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    We met online in a Christian chat room in 2006, and married in the Philippines on my first and only visit there in January 2008. She was an elementary school teacher, and then the youngest principal EVER in the Philippines. She gave it all up to come be with me at age 34. She became a naturalized US Citizen right after Basic Training for the Air Force in 2013. Now she has become a Registered Nurse (RN), and is in the Air National Guard. Her 6 year enlistment will be up July 2018, and she will go on active duty in the Air Force as a nurse and an officer. I am proud of her. She now has a very good second career after giving up a very good career in the Philippines to join me. We have a beautiful and intelligent almost 7 year old son who is just now finishing the first grade.

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  1. JoBri

    My Visa Journey thread

    More than 10 years ago my wife and I met once in person and got married on that visit. Our son will be 8 this coming July and my wife is an RN. I'm just saying that for us it has been wonderful. I hate to think what my life would have been had I not met her. To meet several times many days each time would have been great. We couldn't afford that though at the time. But I knew I wanted to be with her forever. Sometimes you just know in your heart. I am sure there are a lot of sad stories on here in which the marriage didn't work out and they wished they had gotten to know each other better face to face. But for us, with the financial situation we were in and unable to afford it, and having taken that risk based on what we felt in our hearts, it was a risk 10 years ago that was sure worth it to me. I love her so much.. And my precious son...such love in that little heart of his. God's blessings to you both. I wish you much success in the future.
  2. wasn't a problem for my wife from the Philippines here in Tennessee, License or insurance
  3. Never heard of a shelter denying someone based on immigration status, nor of a shelter advising to go back to a bad situation
  4. I know with the Air Force my wife had to wait 8 months before she was sent to Basic Training. But that was back in 2012.
  5. Like I said, it was the Philippines, and it was us, and it was 10 years ago.
  6. Met once in Philippines and got married same visit in Philippines. No problems for us all the way through. That was 10 years ago though.
  7. My wife was an elementary school principal, and also a teacher before that. She chose to not be a teacher in the USA as well. Now she is a registered nurse and in the military.
  8. JoBri

    What age should a child walk to school alone?

    I'm 57. I grew up in a small town in northeast Indiana. I was in kindergarten when I walked to and from school alone. Times changed a lot since then. On this poll I said age 13, but my son is just 7 right now and I haven't given it a lot of thought yet. I would feel a lot of anxiety even when he turns 13, letting him go alone. I dread when I have to make that decision. I am just thankful he is 7, and in my protective care... the love of my life. My pride and joy.
  9. JoBri

    Changing name after marriage

    Saw I already posted way back when...
  10. We don't even have a state tax here in Tennessee.
  11. Yes, it is what it is. We never messed around with immigration. We were just too happy to get each step done. It was inconvenient. And like with naturalization we had to drive the 9 hours all through the night. But that was our priority. We jumped through whatever hoop we had to, on time, to get it done. We were just happy we had the opportunity. I agree that to reschedule sounds like the best option, considering your circumstances. Two hours would even be a good deal, to me, considering what you are trying to accomplish.
  12. I remember we had to drive 3 hours for biometrics and 10 hours for naturalization. Tennessee is a very long state.
  13. Oh yes, you will definitely run. You will run and run and run. It doesn't matter what branch. And it would be a good idea to start running now. I was in the Army and coached my wife when she joined the Air Force. It took her awhile to get her run time where it should be. But she was there before she went to basic training in the Air Force. That was 5 years ago, and she runs about 3 times a week the entire time. She has a PT test next month, in fact. You will run, do your push-ups and sit-ups. You will also have to meet the body fat standards. It doesn't matter what branch of service. My wife already had her permanent resident status when she joined. She couldn't take any jobs though that required a secret clearance since she was not a US citizen. But 2 months after basic training she became a naturalized US Citizen. They expedited it for her because of her military status. Air Force is kind of funny. There were 9 permanent residents in her group when she went through basic training, but they would only naturalize one person out of that group during basic. I don't understand why, especially since my wife brought all her paperwork with her. I was thorough in making sure she had all she needed to naturalize during basic. But she DID get it expedited right after basic.