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  1. Hi everyone, so my fiance and are in the process of gathering everything we need for the K1 interview. Our I129-F was approved September the 12th 2023. We just want to gather all the the documents we need, while it's getting to the NVC, and then to the Embassy. Here's the situation: My fiance is from Ghana, but stayed in Cuba for about 5 years to study medicine. He reached out to the embassy of Cuba in Ghana. To get a police clearance for the time he was in Cuba, they responded back to him via email stating that the process is delayed up to 6 months and it's not guaranteed that it'll be ready before that time, due to the channel for obtaining documents are not working. Does anyone know how we go about this situation If the interview comes sooner than the police clearance? He still reaching out two different ones to try to get in touch with someone who can of possible help. I have attached the email from the embassy below. Thank you for any response in advance.
  2. Hello family. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around this P3 issue. So, after much, much, and much more waiting for no P3, I followed the advice I was given here and proceeded to submit the DS 160 and schedule interview. I still didn't get any P3. By God's grace, we finally got an interview date after literally stalking the website for weeks! I got the interview letter (packet 4), but still no P3. I know the content of the P3 already, but is that a mandatory thing to have been received...? I would hate for it to be a show stopper on the interview date. Did that happen to anybody else? Any thoughts is appreciated!
  3. Hello I'm really lost, not knowing what to do next. Embassy received my application, I went ahead to pay visa fee and fill out ds160. Now what next? Im not able to pick my interview date. and if I have to wait to hear from them, how long does it take?
  4. Hello Alexandria, I hope your interview went well. I'm in the same boat right now. I followed the same step as you did and I'm worried that it might backfire. I scheduled my interview for next month and I have not received packet 3 yet. Let me just say I followed the same step as yours. Did it workout that way for you or you had to wait for the embassy to write you first? V/R
  5. Hello everyone. Please, I stumbled upon this platform and it seems many people here have some great insight. I need some guidance about my fiancé's petition please. It has been finally submitted to the embassy in Ghana and the status says: "Your case is ready for your interview when scheduled at the U.S. Consular section. If you have already scheduled an appointment for an interview, please prepare your documents as directed in your appointment letter and appear at the consulate on the appointed date and time. Otherwise, please wait until you have been notified of your interview appointment..." should we complete the DS 160 now and schedule the interview or the embassy will notify us first? Will they notify me or my fiancé..? And will this be email or mail? (We all know the mailing system in GH - sigh). It's been like this since the beginning of November...any tip is appreciated. Thank you!
  6. Please How long does it take to get a visa interview for your k1 fiancé visa after the Ghana embassy has sent your foreign fiancé an email that we should book an interview, because there have been no available dates for 3weeks
  7. So, I got a RFE in the mail? My husband is in the process of bringing his mom to the states. The RFE stated that my husbands birth certificate was registered 23 years after he was born. The reason for this is Ghana has changed their system and he didn't have his old birth certificate so he had to get a new one. But , the RFE stated we can also get a voluntary DNA test in addition to the primary support we will send as reason why he has this birth certificate. My actual question is; Is it worth it to get a DNA Test done?
  8. Applicants from Ghana who were DQed February 2021 should check their emails for interview Letters..thanks!!
  9. Good day VJ family! Please, I need your help and expertise for my brother. He is an F1 (unmarried child over 21) and we just got the email from the embassy to schedule his appointment in Ghana. We had scheduled his appointment back in October - the application was originally for multiple siblings all IR2 so we included him his as well. At the interview, he was told to wait for his visa to become current. He did the medical examination and police report back in October for the appointment we scheduled back then. Since it's less than 6 months, does he have to do another medical exam and police certificate? I am thinking we can reuse them. He has the police certificate with him, but would the embassy know to look for a medical exam from November? Any thoughts are appreciated!
  10. I have been checking the consular system weekly for k1 visa interview in Accra for past two months. Has anyone who received approval to schedule in the last three months been able to schedule an interview? Any ideas how long to get k1 interview?
  11. Mom has been schedules for an interview in Ghana and one of the requirements is birth cert of all children. We lost contact with my sibling and don't have his birth certificate. Can shego without it?
  12. My wife had her citizenship interview today and will hopefully have her oath ceremony in the near future. We have started thinking about filing petitions for her family members and I was wondering if anyone in here could share their experience with documenting traditional marriages and divorces? On the State Department's Reciprocity Schedule for Ghana it says that you can use a "Customary marriage certificate," but it says that "[t]he application for the registration of the marriage must be made within three months of the marriage ceremony." My parents-in-law were traditionally married in the 80's, so it would seem to be too late to register. Is their only option to also get married civilly? This is what it the State Department's Reciprocity Schedule for Ghana says "Persons married under customary law who subsequently wish to marry under civil or ordinance law must obtain a civil marriage certificate which reflects the words "married under customary law" in the space provided for "condition."" So have them do a civil marriage? My wife's sister's situation is even more complicated, she is divorced from a traditional marriage. The State Department's Reciprocity Schedule for Ghana says "Documentation of the dissolution of a customary marriage is a decree, issued by a High Court, District Court, or Circuit Court along with a statutory declaration by the couples’ families, stating that the marriage in question was dissolved in accordance with customary law. You may find a record of the dissolution of a customary marriage on the reverse of the customary marriage certificate." How can this be recorded on the reverse of the customary marriage certificate if there is no certificate. In addition, what if the other ex-husband's family isn't willing to cooperate? I feel like there are a lot of headaches in the future. Someone please tell me this isn't as daunting as it seems! I'd appreciate hearing any personal experiences. Thanks!
