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  1. Severe declining mental health of petitioner with a note from doctor and from work.
  2. Not sure if this helps anyone, but I submitted expedite request Nov 17. It was accepted on Dec 20 and sent straight to the embassy. We were DQ Dec 9.
  3. Got DQ This morning. Original submission Sept 9, added documents Sept 23
  4. Hi! You have helped me answer some questions in the past:) I hope your case at NVC stage is going smooth.  My I130 is at Potomac. PD is July 5th. I filed I129F as well in early october.  Nothing happened with the case until November 15 when it changed to Actively Being Reviewed. Nothing since then. I also checked under documents tab nothing there either. How long did your case stay under review?  Any information is much appreciated. 

  5. Did you submit the additional documents or only add them to the bottom and didnt press submit? congrats!
  6. I think people just stop updating their timelines on here, or they just change course which is what I did.
  7. Ahh I see that now listed on the US Embassy Poland site. Hopefully they will get back to you soon.
  8. No worries, its a tense situation. I think you need to email Poland directly and not even deal with NVC. (I had to email Poland myself. We were transferred and given a new number in Sept. However its taking like 3 months for document reviewing at NVC so I'm still waiting. As a K1, you don't deal with this part) For instance, theres a K1 here who got NOA2 last month and already scheduled his appointment for his fiancee in Poland. K1 has to schedule it yourself (unlike CR1 where NVC assigns it).
  9. It seems most people feel that going the Poland route is better than a lawsuit. Its complicated, and you must get a Schengen visa and spend extra money, but it can be done. Sometimes lawsuits end up not working in your favor anyway, and USCIS will just close the case. I would personally rather gamble and go through Poland than try to sue - the State Dpt blames Russia anyway for the limited number of visas so I'm not sure a lawsuit is viable. Have you tried transferring to Poland?
  10. @Yuliya.99 congrats to you both and thanks for sharing! Did you have to cancel the tour in Hungary once you arrived? And Hungary only issued schengen for 6 days total? Also, did the medical clinic in Moscow have open times online or did you have to call and specifically ask?
  11. Im not sure it will do anything, but is it worth bringing all of this to attention of Senators/ congressmen? I think, in general, Americans with families in Russia is lower than some other countries. Is it worth even mentioning to congressmen the issues that are going on between Russia and US and the impact its having on family members of US citizens?
  12. I think that @top_secret's wife got her visa? Thats first from our group I think!!
  13. No you cannot. They will choose the embassy based on what address you put for the beneficiary. I dont even think they look at the part anymore where it asks which embassy you will be interviewing at, because they just go off the address listed for beneficiary.
  14. OH! Nice Glad our story could help. Many, many couples don't have a chance to live together before submitting the petition. I submitted proof of all of our time together, chats between us, pics with family/friends, etc. We had no bank accounts or shared property/ leases etc.
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