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  1. Within 5 days. That was back before the USPS started having service problems though.
  2. My wife's ROC application was initially rejected due to her dumb husband insisting she didn't need to include a copy of her green card with her packet. He clearly did not follow the guides here on VJ. Whoops. It ultimately wasn't that bad of a delay. She got her GC around the same time as everyone else who submitted their I-751 (at least those who posted here on VJ).
  3. Indonesia doesn't allow dual citizenship. If the OP owns land back in Indonesia, s/he would have to give up ownership. Also, if s/he is expecting to inherit anything from family back there, she'd likely be out of luck too. There are plenty of reasons for an Indonesian not to become a US citizen.
  4. No, but it was initially pretty close. I think the original estimated time was April-May, but the interview was originally scheduled for March 27th. It was cancelled due to covid-19, and my wife received her new interview date 10 days ago. There were about 35-40 people who did it with her today.
  5. My wife had her interview at the SF office today and passed. She then had her oath ceremony about an hour later in the same building. Whole process took about 2 hours. Thrilled she's done!
  6. Certainly won't hurt. And yes, it can be fixed by Congress if it chooses to do so (and if Trump weren't to veto such a bill).
  7. My wife's notice for her rescheduled citizenship interview was similar to your receipt, very faint ink at the top. I figured they're trying to stretch their funds as much as possible.
  8. Just quoting you since your wife and mine are going through the SF office and their original interview dates were similar. My wife got a letter from USCIS yesterday, and her interview has been scheduled for the morning of 7/15 at the SF office. Your wife will probably be getting a new interview date very soon.
  9. Also, if you haven't gotten an EAD/AP card and don't have your green card, you won't be able to get a DL in California (real id or the "previous" version), unless you want to get the one for undocumented residents.
  10. I've been pulled aside once by CBP (went through passport control w/no issues, was walking through baggage claim area to exit). I'm sure it was because all I had was a small backpack (due to bags being "lost" in transit in London).
  11. Relevance is probably grand child will be able to go to school by then, so grandmother won't have to be in Russia for nearly as long.
  12. Yep, I don't think I'll be back in the office until the end of the summer. Those who interact with the public might go back sooner (but no earlier than June due to local shelter-in-place orders).
  13. Sometimes USCIS makes a mistake. It sounds like you had plenty of evidence in your initial submission. All I submitted in our packet was passport stamps and copies of a boarding pass. Maybe 1 picture with a date on it.
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