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  1. Same here... I received my biometric waiver letter in the mail but my online status did not change either. I think this is fairly common for the online status to not always update.
  2. Posting my experience in case anyone is curious about travelling with your extension letter on a cruise! Cruise Line: Royal Caribbean Departed from Port Canaveral, FL Destination: Bahamas Dates April 8-11, 2022 For the initial online check-in, I used my Canadian passport as my ID. When I arrived at the port, a worker standing with an iPad checked my Canadian passport, and asked if I lived in Canada or the USA. I replied that I live in the USA and they immediately asked for my green card and sent me to another desk to get assisted there. I noticed all green card holders were getting sent to the desks to get processed, regardless if they their cards were expired or not. At this desk they scanned my Canadian passport and my green card. Since my green card is expired, I handed them my extension letter. The employee just had to show his supervisor the letter and she told him to edit the expiration of my green card in their system to 24 months out according to the extension letter. Very easy and quick, they knew exactly what to do. Arrival back to the USA was a breeze as we just had to walk through a facial recognition system that verified who you were based on your previous biometrics/info/passport that they have in their system. No talking to any customs agents or having to show my extension letter.
  3. I also received my physical biometric waiver letter but my online status never changed. When I left the country for Christmas, I brought my 2 year extension letter and the biometric waiver letter out of precaution - I think I was being overly cautious about it though. It doesn't hurt to bring the biometric waiver letter if it makes you feel better having it, but I don't believe it's required.
  4. I was in the same boat as you! I just updated my passport to my married name in August and did not have to notify USCIS of this change. On all of my recent USCIS paperwork I put my married name as my current name, and my maiden name under "other names used", just like one of the other commenters mentioned ☺️
  5. Yes. Worked great, was able to see pending charges the day USCIS charged the card - very convenient! And if your credit card gives you points or cash back on your purchases, that’s a bonus!
  6. Like the other commenter responded, I believe this is only required if you have additional pages you need to add to the actual I-751 form itself - just in case you need more space to explain specific answers to the questions. In regards to the supporting evidence you’re including (I.e. joint bank statements, insurance, joint car title, etc.), I personally did NOT add my A# to those, and believe it is unnecessary.
  7. You'll get a letter in the mail. Some people also get an update on their USCIS online account. However, I just received a letter in the mail with my biometrics waiver yesterday, but no update online. It varies from person to person.
  8. Once you have your green card, go to the social security office and file for a new card. It’ll have the same number, but that statement will be removed.
  9. Oh wow, I hope you get waived! I was surprised to get the waiver this quickly, especially with being at potomac, I thought I would have to wait 2-4 months to hear anything about biometrics.
  10. Officially received the physical letter from USCIS today waiving biometrics. My online status did not change on the USCIS website saying that fingerprints were taken, but I am glad that I got the notice in the mail as quickly as I did.
  11. I see that I’m getting something in the mail today from USCIS. From what I can see through informed delivery, it’s the biometrics wavier and they are reusing my old fingerprints! I’ll confirm here once it’s received.
  12. Give it a few more days and you should receive a text notification in the next week or so. Mine was delivered Nov 3 and I didn’t hear anything from USCIS for about a week. Best of luck.
  13. Ohhh okay that makes sense and clears up the confusion of the two receipt numbers 😂 ... Best of luck to you two!
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