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  1. She should enter the adress in her home country since she will only be a visitor
  2. Not much longer left, NVC stage is the short stage
  3. Yes then that’s the reason it was denied. No worry though, it wont affect the K1 and since you were just approved you guys will be together very soon! Congratulations 😄
  4. Did she overstay her previous ESTA? You cannot appeal an ESTA denial unfortunately, so your partner will have to try a B2 visa…. But i doubt she will get one. Try getting a refund on your flight and you should go and visit her. Realistically, she will have to apply for a fiance or spouse visa in the future.
  5. Only the petitioners employment is important, dont worry. Good luck with your studies ☺️
  6. You can come to USA, get married and leave before the 90 days. Whilst you are in the USA, you can gather all the documentation together and send it off. I have a suggestion (and of course you dont have to do this), but would could do marriage online via Utah, meet in person sooner and then file if you want to start the process sooner. Either way, congratulations and good luck to you both
  7. You cannot enter with the US with the intent to stay permanently, that is fraud and you can get your ESTA taken away. The best thing for your situation is a spouse visa. You these options; Married online via Utah-Meet up in person-File Meet up in person-Marry-file. If your job is affecting your mental health, then i would leave but also make sure you will be financially okay until you get another job. Also if you quit your job and then go to the US soon after for two months, CBP may ask about it and they may deny you entry as some officers may think you have immigration intent...which you have already shown from what i am understanding. Spouse visa will take some time, but it will be worth it in the end! Best of luck to you
  8. Divorce and then married to another USC shortly after... and overstaying a tourist visa....hm. Overstays are forgiven if you're the spouse of a USC, however with everything else in mind, you will probably face scrutany from USCIS.
  9. My thoughts exactly, something is off about this
  10. Her overstay was for two and a half years? That is way too long and for a good bit of that time, covid is not a valid excuse. She is for sure looking at a ban of 10 years.... which will be really hard to appeal.
  11. Her ESTA is gone forever. I would wait at least half a year until she applies for a B2. Remember though, it is not guaranteed that she will get it and the overstay doesn’t help her case. The B2 visa is cheap so there isn’t any harm in trying.
  12. I would honestly contact an immigration lawyer about this. Looking on google didn’t really bring much up, other than a couple of reddit posts where the answers were mixed.
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