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  1. This thread was originally in the main K1 visa forum. Me and other VJ users based in China were contributed to the thread. Then, a VJ mod decided to move it to the Vietnam forum. That's why.
  2. That's good to know. Thanks. Out of curiosity, do you think that the CO who does the interview has actually read through all the evidence front-loaded in the I-129F? Or at least, skimmed through it?
  3. Hope so, but since my situation is kind of unusual (i.e currently unemployed, but have significant income from dividends and capital gains) figured they might ask about it. I've read a lot of peoples' interview experiences, and while most don't ask about this, it appears that it is occasionally something that is asked so best my fiancee be prepared in that event.
  4. No, that's not the document I was looking at. The document I'm referring to is labeled "K Visa Instructions". I included a link to it in my reply above. Here it is again: https://imgur.com/a/c6SUkV8 It seems like maybe someone at the Consulate made a copy-and-paste error, including pieces of the Immigrant visa in this set of instructions when it shouldn't have been there.
  5. Thanks for the advice. I'm confused, because I definitely have a document in my files titled "K Visa Instructions" from the US Consulate in Guangzhou, but I have no idea where I got it. It is different than the "K Visa Instructions" available here: http://www.ustraveldocs.com/cn/K Visa Instructions-English Aug2019.pdf I tried to find the source of the document by Googling chunks of text in it, but found nothing. I can't attach it here because it exceeds VisaJourney's size limit, but I converted the PDF to a graphic and uploaded it to Imgur here so you can see what I'm talking about: https://imgur.com/a/c6SUkV8 (I circled the "resume" part in green). This document looks mostly the same as the "K Visa Instructions" at ustraveldocs.com, with the exception of the resume requirement. Since my fiancee is not involved in any special or sensitive field, and since the requirements on ustraveldocs.com don't mention a resume, I guess we'll just ignore this. One more question: I notice that the instructions also say that any "documents not in English" must be translated by a certified translator and notarized. I'm assuming that this applies to "official documents" such as birth certificate and police certificate, any document issued by the Chinese government. However, we have lots of other pieces of evidence in our "evidence of relationship" folder which were in Chinese originally, and which I personally translated into English (I included a statement of translation, stating that I'm fluent in Chinese and English, with date, and signature). This includes things like plane tickets, train tickets, hotel reservations, and WeChat chat transcripts. Do you think that for this type of evidence, my personal translations are sufficient? Did you include anything like this? If I had to take all these files to an official translator AND get them notarized, that would be thousands of dollars in fees because there are so many pages of evidence. I'm perfectly fluent in Chinese so I really hope they don't disqualify us because I did the translations myself. I guess it comes down to the what the definition of "document" is , and I'm assuming "document" means "official documentation" not "personal receipts, chats, etc"
  6. One thing's for sure. I would not want to be crossing the border from Hong Kong to the Mainland right now. There are reports that people are now having their phones, computers searched at the border crossing. Since I live in Guangdong, Hong Kong used to be my go-to place for visa runs. Fortunately, there's still Macau.
