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  1. IndigoFlowers

    K-1 NOA2 Approved -> Visiting now?

    You should be just fine as long as you show your return ticket! 😊 After we got our NOA2 in late August, I left to visit my fiancé in the states for a whole month in October - which worked out perfectly because we were able to get all the documents ready for the interview during that time (I-134, letter of intent, tax transcripts, etc.). The border guard I had at that time spent most of his time asking me where my fiancé worked and where I worked, and I was let through without problems! I also came with a letter of employment from my job just in case, but I didn’t end up needing to show it.
  2. IndigoFlowers

    calling after NOA2

    Depends on your embassy. In Canada, even after calling NVC for my case #, I had to wait to receive P3, send back P3, and then receive P4 before I could even book an interview/medical. Check for your specific embassy.
  3. I kept mine for my records, and like mentioned above, the embassy will already have a copy of it that was forwarded to them from USCIS.
  4. IndigoFlowers

    k1 filers - NOV-DEC 2018 NOA2-->Consulate.

    It took about a week and a half after the CEAC changed to "Ready" for me (beneficiary) to receive P3 in the mail. CEAC was "Ready" Sept 25, and P3 was received Oct 5.
  5. IndigoFlowers

    k1 filers - NOV-DEC 2018 NOA2-->Consulate.

    Request the Privacy Act one, that was what they wanted & accepted at my interview a couple weeks ago!
  6. IndigoFlowers

    Passport Return: Canada Post strike

    You’re welcome! Hope all goes just as smoothly for you 😊
  7. IndigoFlowers

    Passport Return: Canada Post strike

    Yes! Got the tracking number Tuesday, it shipped out of Montreal Tuesday late night, and arrived in Winnipeg this morning. I got email notifications along the way for when they made the shipping label, when it got shipped, delivered, ready for pickup, etc. Very smooth process.
  8. IndigoFlowers

    Passport Return: Canada Post strike

  9. IndigoFlowers

    Passport Return: Canada Post strike

    Just FYI, I had my interview last Thursday (Dec 6th) and have my visa and “do not open” envelope in hand today, exactly a week after my interview! Pick-up was at the post office. I’m so excited to finally have it in my hands. Best wishes to everyone!
  10. IndigoFlowers


    Yes, its the US petitioner's information! My fiancé (US petitioner) was confused at this as well, but it's definitely the US petitioner's info.
  11. IndigoFlowers

    Messaging history for form I-129F

    I didn’t submit any chat messages in our I-129f package at all. I sent in boarding passes from trips, itineraries from trips, photos together, photos of us with each other’s families, and hotel bookings in the cities we visited together. I assembled all of this in a word document so I could explain what we were doing in the pic, when it was, where we were, etc. I also attached my I-94 proving that I was in the USA when I said I was. Another good thing to add to add in would be passport stamps. I had recently gotten a new passport at the time of our filing (and didn’t have my old passport any longer), so I had no stamps to submit, but it wasn’t an issue and I had no RFEs. But if you have passport stamps in your passport, include them!
  12. IndigoFlowers

    Passport Return: Canada Post strike

    I had my interview on the same day as you. I only got back my original birth certificate and the CD of my x-ray from the medical at the interview. I think that as long as you apply for AOS within a year of your previous medical, you don't need a new medical - and the medical doctor you went to should have provided you with an extra copy of your immunization sheet for AOS. I'm pretty sure you never get the original police certificate back from the interview.
  13. IndigoFlowers

    I-134 filling out question

    It might differ on the specific consulate, but I just had my interview in Montreal, Canada. My fiancé was not able to get a statement from an officer of the bank to give to me either, so instead this is what we did: - Got a a document showing the date the account was opened - Printed off two statements from the previous two months. So I went to the interview and gave the IRS tax transcripts and the income tax return docs, with two bank statements (September & October) plus the document with the date the bank account was opened, and it was not an issue. The person at the consulate didn't even blink an eye when I explicitly told her that I only had two statements and a document showing the date the account was opened. We didn't even print off 12 months of statements showing the entire years worth of withdrawals/deposits, but again, it may be consulate specific on what they are expecting. Plus, my fiance's income tax already showed he made more than enough to support me, so that probably helped too, as the bank info was just additional information for them.
  14. IndigoFlowers

    Montreal changed interview date on me - K1 Visa - Help?!

    I couldn't adjust my reservation and they were booked up so I had to find a new hotel for that one night 😫 I hope your hotel lets you!
  15. IndigoFlowers

    Montreal changed interview date on me - K1 Visa - Help?!

    Yeah to check your appointment time check this site: https://ais.usvisa-info.com/en-CA/iv/users/sign_in Yeah I agree, insanity!! Less than 48 hours before our scheduled interviews and now we have to make new arrangements.