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  1. The main requirement is getting married within the 90 day window not getting married and then sending the AOS package off. Correct, It can take up to 30 days to get the NOA1. So if you haven't received anything by the 20th then call them up. The biggest reason while people initially get their petitions denied is 1. Lack of documentation 2. Using old/outdated forms 3. Wrong Payment
  2. You are right or the spouse just wants money.... You know how the Philippines can be and I wouldn't want to be in a Philippine jail at all
  3. Where in the Philippines is she from? You can still leave out of Davao and CRK as far as I know.
  4. Don't forget the authorities might the be least concern because the ex-husband could get wind of everything and force them both to pay up or risk jail time. Yes, it has happened before.
  5. 1. There is no extension at all. As long as you sent it in then you should be good to go. When did you send in the petition? 2. You can refile your AOS application. Why do you think it will get denied?
  6. Yes, you will have to bribe someone but it will still take over 2 years to get it done no matter what. If you want someone to chat with whose wife is from the Philippines and knows the lay of the land not to mention right down the road from you then message me. I am right down the road in Sanford and can help steer you
  7. That is still months and years away if at all. Please don't spread false hope where there is none right now. They have been talking about this bill literally for years and nothing has been done about it
  8. Because do what @Hank_ said and you will be fine
  9. You can stay as long as you want to here in the USA. You have a GC that gives you the right to live here in the USA
  10. It actually does because the network I was on is very slow to say the least. There are many things that work on my computer/network at home that don't work while I am at work. As I said previously I do work at a federal job behind their firewall. Also you probably don't know this like the regulars do but I work in IT as a InfoSec/SysAdmin, not to mention I got my undergrad degree in IT, and I am going back for my 2nd IT degree as we speak at a more prestigious school.
  11. Normally if you had a interview for AOS you won't have one for ROC, but in some cases this isn't the case. I have seen people on here have a interview for AOS, ROC, and for the N400. I would have to read back through everything to find that about ROC which I won't do right now due to being buzzed. But I will find it for you
  12. No, since all embassies are closed to the interviewing and issuing of visas right now.
  13. Yeah the changed it 3 years ago to where EVERYBODY was getting an interview for AOS but that caused cases to spike. So USCIS changed it to where you can be approved for AOS without a interview but you will receive one for ROC. I can definitely see more approvals without an interview due to Corona.
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