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  1. I have done the K1 process and the adjustment of status process all on my own - I intend on filing my i-751 myself as well, with no attorney. The above comments are good advice - the forums here on visa journey are really great at answering questions you may have, and gives you a community of people who are going through the exact same thing. All the best!
  2. My accountant basically said the same thing! Thankfully I did my own research and realized that the FBAR is quite simple to submit and I could do it myself - you will be just fine submitting it yourself ☺️. The penalties for not submitting it are harsh and I didn't want to deal with that headache.
  3. From what I have read, I am pretty sure you do have to file an FBAR for your RRSP if the amount is over $10,000 USD. I would personally file an FBAR for it. Luckily, the FBAR is pretty easy to file online yourself if you have your account numbers and totals ready.
  4. I was the K1 beneficiary. I printed out my letter of intent, I signed it, and then sent it in the mail to my US fiancé, and he included it in our package before he sent it off (and also included his signed letter of intent). I heard people using scanned versions of it and it being okay, but in my case I had to mail some other documents to him, so I figured I would just sign the letter of intent and mail it to him.
  5. I was never asked for chat logs during my K1 process (nor my adjustment of status process), and I never supplied them either. Later on during my adjustment of status process after moving to America, I did supply immigration with random months of phone logs showing the time and dates of the phone calls between my husband and I, but they didn't specifically ask for them.
  6. My American petitioner never needed to show his birth certificate ... we only ever used his passport during the K1 process. So I wouldn’t worry about trying to get a long form for him. As long as you have your Canadian long form birth certificate you will be fine. 😊
  7. I've been here for over a year now and things just feel progressively worse! I definitely understand what you mean.. I moved from central Canada to Florida in Feb 2019 - I miss everything familiar, I miss my job back up north, I miss my friends and family, I miss seeing the places that I grew up seeing, I miss a lot of things. I'm not sure why, but most people I know here are constantly talking about how I am different, I never even felt all that different until I started getting the consistent comments pointing out that I am not American, pointing out the different words I use, and things I would talk about! It's very ignorant comments too, I have been told to forget the Canadian flag, that I have lost my Canadian citizenship because I have a garden here (I really don't understand this one, Canadians also garden 🙃), and that I shouldn't want to visit "home" because America is my home now. I'm sick of everything. I really had no idea what I was getting myself into when I moved here, and my husband is 100% against moving to Canada. I've never really felt so depressed or alone in my entire life. It definitely doesn't help when having issues with your spouse - my husband and I have tossed around the idea of counselling but haven't made any steps to do it. Anyways, all of this to say, I hear you, I understand, this is hard, and know what you're talking about. 💓
  8. I was born in Ontario as well and submitted the certificate of live birth (what you have above) for both my K1 process & interview, and my adjustment of status for permanent residency (green card application). For the K1 process I had no issues with that... When I applied for permanent residency they sent me an RFE for my birth certificate (even though I for sure included my birth certificate in my package and they have copies of it from my K1) and I sent them the exact same document I had included with my original adjustment of status package - and they accepted it no problem, even though it’s the exact same thing I sent them originally. Try resending the same document to them again, perhaps they misplaced the one you submitted? Sorry to hear you’re having this trouble.
  9. Update: Interview was last Tuesday (Jan 28th) and I received my green card in the mail yesterday (Feb 3)! Less than a week between the interview and receiving the card!
  10. Had my interview today at the Orlando, FL office and it went very well. We arrived about 15 minutes early and were called in around the time we were supposed to be. The interviewer was a nice lady and immediately got straight to the point. She asked me for my ID, social security card, and EAD/AP card. She requested my husband to give her his ID - he gave her his drivers license. She then asked how we met and asked the time line from how we met until now - we just gave a very brief summary as we have been with each other since 2011. She asked for all proofs of relationship. I handed over 1 joint bank statement, 4 joint credit card statements, joint health insurance documents, joint phone bill from January with January's call/text log included (I highlighted all the calls and texts between my husband and I). She then wanted photos of the wedding and photos with family members - I had about 12 photos printed from the time I arrived in America until now, so I gave them all to her and she kept them all in our file. She asked if we had taken any trips together, and we had gone to New York back in September. So, I gave her our Airbnb receipt and our flight itinerary from the trip - and we had photos on the Brooklyn Bridge. We are also going away this April, so I gave her the itinerary for our upcoming trip. She asked about a joint lease, joint ownership, or car insurance, etc... we didn't have any of that as my husband had purchased his house and car before we got married and never added my name to anything. That was okay and did not cause a problem. Then she asked me if I came to America to commit any crimes (and listed a summary from the questions on the i-485) and I said no. She then spent the rest of the time explaining the green card, when to apply for removal of conditions, naturalization, etc. She mentioned that instead of printing individual photos, that we should make to a collage of them on a word document and label each one with the day, location, and who is in the photo instead of printing individual photos (which I had done for the K1 application, so I don't know why I didn't do that for this interview! ) . Since I was adjusting from a K1 visa, I DID NOT do a new medical. I'm glad that the interview is done and went so smoothly! Best of luck to everyone else!
  11. Just got notification this morning that my interview has been scheduled! I was shocked to see this as the Orlando office usually is quite a bit behind (I wasn't expecting to get my green card for at least 1-2 years to be honest - especially if I go according to the processing times of the Orlando office) and very busy - but, I am not complaining!
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