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    We met online in a Christian chat room in 2006, and married in the Philippines on my first and only visit there in January 2008. She was an elementary school teacher, and then the youngest principal EVER in the Philippines. She gave it all up to come be with me at age 34. She became a naturalized US Citizen right after Basic Training for the Air Force in 2013. Now she has become a Registered Nurse (RN), and is in the Air National Guard. Her 6 year enlistment will be up July 2018, and she will go on active duty in the Air Force as a nurse and an officer. I am proud of her. She now has a very good second career after giving up a very good career in the Philippines to join me. We have a beautiful and intelligent almost 7 year old son who is just now finishing the first grade.

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  1. My wife said there is something not right upstairs about Heard. I agree
  2. And add to that 10 years for committing a crime while using any weapon if found guilty. And no concurrent sentencing. No time off for good behavior.
  3. War sucks. A life ĺost in war is just a sad thing, whatever the reason. Never forget them
  4. The American service man or woman has fought in many wars, and died. Or wounded. War hurts everyone. No winners. But those who gave their life for the brother or sister next to them, let us always think of. Never forget the sacrifice they made for their countryman, just doing their duty the best they could.
  5. What this says may not be relevant in your case, but according to the 7th Army Training Command Legal Assistance Information Soldiers’ Naturalization Checklist, " In most cases, the earliest you can submit your application is during basic training". If you can get it done before Basic, then that's wonderful! And congratulations both on soon to be citizenship as well as military service. The military is like home to me, and current and past members feel like extended family. I served in the Army on active duty and then the Army Reserve. And now I am blessed to be a part of that community all over again, through my wife who is serving in the Air Force on active duty. She started out her career by first serving in the Tennessee Air National Guard. Take advantage of every opportunity you get, and embrace it, and most of all enjoy it. Best wishes to you in all your future endeavors.
  6. Same for my wife and family. They strongly supported his dad
  7. I may be mistaken, it's been 10 years for us, but don't you have to wait to submit the N400 based on military service until after already going to Basic Training? I know some are able to get it accomplished at Basic Training, while others have to wait until right after completing Basic. We ended up having to wait until she came back from Basic, because they never did it for her while there. They even had a special oath ceremony for us and an entire group of military who weren't able to naturalize at Basic.
  8. She is going on a tour to Seoul in a couple hours from now
  9. I remember you. I joined in 2008. Thanks for the well wishes for us oldies. We are in Germany, wife is stationed here as a nurse in the Air Force. Just waiting for her to get back here next week from a deployment to Korea.
  10. They got a new commander Texas National Guard replaces Operation Lone Star commander | The Texas Tribune
  11. What that laughing jackass needs to be "deeply troubled" about is how this administration, led by only God who knows, is allowing illegal aliens to invade the USA and bring their pestilence and destruction to the entire country and lawful residents
  12. God bless everyone affected. I wish I could do something... God bless you all
  13. God bless you all. I pray for their safety
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