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  1. Our AP was approved today, there is a notice of approval on the USCIS website. Quick Question: How is the AP card send? is it a card like EAD or just a notice of approval (piece of paper) that you use at the airport?! thanks
  2. You can start by calling your own insurance company. Then Google some visitor coverage options. Local community health clinics and planned parenthood can cover most of the early pregnancy visits. I put my wife on my insurance after we got married and without social security or EAD.
  3. You can easily purchase health insurance for your spouse without her having GC. It will cost a bit more then healthcare.gov but will be much cheaper then uprooting your family in hopes of a few months faster processing time which is not a guarantee. Wish you luck and hope that she gets adjusted quickly.
  4. It doesn't categorically say that you need an expired or unexpired i94 it just states that i94 on unexpired passport. I am sure there are others here with more experience in this. But you can check the requirements in the following link. https://www.ssa.gov/ssnumber/ss5doc.htm
  5. What's the reason you used as a humanitarian reason? If I may ask. They told us that they will call or email but so far nothing.
  6. I765 and I131 (ead and ap) are processed at National Benefits center. Your 485 is also processed at National Benefits Center and once ready it's sent to your local USCIS center. You can put your zip code to find out which center will be the eventual recipient of your AOS. Go to the bottom of the page. https://www.uscis.gov/about-us/find-a-uscis-office/field-offices
  7. Did you call them or used EMMA for AP expedite, I just had a chat with them they said they dont expedite AP, they will issue me an infopass appointment and for that they will mail or call me in 72 hours. Can you share your experience on AP expedite please and timelines that how it went. Thanks
  8. Received the EAD card Received SSN Both issued on the same date, SSN says valid for work with DHS authorization (assuming it means EAD) No movement on AP at all They rcvd the RFE response on I-485 and since then nothing. We really needed the AP more than EAD but I guess small victories.
  9. https://www.sss.gov/verify/ you can find out and download the verification document. Honestly I did not even know I registered when I first landed as an immigrant and was sweating bricks before my interview. Don't worry too much about it.
  10. You should receive it in a week ten days from approved 765 It changes from Your case is approved Card is being produced Card is produced Card is mailed Based on little reading I did, it should also say case closed next to EAD and if it's going to be a combo card it should also say case closed next to AP on the USCIS account.
  11. Yeah for us it is saying case close next to EAD and nothing on AP so I guess we are getting the stand alone one. Let's see USCIS is full of surprises.
  12. When your EAD was approved, did the case status changed on AP? We did not expedite but the website says case closed and card being produced (on EAD) and nothing on AP. It still says we are reviewing your application. Even the i765 notice in the document is saved as standalone approval of i765 😏 So I am wondering if it's juts going to be EAD or combo? We filed for combo. No expedite.
  13. mitzab

    please help

    I would suggest contacting a lab which is authorized to do DNA testing in Pakistan which are based in USA. A simple Google search will bring a few. Usually they can provide you with a general guideline and that can be your starting point. Contacting USCIS is going to be tedious and mostly they will have no clue. Embassy will say wait for USCIS letter (which probably will be accurate) and in the meantime scour through USCIS website for any information. It's not unheard of, but it is rare. Best of luck
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