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  1. Yeah it looks like you didn't disclose any and all information in regards to your criminal history. So you now need to get a lawyer.
  2. Yes, as a Federal Civilian you can apply for them for a Green Card. If were you I would call the US Embassy in Tokyo to see if you can file for DCF because this certainly seems like a good situation for that. Since you are a US Civilian working abroad for the US government this allows you a wide amount of latitude to do things like this. I am a DAC myself and have looked into this quite extensively.
  3. My wife got that tour about 2 weeks after she came to the USA. We flew into NC to spend time with my family and get married then 10 days later we drove cross country to CA so I could start my new job outside of Los Angeles.
  4. Autocorrect got my butt. It was meant to say Asawa
  5. I made exactly two flights abroad using United and I can tell you I will.never fly with them abroad again If he uses Business Class there is already a Business Class lounge included
  6. That is only if you work there, and if work for a bad family/company. Qatar Airlines is awesome both my ashes and I love to fly them
  7. This the general issue I have seen. These people are smart as a whip and run circles around you within their specialty but once you get them out to the real world then you find out their common sense is pretty lacking.
  8. If you want to keep it in your maiden name then you can just do a simple renewal that's it
  9. It all depends on the state really. I know NC has consistently put a ton of money into their community colleges.. We see it as a way for people.get the general education credits they need while other people can get the technical training they need with the certification
  10. I concur with this as well. Some of the dumbest people I met when working at Caltech had Master's and PhD degrees
  11. Many states and municipalities don't do that until they are forced to. My county was one of those counties that didn't do it until they were forced to by Judicial Watch, not to mention the whole state of CA. Also the "For the People Act" would not allow states/counties to clean up their voter rolls. You obviously did not watch the Arizona senate hearing today did you?
  12. I would try the SB1 and if that doesn't work Option 1
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