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  1. Probably, I am not sure what was missed or why the FAA is late to the table. "In the missive, the former FCC members warn that the FAA's "position threatens to derail the reasoned conclusions reached by the FCC after years of technical analysis and study." The telecom regulator determined in 2020 that adequate protections were in place to prevent 5G devices operating on the C-band from interfering with the aforementioned systems. " The faster data speeds are certainly what the consumer sees and the carriers brag about. The real impetus is all of the capabilities that get enabled for a variety of iot devices that depend on a robust network in more places think drones, public safety. Self driving cars. Ziply is building a fiber network in my neighborhood where we already have Comcast and I have to ask "why?, in the future home internet and entertainment will be wireless. Proposals are already out for 6g and we need to swallow the 5g behemoth...the world moves faster all the time.
  2. I assume everyone who cares provided the state department their feedback: Pursuant to EO 14012, and similar to USCIS's request for information, on September 16, 2021 the Department of State (DOS) published a request for public input on: " (1) Any existing barriers that impede access to, and fair, efficient adjudication of, immigrant visas, and (2) recommendations on actions the Department could take to improve access to adjudication of immigrant visa." Comments are due by October 18, 2021. This request for public input is limited to the immigrant visa process. To read the notice and to find comment instructions, see 86 FR 51643 (September 16, 2021).
  3. T-Mobile/Sprint is unaffected because they are not using much c-band at this point. Att/Verizon are boxed in until this is worked out, which it will be. The is no instance where this has been a problem, more research needs to be done before FAA can sign-off.
  4. Thought TOS said weren't suppose to impeach sources we deemed unreliable.
  5. I wasn't doubting your MOR assessment, it is a meme from Cicely Strongs SNL bit where she portrays Pirro
  6. He feints a conservative story , And the goes on to concoct a made up extrapolated number that multiplies the reports by 36 due to "undereporting" and a "causality link" of 20% of the reports of death being caused by the vaccine. He doesn't know that either of those factors are close to accurate and is no more qualified to speak to the accuracy of these made up numbers than a high school statistics student: "Please keep in mind that the above is a very conservative estimate, which we have arrived at by assuming a 20 percent causality link in reported death entries in the VAERS database and the underreporting factor of 36. This, however, is likely a gross understatement of the actual situation."
  7. I don't put a lot of stock in what late night attorney ads (or any late night ads) are telling me, and you do.
  8. So I am guessing by this response, you are not a lawyer and I should probably look above to Maven's piece on the default judgement for a more accurate assessment .
  9. So you are sure the long-term effects are hidden in these reams of data and that the FDA has hidden the known long term effects. This is just more political hay to make.
  10. Chris Christie said this weekend that the events leading up to January 6 were "driven from the top." Christie pointed the finger at people he called "C-team players" around Donald Trump. He said Trump, unwilling to concede the election, was spurred by those saying what he hoped to hear. https://www.businessinsider.com/chris-christie-trump-capitol-riot-was-driven-from-the-top-2021-12?amp
  11. Or maybe she just figures that if someone is not smart enough to mask up, social distance, vaccinate and test when appropriate after all of the data that is out there, no mandate is going to change those peoples behavior.
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