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  1. It sounds like the Jakarta embassy needs to update its instructions/guidance. I looked at what the embassy sent us, and yeah, there is no mention of pay stubs, just W-2 and tax returns. My wife brought the pay stubs just because of what we had read here on VJ. Anyway, good luck, and at least it is an easy fix for you! I'm sure you'll get approved once you submit the pay stubs.
  2. Not yet! Still have one more year until that will be enforced.
  3. When doing employment verification, it is almost always reaching out to your previous employer's HR. Your previous supervisor would not be involved. You think that's where they contact your past employer? But you don't know? Do they ask for a POC to verify your employment with them? Maybe your past colleagues aren't great references. While they might not be as critical as your supervisor, maybe they're not exactly advocating on your behalf either. It is an odd situation, but it sounds like there is something missing (and I don't mean you're purposely omitting that info). Edited to add: while I don't work in HR, I have weekly meetings with my office's HR. They go out of their way to get MORE references if a candidate's (former) supervisor is critical. They really try to do whatever they can to get that person on board. I can't think of one instance where they eliminated a candidate just because a supervisor was critical. There is usually at least a couple other reasons why an initial offer is withdrawn. LOL. That's not true whatsoever.
  4. CR1. The CR1 doesn't require you to do the I-485, which is additional $, and makes the K1 process more expensive than the CR1. K-1 129f filing fee=$535 K1 visa=$265 I-485 filing fee= $1225 (including biometric) Total= $2025 CR1 I-130 filing fee= $535 AOS fee= $120 Visa fee= $325 Green card fee= $225 Total= $1205 Plus, as cyberfx1024 said, CR1 visa holders get a GC right away, and can work as soon as they enter in the country. A k-1 visa holder has to get married, then apply for a green card (along with an EADcard), and only when they get the EAD card can they start working.
  5. Whatever they sign at the mosque isn't legally binding since France has a clear division of church (or mosque) and state.
  6. It is in Virginia: https://jalopnik.com/what-every-driver-should-know-about-speeding-in-virgini-1669902845 Edited to add this related story (3 days in a VA jail due to speeding): https://jalopnik.com/never-speed-in-virginia-lessons-from-my-three-days-in-1613604053/all
  7. As Paul&Mary suggested, use Google Flights. Kayak is another website. That's how I found the $405 flight. I don't know where you're flying from, but I've paid $650-750 r/t when flying to Indonesia from the west coast. From the east cost (DC), it cost me $750-1000 roundtrip. Jakarta is usually the cheapest place to fly to (in my experience).
  8. Dude, there is no way in hell the US Embassy in Jakarta was open on Labor Day. As for living in Indonesia, I think your one option is to teach English there. The biggest language school chain there is English First. https://www.englishfirst.com/esl-jobs/teaching-english-in-indonesia/
  9. I don't think you made that clear in your initial post. The easiest method is for you two to get hitched. You can do it via the K-1 visa (and you two would have to get married within 90 days of moving here) or the Cr-1 visa (you two would get married first). She could also look into becoming an au pair (J-1 visa). If her current employer has offices here in the USA, then maybe the L1 would be an option. There is also the H1b and H2b, but they're already full for FY19 I think. Like I said, go visit her. Can't hurt.
  10. Ha, if there was a general visa that would allow someone to move to the US, I don't think there would be many illegal immigrants then! Her one option at this point is a tourist visa (b2). The odds of her getting a visa are pretty low though, assuming she's a single, Indonesian woman. Many are denied. Why don't you go visit her instead?
  11. 2. My wife didn't get any notice from USCIS. 3. Yes, don't wait for the notice (since you might not get one). I'd just mail it on September 28th to ensure you don't get rejected for sending it in too early. 3. Nope. USCIS is funded via fees and not via $ appropriated ("given') by Congress, so USCIS is not shut down like a lot of other agencies. 4. The changes haven't impacted the removal of conditions process.
  12. 1. No, that isn't normal. I haven't hear of a 2nd biometrics appointment before. Maybe it was an error on their part. 2. As Lana&Ivy said, it depends on the local office. Bay Area offices seem a little slower than elsewhere, so I am guessing your interview will be sometime next year (based on your timeline). I wouldn't be too worried about it being scheduled in October or November.
  13. Well you cannot take his last name until after you're legally married, so if you apply for the SSN before that, then you'll have to use your maiden name (which obviously matches the name on your visa too).
  14. What were some of the questions? Did your fiance have a problem answering them? What would lead them to believe the relationship was not legitimate? Has your fiance ever applied for a visa to the US before? You said a 14 year gap. 20 and 34? 30 and 44? If the former (or close to that), their skepticism makes a bit more sense. Anyway, I agree with the others: get married, file for CR-1.
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