  13. Hi, Our son was born this past week and we are looking into what it would take to get him a Ghanaian passport. My understanding is that he is already a Ghanaian citizen by virtue of having a Ghanaian mother (I’m a U.S. citizen). However, it looks like we are going to need to register him as a dual citizen to get him a Ghanaian passport. It looks like we send in a copy of my wife’s passport, $250 and a return envelope to get the application. Has anyone gone through this process?
  14. K-1 visa was filled for my partner in Liberia in Feb 2020. We continue to get emails from NVC about extensions due to COVID-19. Trying to see how can speed anything up. -Has anyone received a K-1 visa from Liberia who filled after Feb 2020? -Has anyone received a K-1 visa from Ghana or Sierra Leon who filled after Feb 2020? -Does anyone know if we could transfer our case from Liberia to Sierra Leon or Ghana ?
  15. Hello family. Please, I need your expertise based on your experiences. NVC sent our K1 case to Ghana November 4th, 2021. The status says "Ready. Your case is ready to be scheduled for interview..." Up till today, I haven't received any communication or whatsoever from the embassy. I've been checking some members K1 timeline and it looks like everyone's been getting confirmation in about 1-weeks. Am I missing something...? I always check my email, junk/spam and I haven't received anything from the embassy. My NVC emails and mail always came through. Is there another way to check if I've missed my P3..? As always, the embassy won't answer phone calls or give a proper answer to my inquiry. Any thoughts is appreciated.
  16. Hi, I just submitted my paperwork for my joint sponsor after the nvc requested one may 3rd after they accepted all our docs. I submitted the joint sponsor may 24th. My question is how did it it take nvc to approve your joint sponsors paperwork and schedule an interview after you added a JS? Thanks so much! You guys are very helpful. Medasi! Quote
  17. We got into a fight… I sent a letter to NVC to withdraw, now I’m thinking it wasn’t a smart decision. What do I do
  18. Hi everyone. I recently left Ukraine through Romania and I'm back in my home country (Nigeria). Unfortunately, due to Russian invasion, our Cr1 case was moved from Kyiv to Frankfurt, Germany. Our case is currently complete and waiting to receive a response concerning interview from the US Embassy in Frankfurt. • Getting a Visa to Germany from Nigeria is currently difficult as there are no available dates for interview. • Transferring the case to Nigeria is not a good choice as there aren't available dates until 2024 • I'm enquiring if it is possible I transfer the case to Ghana where I can travel to Visa-free. My only doubt is if I can attend an interview there or any other Visa-free country in Africa without being a resident. • I'm confused as to what to do and I need your advice here. Thank you!
  19. The last person I seen with an upcoming interview is dated for March and DQ’d in May 2020. Anyone else have an upcoming interview?
  20. Hello everyone I’m in a unpleasant situation rn and I need help as to how I’ll resolve this issue. my visa was issued on the 18th March but it expires next month. Is that normal????? i need help because I’m currently in school and will be finishing in July so the plan was I’ll leave for the US once I’m done-which will be either in July /August. school is in session now and I cannot leave midway through this sem as I’ll be writing my exams next month. Any help? Should I contact the Embassy to inquire why this has happneed? Thanks…
  21. Greetings. This question is for US Embassy in Accra, Ghana. I was just wondering how long it takes for passport to be ready for pickup at DHL after an approval?
  22. Hello everyone, does anyone happen to know which dq date Ghana is currently working on for interviews? thank you
  23. My current case is F2A. My mum filed for my sibling and his case was DQ March 2021. We requested for expedition which was approved and sent to ghana embassy around Nov 1, 2021. The case has been in ready status since then. Does anyone know when we can expect an interview letter? Ive tried contacting the embassy but can't get hold of anyone who can provide any useful info
  24. Does anyone know if I was first CR1 (less than 2 years married) and now I’ve been married for 2 years now, how does it change in NVC system to IR1? also what’s the point of priority date if it doesn’t pertain to CR1/IR1? Thank you
  25. Hi everyone, My Fiancé had his medical exam 10/20/21. They said that they would send the results to the embassy in 1-3 weeks. My fiancé had his interview 11/9/21. At his interview they said they still had not received the medical results and they “refused” our visa. We called the facility where my fiancé had his exams and they said that they hand delivered my fiancés results to the embassy on 11/10/21. As of 11/18/21 the CEAC says this: “A U.S. consular officer has adjudicated and refused your visa application. Please follow any instructions provided by the consular officer. If you were informed by the consular officer that your case was refused for administrative processing, your case will remain refused while undergoing such processing. You will receive another adjudication once such processing is complete. Please be advised that the processing time varies and that you will be contacted if additional information is needed. For more information, please visit TRAVEL.STATE.GOV or the website for the Embassy or Consulate at which you made your application.” What should we do? I had my heart set on the idea that we would be together for Thanksgiving but it is now looking to be impossible. WHAT ARE OUR OPTIONS HERE? Do we just keep waiting? When we call the embassy they won’t check our case to make sure they have the results and they just tell us to wait. How can we be sure that the medical exam results are there and that our case is being reviewed? I am fearful that our case will be sent back to the US… please help!
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