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  1. Median weekly earnings (in dollars) and unemployment rate (in percent) by educational attainment, 2017 Educational attainment Median usual weekly earnings Unemployment rate Note: Data are for persons age 25 and over. Earnings are for full-time wage and salary workers. Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Current Doctoral degree $1,743 1.5% Professional degree 1,836 1.5 Master's degree 1,401 2.2 Bachelor's degree 1,173 2.5 Associate degree 836 3.4 Some college, no degree 774 4.0 High school diploma, no college 712 4.6 Less than a high school diploma 520 6.5 Total 907 3.6
  2. She is a public figure and criticism, accurate or not, is fair play. But imagine if you will, if Kamala said all of these things in public: "If Donald Trump can't satisfy his wife, what makes him think he can satisfy America?" "If he were a woman, I don't think he'd get five percent of the vote." "Such a nasty man" "He's a crazed, crying lowlife" and a "dog." ""All of the men at work flirted with me — consciously or unconsciously. That's to be expected." "“Do you believe in punishment for abortion – yes or no – as a principle?” “The answer is there has to be some form of punishment.” “For the men?” “Yeah, there has to be some form.”" and yet these quotes received little criticism from Trump fans and Republicans, even Republicans who are appalled are silent. The point is to succeed, women need to be twice as smart but not make men feel threatened, twice as kind and tolerant but twice as tough and hard nosed, work twice as hard, but stay home and raise children, take no prisoners but defer to the real leaders in the room (the men). Any deviation from this impossible model will shake many men and some women to their core. Some in our society are just not ready for a woman leader.
  3. Aren't we at week 49/50 ? Looks like November is incomplete.
  4. Rep. Matt Gaetz told OAN that getting COVID-19 provides the best protection against catching it. Data shows that unvaccinated people are more likely to die from COVID-19 than vaccinated people. Critics slammed Gaetz's comments, with one doctor saying: "His words are killing people." https://www.businessinsider.com/matt-gaetz-slammed-said-getting-covid-best-protection-2021-12?amp
  5. Russians need the land because Ukraine is a existential threat to the stability of their peaceful a fully democratic company. Edit okay honest to Pete, I was being sarcastic not knowing how Putin was gonna spin this, And then I read.. "The concern about Mr. Putin’s intentions has been fueled by what U.S. officials call an increase in Russian media disinformation describing NATO and Ukraine as threats to Russia, potentially to create a pretext for a Russian escalation. The administration official said that Russian officials had also proposed information operations within Ukraine portraying that country’s leaders as Western puppets acting against their country’s interests." More importantly, is the MDL such a weak force that @Nature Boy 2.0 is obligated to post wapo and NYT sources?
  6. Sarcasm alert/ Some would lead us to believe that co2 poisoning from masks, suicides from being cooped up inside and vaccination side effects make of most of those 800k /end sarcasm.
  7. There is a hard stop on doxxing. I would not like my past as a highly paid male stripper come out in this forum.
  8. I see what you attempted to do there. And this surfaced in the Trump admistration why? You have no evidence to support that fantasy. If a government coordinated shutting down the economy and life as we know it in an unnecessary and naked grab of power, not only is that malicious, but people should go to jail. The fact is it is a bad scenario and folks are doing the best they can at all levels of government. OK then the vaccines must be necessary and ready or the FDA is criminally negligent, which is exactly what the conspiracy theorists are pushing. Either I trust the folks to approved my BP meds, and dozens of other vaccines are not valid as well. It is a binary question. Source? Who is they Walensky? She just got here. How short of a term do you want in an national emergency? Where do you have a pool of multidisciplinary public health officials waiting to take on these tremendous tasks? This isn't like term limits for for a congressional rep or parks and rec board, it takes serious chops to do these jobs. Ok don't wear a mask, but don't come to my place of business and cough. Suit yourself. I am likely to die of toxic CO2 poisoning at any rate What? I drive through the test facilities and they stuck a q tip up my nose and they put it in a jar and 24 hours later the lab sends me an email, so far 5/5 negative. I have no idea what they do, just like I have no idea how Popeyes makes those delicious chicken sandwiches ( two blocks down from the test facility, no need to bring this up with Mrs CRT) Do you think maybe I had a false negative? Is it? Last I looked we have customs and border crossing. Are people still getting in after Trump had Mexico pay for that tremendous wall? Then why do I see the misinformation coming from Gateway Pundit, Fox News in the evening, Newsmax, Infowars. I don’t even watch those channels and the junk gets posted here every day. All conspiracy theories aligned with the wackadoodle views I outlined above are coming from those sources. Why? I have no idea what they have to gain, but their actions are putting millions into harms way. Does CNN and the NYT pander a bit to their demographic?probably Do they make up crazy conspiracy theories that will wind up getting folks infected or worse? Not that I have seen. Tell me which experts have been silenced. Rand Paul? That my pillow guy? The TV evangelists selling vitamins. I am not a physician or medical researcher, but I will look at whatever you bring that supports the view that the vaccine is dangerous and read it with an open mind.
