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Found 25 results

  1. My fam in ghana I wana get a timeline of how long you have been waiting to get an interview from consulate. Can you share when you were Document qualified by nvc and how long you waited or still waiting to get your interview letter. Thank you.
  2. Hello VJ fam , I wanted to know how long it’s been taking for a reply on an expedite request
  3. TT2018


    Does anyone know how long it takes to receive your visa/passport from DHL-Ghana currently after visa approval? My husband has his spousal interview scheduled at the US embassy in Ghana. I heard it's taking at least 6 to 8 weeks. How true is that because that seems long.
  4. FYI, I just got an email today from the NVC that they have sent my k1 application to the Ghana Embassy. It has been there since March 2020. Good to see movement from NVC to Ghana finally. Question: Should I wait to hear from the Ghana embassy that they have received the application before we fill out the DS-160 or should I go ahead now?
  5. Hello, my fiancé has an interview coming up and I wanted to ask what financial documents he needs. I filled out the I864 just in case and gave him my 2 most recent tax transcripts. Is an affidavit of support needed for K1 interview at the US embassy in Ghana? Thanks in advance for your help! ☺️
  6. Updated visa issuances for July 2021 below. There has been a lot of discussion whether the Ghana embassy was still conducting interviews, it looks like they are but still at a lower rate than pre-COVID. K1: lower visa issuances than June 2017, but the same number as July 2019. IR1: stable for the past 3 months, but averaging about a third to a half of pre-COVID levels. CR1s: Haven't been CR1s for awhile due to the length of time it is taking to get through. What I continue to be struck by is how the operating levels at different embassies throughout Africa vary even though most have low levels of COVID. Many other African embassies are processing CR1s and applications appear to be moving through much faster than the Ghana embassy. Jan-19 Jan-21 Feb-19 Feb-21 Mar-19 Mar-21 Apr-19 Apr-21 May-19 May-21 Jun-19 Jun-21 19-Jul 21-Jul K1 23 1 6 9 19 22 22 34 22 4 14 19 8 8 CR1 109 2 66 5 78 6 68 67 31 1 47 IR1 130 24 94 112 99 75 74 38 91 29 65 35 57 39
  7. Hi everyone... I had my k1 interview on the 14th of June, consular said visa was approved and kept my passport and gave me the slip on how to pick up my passport and visa.My medical had not been received at the time of interview. my status has been in refused for over 2 months now. My fiancée emailed the consulate for an inquiry after a month and was told medical had been received and the case is waiting on a consular review. it been 2 months now and our case is still in the refused status. how long does it usually take and do we send another inquiry email? Has anyone been through this? Thank you
  8. Hmmm....I received this email below from the NVC today. Not sure why I'm getting this now (instead of months ago) ? It has been much longer than 60 days-- my K-1 visa application has been at the NVC since end of March/beginning of April 2020. I wonder if other people are getting these emails.
  9. Hello, Here are the updated numbers for June. K-1s are up for June 2021 compared to May 2021. IR-1s have been relatively stable for the past 3 months but still significantly below pre-pandemic levels. Jan-19 Jan-21 Feb-19 Feb-21 Mar-19 Mar-21 Apr-19 Apr-21 May-19 May-21 Jun-19 Jun-21 K1 23 1 6 9 19 22 22 34 22 4 14 19 CR1 109 2 66 5 78 6 68 67 31 1 IR1 130 24 94 112 99 75 74 38 91 29 65 35 Has anyone had luck with their case making it from NVC to the Ghana consulate this past month? I should be really close to the front of the line for K-1s at the NVC but my case still hasn't moved to Ghana. Makes me wonder who they are interviewing, as previously stated in my other post, it seems like they should have run out of cases that were at the consulate prior to the shutdown. KateD
  10. Hello, I have been looking at the K-1, CR-1, and IR-1 visa issuance in Accra comparing pre-COVID (Jan 2019-May 2019) to Jan 2021-May 2021 of this year. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/legal/visa-law0/visa-statistics/immigrant-visa-statistics/monthly-immigrant-visa-issuances.html and https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/legal/visa-law0/visa-statistics/nonimmigrant-visa-statistics/monthly-nonimmigrant-visa-issuances.html Jan-19 Jan-21 Feb-19 Feb-21 Mar-19 Mar-21 Apr-19 Apr-21 May-19 May-21 K1 23 1 6 9 19 22 22 34 22 4 CR1 109 2 66 5 78 6 68 67 IR1 130 24 94 112 99 75 74 38 91 29 From looking at the numbers, it looks like K1 and CR1s picked up for awhile (Feb-April 2021) but CR1s have not. My question is what happened in May 2021? I realize this is limited information, but I wonder why there was a decline in May 2021 from Feb-April 2021? And why are CR-1 issuance been so low comparatively? My K-1 visa has been at NVC since beginning of April 2020. I figure I was about 2 weeks away from having my application sent to the Accra consulate before they shutdown due to COVID. Has anyone had their visa application sent to the Accra consulate from NVC since they began resuming interviews on a limited basis? I'm purely speculating, but I wonder if that has anything to due with the decline in the May K-1s and other visa issuances. The most recent visa approvals on VJ are from April 2021, so it is difficult to know what is happening and what months are being processed. It would be interesting to hear other people's take on the recent visa issuance numbers or any other insights. KateD
