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  1. Hey everyone I just wanted to give you guy an update because some people in the sub have reached out to me wondering what happened to me since I was such a prolific poster. Well I've decided to turn my frustration and my talk into action, and I have decided to run for statewide office. So I am running here in North Carolina for a seat in the state general assembly. I have I have made it past the primary and I'm now on to the general election occurring in november. The reason why I decided to run is that I got so tired of party line politicians doing what was best for their party well not doing anything for the regular people of this state and this country. At this point in time I don't know if I will win or not but I at least wanted to try. If you want to know more such as the race, how to help, or just general questions then reach out to me by direct message and I'll be happy to talk with you about it. Have a good day
  2. If you go over to the expat forum in the Philippines sub this is a very common problem people have with trying to build a house in the Philippines. You have to be there or have someone there that knows that's going on 100% of the time. If you do not then it will be a substandard build
  3. Well if your country is correct then the wait time for your brother's to come here legally is at least 20 years right now
  4. Fighting with knives is a very common way of settling disputes in the Philippines unfortunately. Just like using a firearm is here in the USA
  5. My wife gets the exact same response from Hispanic people here in NC. She and our kids look Hispanic. So they always confuse her for being a Latina. She gets stopped almost every week by people speaking Spanish to her.
  6. Just make sure your tetanus shot is up to date that is it
  7. If I am paying you 12k as a fixer then you gosh darn you better deliver
  8. Of course they want 12k pesos it's because that 12k is to "expedite" your marriage and to bypass the 10 day waiting period because they know you are a Kano and thus has the money to spend. Money greases everything in the Philippines. Luckily the exchange rate right now is really high so the sting doesn't hurt that bad
  9. She means that you have to wait 5 hears to file for Naturalization. You can remarry at any time
  10. According to everything I have read a 4 year old can go no problem without having to be vaccinated. That's what it says above as well
  11. How old is your son? It looks like if he is below 12 then he can go to the Philippines without being vaccinated
  12. Where did you see that unvaccinated people can fly into Cebu from abroad?
  13. Yes, I know someone that does this for their family's store back in Pinas.
  14. Yes, you will need a valid visa to enter the USA unless they are US Citizens. If they want to travel to the USA they will need a tourist visa. Why are they coming to the USA
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