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  1. Thanks for the screenshot. My attention was drawn to the nonresident alien part. Technically, my wife is a nonresident alien because she doesn't have her green card yet. However, in our tax return we included a signed statement that we wished for her to be treated as a resident for the purposes of our 2019 tax return filing status. So would that mean that she would get the stimulus? Or not?
  2. Oct 14 filers. Just got a bunch of updates through USCIS case status check. EAD was approved 3/25/20. AP was approved 3/27/20. Told to expect Combo card by 4/11/20.
  3. Hi, It sounds like having a SSN is the key. My wife has a SSN, and we already filed our 2019 return jointly, so it sounds like we should get the $2400, even though she doesn't have a Green Card yet, is that correct? (and our joint income is under $150K)
  4. Oct 14 filers. Still waiting for everything: GC, EAD, AP. VJ estimated we'd have Combo card months ago. Called USCIS on the phone, they said it's normal for it to take up to 6 months. Asked my congressman to inquire, but I think he's bogged down by Coronavirus.
  5. Oct. 14, 2019: Mailed in complete AOS application, including, i-765 and i-131 Oct. 24, 2019: Priority date Nov. 18, 2019: Biometrics taken Nov. 18, 2019: Notification that fingerprints applied to i-485 and i-765 cases Mar. 3, 2020: Notification that fingerprints applied to i-131 case When I called USCIS last week, they told me that the i-485 is at the San Francisco field office, and that the i-765 and i-131 are at the Missouri field office. We had a nearly 4 month gap between receiving notification that fingerprints were applied to i-485/i-765 cases, and receiving notification that fingerprints were applied to i-131 case. Is this normal? I haven't seen others describe a sequence of events like this on this forum. It just seems odd to me, because I thought the i-765 and i-131 cases were handled together, thus resulting in the AP/EAD "combo card". Anyone else seen a sequence of events like the one above (specifically the big gap in time between fingerprints being added to the EAD and AP cases) and have any idea what it might mean? Thanks.
  6. Really? So it's common to have a big gap between being notified "ready to schedule interview" and actually scheduling the interview?
  7. Wow! That's crazy! Do you have any idea why your case is being processed so quickly? We submitted more than a month before you. Also SF field office. So far, nothing.
  8. Does your Wechat group say anything about Chinese citizens who already came to the US on K1 visas, married their USC spouses, applied for AOS (green card), and are currently still waiting for the green card, but already have AP (advanced parole, aka the "travel document")? Are they going to be allowed back into the US (without 14 day quarantine) if they've been in China (not Wuhan)?
  9. So... Sept 6 2019: Filed for AOS (SF field office) Sept 9 2019 : NOA1 October 4 2019: Biometrics Nov 1 2019: Ready to be Scheduled Jan 10 2020: Interview was scheduled Jan 22 2020: New Card is being produced Jan 23 2020: Card was approved for both EAD and AP Jan 24 2020: Card was mailed to me Jan 27 2020: Card was picked up by the USCIS Jan 29 2020: Expected Delivery of Card Feb 14 2020: Interview at Santa Clara San Jose office Is that correct? I'm amazed. Do you have any idea how your case got processed so fast? I thought the average wait time for AOS at California field offices right now is at least 1 year, yet you managed to do it in less than 6 months!
  10. Wow! From Filing to interview in just over 5 months? Or are the Sep/Oct/Nov dates from 2018?
  11. My wife and I are traveling across the US for Christmas. It will be her first time flying domestically within the US, and her first time flying since her K1 visa's original 90 days expired. Are there any documents we need to make sure she brings (in addition to her passport), just in case someone somewhere wants to "see her status"? It's a little weird, because her visa has an expiration date on it, and it's past that expiration date now, and nothing in her passport says she's legally allowed to be here, but I assume that's where maybe the NOA1 of her AOS application comes in handy?
  12. @AJCM Thanks for compiling this data. My wife and I are brand new members to the SF AOS community, having only POE'd 2 months ago, and submitted AOS application 1.5 months ago. We were daunted by VJ's statistic that SF is currently at 22 months wait time. If the trend is indeed for a slight speeding up of the queue, then that's good. She might just get her GC in 2020 and not 2021. Question: do you know if Marin County would be a candidate for transfer to SAC, or a remain-in-SFO candidate? She had her biometrics in Santa Rosa, if that's any indicator. Also, do you think that the increase in cases getting send from SF to SAC and SJ means that the wait time at SF should come down since they're thinning out their backlog?
  13. Just got the social security card in the mail yesterday! (12/3/19) It took more than 2 months from when we applied at the SSA.
  14. Just checked, and yes, it's updated. It says "Fingerprint Review Was Completed" Does yours not say that yet? When did you get biometrics? I wouldn't worry if I was you...
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