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    We met online in a Christian chat room in 2006, and married in the Philippines on my first and only visit there in January 2008. She was an elementary school teacher, and then the youngest principal EVER in the Philippines. She gave it all up to come be with me at age 34. She became a naturalized US Citizen right after Basic Training for the Air Force in 2013. Now she has become a Registered Nurse (RN), and is in the Air National Guard. Her 6 year enlistment will be up July 2018, and she will go on active duty in the Air Force as a nurse and an officer. I am proud of her. She now has a very good second career after giving up a very good career in the Philippines to join me. We have a beautiful and intelligent almost 7 year old son who is just now finishing the first grade.

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  1. Thank you! I couldn't be prouder of my wife from the Philippines or my son. She wanted to join the military, her choice, and started out as enlisted in Services in the Air National Guard. Now she is a nurse and officer on active duty in the US Air Force, and highly respected by her superiors. My son, almost 11 years old, wants to be a pilot in the Air Force. He has wanted to go to the Air Force Academy since age 2. I was in the Army, at war, in Southwest Asia. So we are a miltary family in Germany, and I could not have hoped for more to be proud of when I married my wife. She wants to stay in the Air Force until retirement. She will be promoted to Captain in December
  2. What I'm proud of in this life: my Air Force wife, my son, my time in the Army and our our dog who thinks she is an Army MP
  3. I live off base in Germany, and I just hate it that there is a curfew in Kaiserslautern county due to COVID. My wife doesnt like me to drink, so I used to wait until after everyone was in bed for the night to drive to the base to get American whiskey. Now I have to pay more off base at the German grocery store during daylight hours to buy rock gut. Haha! Just wanted to find something to post on here
  4. I am so sorry for what you are going through. I know it is difficult for you. I am the US citizen husband, and my wife is from the Philippines. She had a hard time too. She even left when she became pregnant, and went back to the Philippines. She had a great career there too. But when she was away for a month she had time to think about things and where her heart was at, and thank God she came back to me. She worked at menial work here, at first, and then changed careers and decided on becoming a nurse. She worked at caring for the elderly and housekeeping at a hospital, and serving meals to high school students while going to nursing school. She is a US citizen, à nurse, and an officer in the Air Force, and we have been married 13 years with an 11 year old son. It takes patience and a willingness to adapt, I guess, and reinvent oneself, and embrace a new life and look for the good things in that new life. I feel for your heartache. I just know things got good, in our home, with time
  5. Whatever people choose to do is their own business. I say go for it, whatever makes a person happy. But this thread just makes me all the more grateful for the one who chose to marry me.
  6. Nope. Not like that at all. More like
  7. She was a teacher, and principal, in the Philippines. Now she is a warrior, and a nurse, and an officer, in the United States Air Force. And I will forever be proud of her.
  8. And thank you, about my son. I am lucky. He works so hard independently that pretty much all I have to do with him is help guide with review before exams. I also go over it with homework when he misses stuff. But for us, anything less than a B is failing, and he and I both only want the best for his future
  9. We did last year. Christmas is cancelled here this year because of COVID. Last night I watched a live stream of German police stopping all drivers in Mannheim to check if they have documents to prove they can be on the streets. A Biden utopia!
  10. And Burnt Reynolds, thank you for your support always. You are always my friend, even when I share stupid stuff.
  11. I'm back! For the moment. A boring Sunday night here in Germany. Am watching a German documentary on World War II. Did you know they make every German student visit a concentration camp here? I didnt know that until recently. Anyway, "the kid", as he is fondly known as here, has an A average in every subject...math, science, social studies, English and language arts, PE... but he is only 10. But I shared only the math and science grades because those are the BEST of his A average, compared to all the other A average classes. Shame on me. For example, he only has a 92% average in English Language Arts, and 91% average in Social Studies. But we are working on it! Thanks for your interest and concern. 😁 I know, "a village", right? Sheesh. Wrong. It is me, the father, and him. The "village" would choose an inferior destiny for him. But anyway, he wants to be a fighter pilot. It will be interesting to see what he does with his life. He is pretty bright, and a Conservative
  12. Well, y'all have fun now. Posting here keeps me up too late at night. I home school my son, and I haven't been getting enough sleep for that. So am wanting to make some changes. He is getting an A average, but I want to work on some more advanced stuff with him and need more rest for that. It is a program provided through Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA). Here is a sampling of his math and science. He wants to go to the Air Force Academy
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