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  1. Yep. Today my wife found out a VP in her company got fired Tuesday. Why? Because he had a similar job at a competitor, who saw on his LinkedIn profile that he was also working for my wife's company, and said they'd sue wife's company if they didn't fire him within 2 weeks. I have no idea what he was thinking, complete fool.
  2. Gotta admit, this is how i feel about the interview date next month.
  3. Have you had anyone look over your resume and get their feedback? That's what my wife did. