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  1. So can Biden get his people to stop sending me texts? I signed up to see what they were saying but they text me almost twice a day asking for money.
  2. He said he did take a test, then later during a Fox interview his campaign spokeswoman said he didn't take one. That is why he was asked about it yesterday during the Zoom interview. If you saw his response you saw that he tried to say the word "Fitness" twice and couldn't, then on the 3rd time he got it
  3. I still have to wear a mask at work when I go talk to someone in another office in the same building. The Director actually put out guidance today to snitch on people not wearing a mask.
  4. Why don't you want a MBA? There are many options you can do in order to get it, and many schools are doing predominantly online these days
  5. Here in NC the ABC stores have been recording record profits
  6. So @laylalex was this you? https://www.foxla.com/news/bloody-brawl-breaks-out-after-woman-throws-coffee-in-mans-face-for-not-wearing-mask
  7. Aljazeera actually had a pretty decent article about it last month. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2020/07/philippines-faces-baby-boom-lockdown-hits-family-planning-200714063035071.html
  8. The same thing happened to my in-laws as well. My SIL was denied because she has a asawa that is working in Dubai(even though he isn't working right now), my MIL and BIL were told that they couldn't get any aid because they had my wife living here in the USA. It is a big CF right now with no end in sight They are having babies...
  9. Yep,"Did you take a drug test before coming in to work this morning". A guy further down in that twitter thread said something to effect of "What would happen if Trump said this to a black journalist"
  10. He definitely needs a good VP because it is clear he is in decline. https://nypost.com/2020/08/05/biden-snaps-at-reporter-questioning-his-cognitive-abilities/
  11. Many of us have moved over into the Populist Right movement.... Which the Left clearly loves to associate us with Hitler and Mussolini
  12. I have seen 1 yes 1 Biden sign and 1 bumper sticker. Which all those have been up around Raleigh as well. I actually have been seeing more Bernie stickers than I have Biden ones.
  13. Yeah I don't think that is the case. So @laylalex what exactly has Alex been searching while you are away?
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