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  1. Hi everyone. Happy valentine!! Little update here. I received my GC last friday (02/11), my interview was on 02/03. Interview was very relax. Questions were : 1. When did u meet ? 2. When and where ur wedding was ? That was it. She asked for additional document. I gave her joint bank account, my health insurance, copy of flight tickets, copy of cards from the family, photos. But she didn't even look at it. She just clip it all together with the rest of my documents she already has. Since the officer lives like 10 minutes away from us so we talked about restaurants around us. At the end of the interview she said "you're green card will be delivered within 1 or 2 weeks". But I got in in less than 2 weeks.
  2. What is any further paperwork that u meant ? Well.. they've been waiting for me for MY EAD card. But I didn't get anything till the employer called me again today. Then we agreed to wait for my interview result. She said "if you got approved on the spot, I see no problem for you to start working the very next day then". On that point, I kinda doubting if I could and if it's legal ? That's why I asked here and there. Some people said I can, but mostly said that I have to wait for the actual physical card. I'm confused, and of course I worried that I will lose the opportunity to work with them
  3. Yes I have SSN. I just read that I-551only aplicable for someone who already have GC though. Is that right ?
  4. I'm adjusting from K1 visa and my interview will be next week. I dont get my EAD card yet. Which I believe at this point, I won't get my combo card. I practically got job offer , the employer really need me to start working ASAP. But wants me to be legally work. Let's say if I got my GC approved on the spot in my interview day, can I start to work the very next day ?
  5. Just got my interview scheduled already today! PD: July 6 Bio : Aug 3 Interview date: Feb 3, 2022 FO : Long Island NY
  6. Yeah, I truly don't mind about the interview as long as I will get my EAD asap. Can't wait to work
  7. So do I. That's why I started this thread in hope that I will get some estimation
  8. Hi guys.. is there anyone who resides in long island NY ? Please share your AOS timeline with me. I'm a marriage based July 2021 filer. I have completed my biometric on Aug 3, 2021.
  9. Could you please let me know when was ur bio and when was it changed into ready to be scheduled ?
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