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  1. Why does i-864A needs proof of domicle. Me my mom gemma n my wife Mary. But my father its not needed How but bank statement. Is it mailing address or physical address for domicle
  2. so my dad n mom only came here Feb 2019. So they only got one year of tax return. So we are joint sponsor, me my wife, my parents are joint.
  3. He is living with me here iN Hawaii. I put myself, my wife n my mom as a household member for affidavit of support. And it says proof of domicile missing in the ceac website. Can I just scan my US passport or driver's license, Then probably scan my moms bank statement? My mom n dad are LPR they just came here Feb 2019
  4. my father is petitioning my sister who lives in the Philippines. I'm scanning all documents needed. I've come across proof of domicile. What is that?
  5. Wait I'm soo sorry its confusing. So is this a good thing that we are at NVC STAGE. we are gonna submit the I864 now. And IV application
  6. My father is a green card holder. He just came here Feb 2019, we filed the i-130 for my sister may 2019. She was 20 at that time. She turned 21 on Aug 2019. My sister petitioned got approved March 30 2020. Now we just got the nvc case number and invoice. Paid aos fee and iv fee. Will she be issued an interview and hopefully a visa once the nvc has all the required documents needed? What confused me is that she's 21. Not married no kids, but why is it going so fast? We didn't expect to be at this stage
  7. I made my father inlaw a USCIS account to pay for greencard fee $220 and it says to add another entry if you want, so I added my mother inlaw. Now it says $440. I was wondering if that’s okay, or do I need to make my mother inlaw her own USCIS account
  8. Hi there Harley, my father inlaw law went to NBI on Friday dec 28. They said delivery time cut off so they delivered it next week Thursday which was Jan 3 we waited and waited. i even called visa center, they’re usually no help. Visa was issued on the 15
  9. Ok I’m scheduling my in-laws. But my father inlaw is 63 so I just register him. No need appointment
  10. Ok hank, as for the immigrant data summary sheet, is a copy okay to show at PDOS/CFO
  11. Ok hank. My mom inlaw is going through the package. She successfully sent me the immigrant data summary sheet. She’s asking if a copy of immigrant data summary sheet is fine to show at CFO for the PDOS
  12. Can I just go on USCIS to make account for them n set up mailing address for greencard
  13. Thank u hank your really helpful. so I’m trying to message through with my mom inlaw as to get her passport out of the packet. Just make a small slit, as for data summary, will that be visible in the plastic package, I just want her to make a copy of it so that there’s no more touching the package it’s sounds so fragile, if something goes wrong what if POE denys
  14. Yeah he picked it up today it was available for pick up 1/22
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