  11. Hello, is there any update on the U.S Embassy in Ghana? I was dq'ed Feb 2020 and have yet to get an interview date.
  12. Sent form I-130 and all related documents to NVC on April 18th 2019. Application was approved and case opened Nov. 4th 2019 ( NVC informed me that the documents are being sent to Ghana Embassy in Accra where his interview will be scheduled) In February I received an email stating his Interview was scheduled for April 9th 2020. In March 2020 I received another email stating his Interview was rescheduled to August 19th 2020 due to COVID. In June another email stating his was received saying IM and all other visas have been suspended until further notice. I kept enquiring about when a new interview would be schedled and finally in March 2021 a new interview was scheduled for May 5th 2021. He sent a new Police certificate and new medicals because they already expired. His interview day arrived and he was granted an Immigrant Visa which he would collect at DHL. His account of the interview process was rather long and don't want to bore all the readers so let me know if anyone's parent has an upcoming interview and is interested in knowing some of the questions asked and the new covid protocols etc.
  13. April 18th 2019 ; Mailed form I-130 and all related documents to NVC Nov. 4th 2019; Approved and case opened (Documents sent to embassy in Ghana) Received Email in February 2020; Interview scheduled for April 9th 2020. Received Email in March 2020 ; Interview rescheduled to August 19th 2020 due to COVID. June 2020; All visas suspended until further notice. November 2020; Sent the embassy enquiries about case status. Auto message sent to me about visa interview suspension. March 2021; Another enquiry sent; Same auto message and the next day received email interview appointment on May 5th 2021. NB: New police certificate and new medicals required and done prior to interview. May 5th 2021; interview was done and dad granted the visa. Told to collect passport at DHL. Dad’s account of the Interview at the embassy in Accra Ghana 🇬🇭 * I got to the gate at about 5 min to my scheduled time of 7:00 am - I stood at a distance waiting for my clock to strike 7th hour - on the dot I moved towards the gate only to be called back by a police guard! The ensuing discourse: “Man, where’re you going?” ‘I’m scheduled for an interview here today’ “Well, it’s not time yet” ‘I was asked to be here @ 7:00 am 😲’ “Well, when the Embassy’s staff are ready they’ll come out with a list and call out the names. So you may have to join the crowd there (pointing towards the trees within the circle in the autoroute) and wait to be called” ‘Thank you sir!’ - We waited under the trees until at about 7:29 when I saw a security guard appear at the gate with a white sheet of paper in hand. - Then the police guard came to us with this invitation “The 7 o’clock and the 7:30 people, come on in” - The security guard asked for my appointment letter and passport - Having confirmed my name on the list he said “You can go in but your smart phones and smart watch would not be allowed in, go back and leave them somewhere and come” - ‘can’t I deposit them at the first security check?.....”No” he retorted. - After doing the needful I got through the security check Point and was directed to the main building door. - After the COVID-19 protocol hand wash I entered the main building. - a female receptionist again checked for my name on a list with her and directed me on to the waiting area. Then came the start of the process - A lady invited me to the booth, took my finger-prints and checked my documents; then she asked me to sit down and wait to be called. Then came the call “Mr _________, come to booth 8” The female voice sounded very friendly so I felt relaxed as I walked to booth 8 and we exchanged pleasantries. Ensuing discourse: *c/o - “Pls give me your documents” •Dad - ‘Here they are’ *c/o- “who is inviting you to the U.S?” •Dad- ‘my eldest son’😊 *c/o “is he married?” •Dad- no *c/o- “how long has he been in the USA?” Dad- ....answered! *c/o- what work does he do? Dad-.... answered c/o- “how many children do you have?” Dad- Three c/o- “ is your other son married?.” Dad- No c/o- “where are your other children?” Dad- all three are in the US c/o- where is your wife? Dad- she is in the US too c/o - So your son filed for her? Dad- no it’s the other way round 😊 c/o- How long has your son been in the US? Dad- ...answered c/o- How long has your wife been in the US? Dad- answered. c/o- did you go through another medical exam? Dad- Yes I did. c/o - where? Dad- AKAI CLINIC c/o- When was that?. Dad- Answered **c/o was nodding to his answers as she verified the information on her computer** c/o- have decided to give you a visa 😊 Dad- Thank you 😁 c/o then handed him a piece of paper with information on collection of passport through DHL. NOTE: Dad’s visa was verbally approved but I checked the status on https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx?App=IV and shows visa was REFUSED 😳. First I panicked and then I read this on the website https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx?App=IV. So it says refused but not under 221(g) so no further documents are required. It’s a new status for administrative processing meaning the visa is being processed until the status changes to ISSUED then we can contact DHL. Please let me know if anyone else had this status and how long it took for the visa to be issued? Thank you in advance 😊
  14. Hello everyone I am filing a petition for my mom.my mom does not have a birth certificate and the issuing authority in Ghana stated they do not issue birth certificate for people above 60. We got an attestation to state that. NVC rejected it. Anyone with a similar experience? If so what was presented to NVC? Thank you.
