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  1. Completely depends, especially on how backlogged the consulate in your country is. Generally 18-24 months from start to finish.
  2. Your answers are confusing.... If they are second cousins, then that was not the reason for the denial....
  3. You're already showing that you intend to commit immigration fraud. US immigration is no joke, do not do it lie at the border.... Apply for a spouse visa.
  4. You are only inadmissible based on the following; - Current harmful behavior to yourself or others - Past harmful behavior towards yourself or others that is likely to happen again Take a letter from your doctor and/or therapist detailing that you are not a risk of harm to yourself or others... that will help! I would not worry Anxiety on it's own does not make you inadmissible, good luck with the rest of the process
  5. You will automatically get the IR1 since you have been married for over two years.
  6. -As a couple, K1 and CR1 are the only options as far as im aware - She cannot come into the US with the intention of adjusting status, that is fraud and you don't want to mess with that - The processing times are similar, yes... CR1 has way more benefits - She can travel to the US while the K1/CR1 is pending... but as always, she is at the discretion of CBP - She can stay in the US for as long as CBP says she can (check I-94 or passport stamp)
  7. Since you are already married, you cant get a K1 visa. You need to apply for a CR1 visa
  8. You could stay out of the US for the rest of your life and you will still be a citizen!
  9. The CR1 is the better option as it has way more benefits to it than a K1. In the end it is your decision and you do what is best for you
  10. They will be out of status and at risk of deportation. It is not worth the risk, file AOS before the 90 days.
  11. You will be fine 🙂! Now you don’t have to apply for removal of conditions!
  12. When a couple does the consular processing route, USCIS understands that most couples wont have many financial co-minglings. What you have for proof is great and you made the right decision going with the CR1! Good luck and congratulations!
  13. Your travel plans will raise suspicions with CBP… so i would for sure prepare for you to be denied entry on one of these trips. It is not worth the risk at all, especially if it’s to see family. Develop a more normal and less suspicious travel plan.
  14. If you still want her to live in the USA, best to apply for CR1 spouse visa and visit their country until that process is over.
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