  9. Well exploitation and poor working and living conditions for farmworkers has never been a thing that Americans have worried about. Americans want their cheap vegetables and white painted fences, they dont ask many questions. One factor might be trying to roll up the top of the organization, which may even lead back to the Cartels which can take years. I guess it is a tradeoff, letting these crimes and suffering continue versus law enforcement goals. More importantly: If we are going to have a guest worker programs, can we build monitoring and certification right into the fee structure? The states are not waiting for the Feds on this and are building this into local agriculture programs, but the work will just migrate to other dangerous scenarios.
  10. I just outline a storyline that we would never be able to sell to Hollywood B film producer, and your response is "it is certainly plausible" You certainly did not address any of the absurd prepositions ( except you think Fauci is some sort of greedy evil mastermind) Now you have goal shifted to local government actions, which is not the WHO, the Whitehouse , the CDC or the FDA. It is possible that local governments and agencies get it wrong some of the time based on the 'fog of war"? Not just possible, it's likely. But that doesn't mean they are wrong all of the time or that they are malicious in their intent. It also doesn't mean if you went back in time that the same people wouldn't make the same decisions The mask thing cracks me up, is it really the affront to ones personal liberty to wear a mask to protect one another? The probability that masking saves lives is very high, moresoe with Delta an Omicron in the environment.. Why don't we just do away with any public decency laws while we are at it. Topless Tuesdays at work anyone? < its a joke Nature Boy, not a thing. so, are you saying the tests don't work or that you are unconcerned about a visitor bringing the virus? The other possibility is that you and about a third of the population get your information from a news source that is less than reliable on this topic.
  11. So what you are saying is that to support the profit of a handful of drug companies. The CDC, the FDA, the regional heath authorities, the Trump administration, the Biden admistration, numerous research and university organizations, the drug companies, the WHO, all of their counterparts in every other nation, countless doctors and researchers all got together and said: " here's a plan, let's advise the schools and industry to shut down their operations and convince people to shut themselves off from everyone they know and love in the world, tank the economy, drive countless businesses into ruin, disrupt the medical industries own flow of work and revenue because we need to pretend that it's too risky to do those things. We will shut down every facet of people's lives and cause them to cower in fear, force them to line up for a useless and dangerous "untested" vaccine. Oh yeah and when we get the vaccine, only bother to approve one and then don't even let the public have the approved one. even though we (all the conspirators in the first paragraph) know the virus is not that dangerous. And they are doing this for what? 100 billion in revenue? Some sort of power trip? Or is this closer to the truth? This virus caught us off guard even though experts warned of this scenario, hardly any part of our medical infrastructure was ready for this lethal of a virus. We rushed through a series of vaccines and made every effort to ensure the safety for emergency use authorization and continue to monitor for risky outcomes until we can achieve FDA approval and be assured that the vaccine meets the same safety standard as thousands of other drugs with FDA approval. Which scenario is more plausible? Edit: I forgot to put the mask part in, if we cam get folks to wear a mask everywhere, that would be a hoot!
  12. Could you check on the status of that dad joke like button? I would get you points and save a lot of time for the rest of us.
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