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  1. I really wouldn't go by China, and especially not South Korea, since its first documented case was the same date as ours (1/20), but ramped up testing and took other measures really quickly. So far our trends are more closing mirroring Italy unfortunately. The one bit of good news is Italy is starting to finally see the spread slow down, and it hopefully has passed its peak.
  2. It looks like Iowa hasn't implemented a stay-at-home order yet, so you might still be able to get married there. A lot of Missouri counties have issued stay-at-home orders, but it isn't state wide yet so you might be able to get married somewhere in MO as well. NY Times list of states with stay-at-home/shelter-in-place orders Good luck!
  3. I am a fed employee who has been working from home for nearly a week now. My office shifted from 0% telework to about 90% telework. Our building is now closed to the general public too. I'll tell you right now: there is no way my office is going back to nearly 0% telework in the near future. My office management is planning on this going on for a month or two- minimum. While I have no connection to USCIS, I can't imagine its offices in hot spots such as NYC, Seattle, LA, and SF will feel comfortable opening to the general public in the near future. Trump can say whatever he wants, but he only has so much power. In my case, it is the local chief federal judge who decides if my building opens to the general public or not (I work in a federal court house).
  4. My wife received an e-mail yesterday letting her know her interview on 3/27 in SF has been cancelled.
  5. AILANorCal (@AILANorCal): https://twitter.com/AILANorCal?s=09
  6. Well you can disregard my previous reply. I just read on Twitter via a couple sources (reporter and an immigration law association) that USCIS in SF is cancelling all interviews through April 6 and will be reaching out to scheduled interviewees.
  7. I am a fed worker in SF. My building is not shutting down, nor plans to anytime soon. That being said, my particular office is hoping to go to 90+% telework by next Monday (which was decided before the recent shelter-in-place decision by local officials). Point being DC often dictates local fed operations more than anything else. Currently no USCIS field offices are closed.
  8. Yes, it is. You just have to have an eTA, which is like ESTA, and takes just a couple minutes to do. https://www.cic.gc.ca/english/helpcentre/answer.asp?qnum=593&top=16 And let's say you're right, it is applicable only for some countries... Indonesia must be one of them since my wife has been a couple times w/her Indonesian passport and green card. But at this point, it is moot since Canada just shut its borders, so the OP can't go forward with his/her plan unfortunately. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/cbsa-border-airports-screening-trudeau-covid19-coronavirus-1.5498866
  9. Edit: I forgot green card holders don't need a visa to go to Canada, and you have the I-551, so you should be OK.
  10. I don't know, but they're cancelling the oath ceremonies right now.
  11. Yes, that's another thing my wife loves about the United States: customer service. It's usually very good, and when it's not, your complaints are almost always acknowledged and addressed.
  12. Mexican food Affordable (and good) alcohol Less sexism Less pollution Better infrastructure (although Indonesia has been catching up recently) Online shopping (especially Amazon) Costco
  13. You don't pay the K-1 visa fee online. I don't know if it has changed recently, but K-1 applicants used to pay the fee in person on the day of the interview. The e-mail you received from the embassy should have included payment info & instructions.
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