  7. My fiancee's interview is next week. Just reviewing the latest K1 Visa Instructions as published by the Guangzhou Consulate, and stumbled across a requirement I don't recall seeing before. The item in question is a "resume". Specifically, the instructions state: When I told my fiancee about this, her reaction was one of surprise. She went to consult her WeChat group, and the folks in her group who had previously gone through the process told her "oh, that's just for applicants with Master's degrees or above. You don't need to worry about that" (my fiancee's highest degree is high school). I'm just a little skeptical, because the K1 instructions from the Guangzhou Consulate don't say anything about this requirement being "only for applicants with Master's degrees and above". Then again, the instructions state "Prepare the necessary forms and documents that pertain to you on the following checklist." Does this resume requirement "pertain" to my fiancee or not? Also, the "work plan" for employment in the US seems surprising. It's going to be a long time before my fiancee is allowed to work (AOS process). Can anyone who's been through the process recently share your experience. In your case, was a resume submitted at the interview stage? Also, while I'm here, I have another question about the "Evidence of Relationship" requirement. I recall reading months ago on the general K1 forum that it is advisable for this part to bring 1) a carbon copy of every piece of evidence submitted at the I-129F phase PLUS 2) new evidence showing the ongoing relationship AFTER the I-129F was filed INCLUDING 3) NEW letters of intent to marry Would everyone here agree that this is required and advisable? Is this what you all did? Thank you so much for everyone's help. I'm sorry I've been such a pro-active asker of questions on here over the last few months. I hope I haven't pissed people off with my (sometimes trivial) questions. Hopefully, in the future, having been through the process I'll be able to contribute more as an answerer rather than asker of questions Matt
  8. Do you actually need the P4 letter at the interview? The P4 letter instructions say "bring this letter to the medical exam" but they don't say say "bring this letter to the interview." Also, the P4 letter does not contain the CGI/UID number that is the key piece of information in the "online registration confirmation page" in the question above. There's another thread on the general K1 forum from September 2018 in which @TomandQi writes that he contacted the Consulate in Guangzhou and was told that it was okay if his fiancee did not have a copy of the original CGI online confirmation page to bring with her to her interview, that the interview appointment letter fulfills this same requirement since it contains the UID number and barcode on it. Lastly, I'm pretty sure that the P4 letter is not what they are asking for when they ask for the appointment letter. The appointment letter is what you get once you've scheduled the interview through the CGI website.
  9. For what it's worth, the version of this checklist that I have is not labeled "Immigrant Visas" but is specific to K Visas (i.e. lists DS-160 and I-134, not DS-260 and I-234). Like the immigrant visa checklist, this K-specific checklist also lists the "online registration confirmation page" (I'd upload a screenshot, but VJ's image size limits are ridiculously low). However, as @TomandQi write in their answer, it appears that the appointment registration confirmation fulfills this requirement, so this specific document is not actually required. Edit: Just realized that these checklists are country-specific, so that could explain why mine looks different. Anyway, sorry for resurrecting an old post. Please don't yell at me. I'm still a noob.
  10. Thank you for this. This answered my question.
  11. Gotcha. My question wasn't copy vs originals. My question was 1 copy vs. 2 copies. I-134 is original, with my wet signature. Plan's to provide one copy of each tax transcript and tax return for the window, and a 2nd copy of just the tax transcript with income highlighted and stickied for fiancee to take to interview and point to when CO asks about my income.
  12. I had to Google "CYA". Here I was thinking it was some visa-related technical term. 😮😝
  13. My income is over 125% of the poverty threshold but it is not over $100,000. And most of it is not from wages, it's from capital gains. Which makes me feel they may scrutinize it more than usual. Which is why I want to include assets as well, just as a form of insurance. Also, with the recent update to the guidelines from the Trump administration, it just seems like I should be extra careful, and that it is in my interest to share any evidence I can to guarantee that my fiancee will not become public charge. In this case, my assets, in addition to my income, would certainly count as such evidence. Above, iwannaplay54 writes that 3 years' tax returns are not necessary. But I notice that you did provide 3 years' tax returns. Were you just trying to be extra careful?
  14. Don't think tourists are in any real physical danger in HK. More likely is that they find flights delayed or canceled, subway service delayed or canceled, and offices shut down.
  15. I am self-employed, so that explains why I do need to include my 100-page tax return. I'm not sure where I got the "3 years of tax returns" info. I'm pretty sure I got it off of this forum. Maybe that's for AOS? In any case, I agree, based on re-reading the instructions you sent it sounds like for the interview she only needs to bring the previous year's tax return, not three years. Plus, dozens of pages from my 1099 listing all the stocks, since that IS required by the I-134, and dozens of pages of broker statements proving my assets. As for my initial query, do I need a SECOND copy of all this, I'm thinking maybe its enough to army my fiancee with just an extra copy of last year's tax transcript rather than a copy of the entire return, since it's got all the pertinent information on it, and she can point to it as evidence of my income surpassing the threshold.
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