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  1. If she over stayed then yes on number 17
  2. @jaclynxf just do as much as you can before your trip. Regarding the utility bill, is it possible for them to add your name, so there will be 3 names. Not sure if that’s possible but give it a try.
  3. Yes you should have sent photos, last I know you need 4 photos, 2 for each form.
  4. @jaclynxf is your husband going with you to China? If not have him start collecting documents and pictures, so when you come back all you need to do is doucble check everything or add some, so you can send it ASAP.
  5. @K1visaHopeful thank you for your reply. Hehe i do have set of number to play hehehe.
  6. @K1visaHopeful yeah I noticed that after I sent the message, all I saw was the California under filing. i have a question for you, how accurate do you think are the processing time on the USCIS website?
  7. @Phem mine changed to ready to be scheduled for interview last Wednesday Jan 9, I had my biometrics twice, first was Dec 4 and had to redo it again Jan 4.
  8. @LenaT congrats! Are you by any chance around Sacramento area? How long was your case ready to be scheduled for interview update before you finally got an interview date?
  9. @Phem what’s your case status now?
  10. Has anyone have an interview date already?
  11. As far as I know you can apply for a US passport once you are a US citizen already. When a person comes in the US on a K1 Visa, after that person gets married he or she then apply for adjustment of status, after the interview for the adjustment of status you will then be given a temporary green card. That conditional green card is good for two years and 90 days before that conditional green card expires you then need to apply for the removal of that conditional green card and if everything goes well, you will be then given a 10 year green card. And if I’m not mistaken on the 3rd year from the time you were given your conditional green card you can then apply for naturalization.
  12. @LenaToh it doesn’t? I’m glad to know that. Thank you!
  13. @M&Mayes you can write just one check. On the note/memo part of your check write I-485 & biometrics fee. That’s how we did ours and we didn’t have any problem.
  14. @K1visaHopeful thank you for your reply. I’ll take your advice regarding getting my medical. I asked coz I want to make sure I have enough time to complete my medical.
  15. Update. Tonight I finally got a case update and it says ready to be scheduled for interview, this is after having to redo my biometrics. First biometrics appointment was Dec.4, a week before Xmas I got a letter for yet another biometrics appointment. Second biometrics appointment was last Friday, Jan 4. So, what are the chances that I’ll get my AP/EAD still? I have a question for anyone who knows the rule regarding medical. I didn’t send my medical when I sent my package, I’m not K1. My question is can I do my medical now that I got my case updated to ready for interview?