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  1. I agree it takes a while. I should know since I still haven’t receive my correct green card. Last October I got my conditional green card with the wrong “resident since” date. So I sent my card back a long with I-90. They got it October 14, 2019. End of November I did biometrics and until now, nothing.
  2. I suggest you submit all of them together a long with the I-130. Don’t forget you need to submit I-130A also.
  3. How many times can I reschedule my biometrics? I already rescheduled once a week, I’m out of the country at the moment and won’t be back until the 26th and today my husband got my new biometrics appointment and it’s for the 25th. So can I still reschedule it and tell them I’m still out of the country and show them proof that I am out? This biometrics is for my green card correction. They put the wrong “resident since” date on my green card and I sent it back immediately.
  4. I adjusted from F1 that overstayed. And I understand the policy you posted and was willing to listen to what the woman was saying but after showing her my I-797 for my I-485 and a copy of my green card, she still kept insisting that it’s right. Even after I told her that my husband and I’s interview for I-485 was just this past June. And that she kept insisting for me to just follow what’s on the expiration date of my green card as a guid to when I should file for I-751, the expiration date that she was talking about is 11/09/20. I even showed her that the date they put on the green card is the date the USCIS received my forms. But she said yeah it’s right, it’s the date they received it that should be on my green card.
  5. Hehe yes, i have both I-797 for I-90 and I-485 and a photocopy of my green card. It’s just annoying that she kept insisting I follow the date on the green card with regards to removing my conditions down the line. I got lucky that I still have my EAD/AP card in my wallet. She even said that I made a mistake returning my card since the date is right. 😒🙄
  6. Thanks. I was confident that I am right since, before I even sent back my green card, I posted a question here regarding my concerns and everyone that commented said it’s the date I got approved, which makes total sense to me.
  7. So, I went to a USCIS field office today to get a I-551 stamp. Backstory: I got my conditional green card in the mail this past October 11, 2019. When I looked at the “resident since” date it say 11/09/18 with an expiration of 11/09/20. So I knew right away that it’s wrong and I even went here to double check it. So the next day I went and sent back the green card with I-90 form. So that’s that. So today when I was called in to the window, the lady asked why I’m there, and I said I need the stamp. She asked me why, so I explained to her what happened. After looking at my I-797 for I-90 and my I-485 she was saying that the date on my resident since is right. And I said no, and she said that it’s right, the date they USCIS received it. So, just to make her understand that she is wrong, I told her, so if I’ve been a resident since 2018 how is it that I only got my card last month? Or better yet, I bust out my EAD/AP card saying, if I was a resident since 2018 who would they then issued me an employment authorization March of this year. All she can say to me is, for me to follow what’s on the date of my green card when It’s time to file for I-751, and she said next year coz that’s what it says in my card. How can she say that when she knows that by me following that date on the wrong card would mess up my file and I’ll be blamed for it. Not that I would actually follow her bad advice but just irritating that someone who works there would tell me to follow the date on a card that has wrong information. I just need to vent out here. I did get my stamp, a guy who also works there stop at the window I am and the lady asked him. And yes I was right. I asked the guy, if by any chance I’m wrong and that I didn’t know how this “resident since” date work.
  8. Ok, so that might be what the call is for.
  9. Yup that’s the USCIS callback number. Did you ask to speak to a tier 2 or made an infopass appointment? Not sure what other calls they might be doing but when I asked to speak to a tier 2 and when I made an infopass appointment that’s the number they use to call you back. Most costumer agent would inform of that number so you know ahead of time that it’s the USCIS calling.
  10. Not sure if everyone can get a stamp even if they say they will approve you after the interview. If you guys don’t get approve on the spot, then there is no way they will stamp her passport. she can travel domestically with just her passport.
  11. Here is the USCIS number 1800 375-5283. If the person that answers your call doesn’t know the answer to your question or not sure, ask to speak to a tier 2 officer.
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