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  1. Congrats. Congrats. Still waiting here for the oath. I was interviewed on July 2019 too.
  2. Hi all. Applied 7/3/2018. Interview wa July 2019. Till now still no decision. Any advice would be helpful.
  3. She did not put anything on the note she handed to me. She just circled the uscis will mail me a letter and a decision cannot be made yet.
  4. Hi all. I need some good advice regarding my case. I went for my interview for my scheduled n400. I applied using the 5 year rule. ( I was married to a us citizen before, we divorced after having my greencard. Fast forward I applied for my n400 and got my interview this morning. Officer was not so polite, she even states that she good in denying cases if the person lies to her. I answered all her questions truthfully but it seems she always discredit my answers. It was like a removal of conditions interview.She even insisted that I had a name change before which I did not. Later during our conversation it was revealed that she made a mistake ,I had a son born out of marriage( used his mothers name , then after a few years I made it legal so my boy can use my last name. Passed the civics and english test. Lastly she said she wont give me an approval today and also added that i will recieve a mail for their decision. How soon can I get the decision? Thanks.
  5. People this lady needs help. I understand she needs to leave and go home but guys please be considerate,helpful and nicer because this site is meant to be that way.
  6. June filers are rolling now. I got an update too 3 days ago.
  7. Got a copy of the divorce decree. Thank you sir for the info.
  8. The letter states to bring marriage certificate, divorce decree, and spouse naturalization certificate. Not sure if I need to bring all of these or maybe just the divorce decree.
  9. I filed for the 5 year rule. Do i need to bring her naturalization certificate? Thanks for answering
  10. Hi all visa J’s. I got a question here. I am scheduled for an interview for my naturalization. I got the letter today and it says to bring spouse birth or naturalization certificate. The problem is we are divorced a long time ago and I dont have a copy of her certificate. My question is where can i get a copy of her birth and naturalization certificate? I dont have any contact with her since we were divorced and I dont plan to do that now either. Thanks all.
  11. Hello all. Just got an update . It says interview was scheduled. Applied June03,2018 .
  12. How do you get to the expected completion time? I cant check it the way you guys do it.
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