  15. Hello. Has anyone had their case expedited by the US embassy in Accra either before or during COVID-19? My case was sent to the embassy on 14th October (showed READY on CEAC) but I've still not heard anything from them. I've emailed them 3 times and I always get an automated response. I'm literally stuck now and don't know what the next steps are. Kindly share your experiences. TIA
  16. About my K-1 So my Fiancée got denied of the K-1 visa last year in Febuary 2020 and right after that, i had a friend who worked at the marriage court in Ghana and he was able to schedule a court marriage for us about 4 days after her denial of the K-1 visa, this was because i had a few more days to leave Ghana so we wanted to do the court so i don't have to fly back to Ghana for it. We did the court marriage and i came back to the states with the marriage certificate and she did a change of last name and everything she needs to do. A NEW PASSPORT, CHANGED HER LAST NAME TO MINE, and every necessary thing needed. I filled the I-130 when i got back and we just got approved. I am worried the Consular might feel it was too fast for the court marriage right after she was denied. I need help and some suggestions please. would the consular feel the court marriage was too fast right after the k-1 visa denial?
  17. Good afternoon, I hope all is well. my fiancé and I recently decided to just get married instead of filing for the fiancé visa. We have been together for 3 years total, engaged in 2019 I visited him twice in nov 2019 and nov 2020. We were going to start filling the k1 when we decided to opt for the spousal visa. We have pictures from my trips text messages call logs and pictures with my family and his family back in the states. (without him off course, he has family here and we’re all always on group chats) I am visiting him in Ghana in June this year and staying with him for 5 weeks, which, during that time we will do the court wedding and I will start to petition for him when I come back to the states. His family will be there, mine won’t. We said when he gets here we will do everything like We want, white wedding dress wedding and reception and all. my questions are: is it okay to file as soon as I come back from the states? Are there any other proof that I will need besides the ones I already have. can he visit while we’re in the process? ( with the intent of going back ) thank you
  18. Please is Ghana embassy opened and processing K1 visas? Just want to know what they are about TIA
  19. https://gh.usembassy.gov/visas/immigrant-visas/ "ATTENTION: The Embassy is now processing expired immigrant visas. If your immigrant visa was issued before April 23, 2020 and expired before you were able to immigrate to the United States, please email consularaccra@state.gov. Include your case number (beginning with ACC) and full name. Once your email is received, you will be contacted with next steps. Please note that while we are processing expired immigrant visas, the Embassy has not resumed routine visa appointments. If you have already contacted the embassy regarding your expired immigrant visa, you DO NOT need to send another email."
  20. Hello everyone, My fiancé' is in Ghana and i am from the United States. We have been together for over a year now and I am wanting him to come to the united states so we can get married. We have never met in person before but planning that in January. How hard is it to get a k-1 visa or would i be better off getting married in Ghana and then coming back to the united states and filling a spousal visa? Can someone help????
  21. Good morning Can anybody please tell me if the US embassy is scheduling any interviews. Had my interview in March, right before the lockdown and have been waiting for my visa ever since... Thanks
  22. Hello everyone, Anyone with an immigrant visa who couldn’t travel from Ghana to the U.S. contacted U.S. embassy in Accra to extend their visa for one month based on the Department of State statement on July 24th? I know Ghana’s borders are still closed and I think they might not grant that extension due to that. Thank you.
  23. Has anyone has their reschedule interview cancelled by Ghana Embassy.
  24. We are currently in the waiting process for our NOA2 and are trying to determine when to start attempting to obtain a police certificate from Ghana. My fiance is Ghanian but lives abroad, so he cannot go to Accra and have his fingerprints done for the certificate. Does anyone have experience of getting a police certificate remotely and how long did that process take you? Did is go smoothly? Any advice is welcome!
  25. Hi, I received a mail of interview cancellation on the night before my interview(March) due to the covid pandemic. I later found out that others who’s interviews were cancelled were rescheduled. The unfair thing is that my interview date was even ahead of their previous dates. I emailed the embassy about it and I was told to reschedule by myself. We’ve been trying severally but....”no appointment available ” Please anyone got any ideas please ??
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