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  1. Honestly, I did not think they put much thought at all into the aesthetics. It is much easier to draw straight lines on the tubes I suppose. But of course that is a matter of opinion. One thing I thought was interesting is that the promo said this truck would sit six, will it have a bench seat in the front? I am also curious as to the headroom in the rear with that sloping roofline.
  2. It does not matter what the reason, it was clearly a quid pro quo (this for that). But enough said, draft up the articles, vote and send this over to the Senate.
  3. So Biden demanding a person is fired presumably due to corruption in order to get aid was not a quid pro quo? For the record, I always maintained that Congress has the power of the purse and oversight on spending by the Executive Branch, this is why department heads regularly come before Congress for hearings. I don't see the President in front of Congress regularly with the exception of the State of the Union. As to if there was a quid pro quo or not, the fact of the matter is the Ukraine received the aid, got their meeting and didn't have to do anything for it which seems more consistent with what President Trump directly said to Sondland. But by all means, he needs to be impeached because he had impure thoughts and some people had other opinions or made presumptions.
  4. I agree, acceleration performance pretty much is pointless, but they love to use that feature as a selling point.
  5. Gotta love the Democrat talking points. I guess when all the Ukranians were dying during the past Administration everything was fine. Hey at least they got MREs and blankets. As to Trump asking for the Ukraine to start taking care of the widespread corruption, what is wrong with that? Heck, Obama and Biden did the same thing and bragged about it. Were you calling for impeachment then?
  6. I specifically said that Congress could override an EO via legislation and inferred that a veto override would be possible. Basically, the same thing you said. However, they cannot simply negate an EO by fiat. I never said the President was a king, and the Executive Branch is accountable to Congress, but Congress does not have total oversight over the President particularly with respect to handling foreign policy.
  7. Personally, I do not care about the name, what I do care about is a committee chairperson who is also not supposed to know the name seemingly knowing it. I suppose that is not troubling to some. Considering that this whole thing was started by someone reporting their opinion and supposition, and the witnesses we saw this week were also simply relaying their opinions and supposition, it seems the whistleblower is still relevant. Now if this had lead to some actual direct evidence, it may be different. Regardless, if this is the case that is sent to the Senate they can certainly subpoena this person and let the court decide if the whistleblower law actually applies here. It is interesting you say this person would be subject to the Trump thugs, what is your take on Blumenauer leading the intimidation of a witness?
  8. I guess my point about towing or carrying a load was based on range reduction, I am sure EV trucks would be capable. Like I said, EVs are fine and have a place, but I do not see them taking over the world. People should have the freedom to make their choice. Btw, with an EV in ludicrous mode, how does that impact range?
  9. Sorry, I did not watch the video first, apparently sledgehammers. Still, any metal panel can be dented with enough applied force. Also, what was the point of the glass demonstration? I assume they knew the glass would break?
  10. I agree that these folks do not necessarily favor a party, but they are certainly political, and as we have seen from the subset of career bureaucrats that testified this week, they have big egos and an unhealthy sense of self-importance. No one has been talking about Fiona Hills testimony (primarily since it really did not tell us anything of fact), but she certainly has a very high opinion of herself and quite frankly is a pompous a__. Since the Washington insider contingent of both parties have embraced the big spending necessary to maintain and grow the bureaucracy they are generally accepted regardless of party, but now that the hoi polloi threw a wrench into their plans a little, they (the hoi polloi) must be tamped down. I don't know what will come out of the investigations by Horowitz, and Durham. I am hopeful, considering how blatant it appears based on the messages from the likes of Strzok et. al., but I don't think the government monster will be hardly scratched in the end.
  11. But that is just Joe. He's alright, he is always above board, heck he is a dedicated public servant that sacrifices for us (please don't notice that he has also increased the wealth of himself and his family the whole time).
  12. I would say she is gifted with a sense of self-importance. Yep, no discipline at all, let them run wild. What a joke.
  13. "Graham’s document request suggests he is seeking to legitimize Trump’s accusations that Biden, then vice president, put pressure on Ukraine to fire its lead prosecutor to protect his son, a claim without evidence that has been disputed by officials familiar with the investigation." Well, we certainly know based on Biden's own words that he put pressure on the Ukraine to fire its lead prosecutor. As to if he did it to protect his son, well, that is just presumption, which seems as good as anything now days in DC.
  14. Wait, Bloomberg could get in...oh right, just another old rich white guy. Hey, there’s...oh right, she is irrelevant.
  15. Or when carrying a load or towing? Overall, I am fine with EVs, they certainly have a place, but are not practical for everyone.
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