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  1. Some of the other data you have posted previously did not. I will look at the source you posted and respond at a later time today.
  2. Yeah I found it online and bought a couple for my asawa's car and my Tahoe. That led us to meeting the Filipina that is the regional social butterfly and has greatly expanded my wife's Filipina friends. I have had to order 2 more of them for older pinay. Which I will be giving them tomorrow when they have the biweekly Bingo bash that my wife decided to host at our house this time.......
  3. That was how it was in California as well, our biweekly ritual was to go to Glendale and get some Jollibee for the kids and Chow King for us.
  4. The majority of the studies I see either based on crime, finances, or taxes mixes both groups together in order to make Illegals look better on paper. Usually when I point this out to people they go quiet on me.
  5. If it is not disclosed then it WILL BE DENIED unfortunately. There is a well known poster on here who had a charge from the early 80's that he was told by RapidVisa to "Not disclose it" and his now wife was denied at the interview for a K1. So now they are going the CR1 route.
  6. Well I get picked on as well because I have alot of gray hair for only being 35. The problem with me is that the people on my dad's side of the family all get gray hair when we are young(men and women). I have a cousin who had a head full of gray hair by the time she was 28. So she picks on me for being her "old man" and has done that since we met in 2010.
  7. Cyberfx1024

    Hong Kong - Layover to and from USA to PI

    I am looking at flights with Cathay Pacific now out of DC that connect in Hong Kong and a direct flight from there to Davao. I certainly do not want to go through Manila if I can help it.
  8. Cyberfx1024

    Hong Kong - Layover to and from USA to PI

    So why did they kick you out of China again, were you spending to much time in the clubs, trying to court all the ladies, or was it both of those things?
  9. Just be prepared to be asked about these charges because I would bet my bottom dollar that they do ask about them during the interview.
  10. If this is all that he has then I would not be concerned about it at all as long as everything is disclosed during the initial petition phase and at the interview. I was able to petition my fiance now wife in 2012 with a DV charge from 2010.
  11. That's funny because my asawa feels so old na even though she is a young 38. But I tease her and call her my "Sexy Lola" hahahahaha. We hate "Filipino drama" because it almost never ends if you don't stop it.
  12. What are the convictions if you don't mind me asking? If you don't want to say then that is ok. Just be advised that he will have to get a disposition for all of those charges in order to file for the visa.
  13. I forgot that she does have a niece that was here on a J1 visa and is now TNT. My BIL had a stroke this time last year so she begged and pleaded to my wife(her Tita) to help go home to see her Tatay before her visa ran out, and she would pay us(me) back. So she found a R/T ticket from Washington through Singapore to Davao for basically $1000usd. So I paid for it and she has sent us only $200 since then to pay it back. She is here na in our house staying for 2 weeks and I was told not to bring it up.
  14. That's why we don't loan money to anyone. I got lucky in that regard with my asawa because she doesn't loan out money past the alloted monthly amount unless it is a verified emergency of something special like a birthday or christmas.
  15. That's how you know you have a good asawa hehehe. I do that with mine as well and she does it with me too. But I do not really do that with her because she is really harsh with herself after having 2 kids. She misses her body that she had when she came here in 2012 with. But my 12 year old who is from my ex-wife can wear her clothes now that she wore back then which I find funny.