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  1. So they are saying your husband is technically an LPR, but they are having problems producing the proof of that status? I would go back down to USCIS then and demand (nicely) an I551 stamp. Good Luck!
  2. Plugging a mouse hole may have been the most innocent thing the pillow was used for.
  3. The police will protect us all... Oh, I forgot, the cops are bad too.
  4. I swear, many automotive engineers think that as soon as the CEL comes on people pull to the side of the road and shut down until they can determine why it came on.
  5. So Hillary/Ukraine potential collusion? That would not be surprising, but I doubt the US mainstream media will jump on this story.
  6. I certainly don't think judges are always wrong always being the operative word, but I certainly treat their opinions and rulings with skepticism. Therefore I am happy there is a check system in place.
  7. Is there proof that what you are suggesting is happening?
  8. I wonder what the system would do then?
  9. I completely agree. Time to lay bare the skeletons from the last DOJ.
  10. Even being thorough does not guarantee accuracy in my opinion. I have read reviews on these sites at times, but honestly, I find opinions of people that have actually experienced something more reliable than something I read on the internet.
  11. Because they hope to be able to predict human behavior and as a whole, they hope that enough people are willing to give up certain freedoms to those that know better. I wonder if they will maintain recordings of the video feed for potential police application?
  12. Wonder what the cameras will do if they see a driver using a certain finger gesture? Big brother is watching. It is interesting that this story contains a lot of hopes. Volvo will add in-car sensors to prevent drunk driving GOTHENBURG -- Volvo hopes to reinforce its reputation for safety-first driving by installing cameras and sensors in its next-generation cars starting in the early 2020s, monitoring drivers for signs of being drunk or distracted and intervening to prevent accidents. Volvo said the cameras and sensors will be installed on all models built on its SPA2 platform for larger cars such as the XC90 SUV, on which its driverless cars will also be built, starting in the early part of the next decade. The behaviors that Volvo hopes that its cameras will be able to detect include lack of steering input for extended periods, drivers with their eyes closed, as well as "extreme weaving across lanes" or "excessively slow reaction times," Volvo said. https://europe.autonews.com/automakers/volvo-will-add-car-sensors-prevent-drunk-driving?utm_source=daily&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20190321&utm_content=article7-headline
  13. But he is or would be an old leftist/communist, so all would be forgiven.