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  1. He got fired because he kept asking what they were going to do and what the plan was after a initial strike on Iran. He kept calling BS about their poor lack of planning and this got fired. I agree with everything you said as well
  2. What group is this on FB? Whatever happened to her anyway? I thought she got pissed about us and just left Visajourney not actually being booted.
  3. Yeah I know I was pretty pissed but it was my fault by not being careful. I did end up putting all the canned beans, spahetti O's, and vegetables away in the cabinets. So I was able to help free up some space in the garage that was being taken up by those boxes. I found the charger to my son's motorized scooter, which he was very happy about since I live on a dead end road that is over a mile long.
  4. Hold up where you that guy that came on VJ years ago saying that there is a secret society of former president's family members?
  5. It's not that bad but it is right on the end of my dang index finger. So think of like a papercut X2 I hope you stay out of bad weather and stay safe
  6. Ok, whatever. Since you keep talking about Saint Mattis like that then I will help you understand alittle bit about me. I am a Marine who served overseas in Combat. I did NOT serve under Mattis but I know people that have served under him. Saint Mattis resigned because he wanted us to have a permanent presence in Rojava (just like I do) and Trump wanted to pull us out of Syria which he did.
  7. We had a cool wet day here in NC so I decided that it would be a good day to go through some boxes in the garage and flat out organize it. Since we haven't had the chance to do it since we moved in and it has been so hot. So I was going through a box and I put my hand in it to do something when I felt a sharp cut on the end of my index finger. It turns out that my wife had a 12 inch long bread knife in there and I just so happened to find it.
  8. The bed is something I have told myself to never really skimp on because it can make or break you. The bed I am currently in I bought for about $900 on sale during tax time because I had so much back pain. The bed was a flat out lifesaver for my back. The only bad thing is that even after I rotate the bed I have to switch sides with the wife so that the bed doesn't sag.
  9. If you want to talk the about I consent then I expect you to at least tell the truth. Matt is was not fired he resigned because he disagreed with Trump about pulling the troops out of Syria.
  10. Yeah I know right..... The immigration subforum is awful at best.Half the time it's people posting random immigration articles and the other half of the time it's immigration questions with dumb responses like " Did.You request your SSN when you got your K1" , basically implying that you request the SSN when applying for the K1. Then that person got mad when I corrected them.. They only have 1 Mod in that subforum that is active
  11. I feel bad that I got sucked into the Reddit hole this past year. I have had to make two accounts because I was banned from the Immigration subforum. But one account is mainly at looking at good looking Filipinas and being an ### in the NC forums. The other one is mainly for helping on the Immigration subforum and trying to talk some sense in the NC forum.
  12. Yeah I know right. All the single use plastic is horrendous. What I have read is that the vast majority of plastic in the oceans comes from Asia particularly Southern and SE Asia
  13. I totally agree that we need to do something about Climate change which is primarily done by the sun and other elements outside of our control. But what gets me is that we as a nation has decreased our carbon while other nations have exponentially increased there carbon output. But the big issue right now in regards to non biodegradable trash is plastic. Which has shown to have affected almost all areas of the planet.
  14. Congratulations on the engagement. So what if you didn't get a ring as long as he got your something
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