone? Let me know what you did Thanks
  9. How do I schedule the medical appointment and the interview? Where do I go to pay the visa fee? Can someone let me know what you did? Specifics please Thank you in advance
  10. Where do I go to check my country forum?
  11. I was wondering if you have to schedule your interview or if the NVC schedules it? Do I have to pay the fee before? If so where do I go to schedule it? Where do I go to check if they scheduled it? My status is "ready" Thanks
  12. I have the NVC case number, invoice number and beneficiary ID. My case is currently "in transit" to the embassy. Can I schedule an interview? Thanks
  13. The NVC sent me an email saying my file is on it's way to Ciudad Juarez. What do I do now? Can I schedule an interview or they I have to wait for the embassy to contact me again?
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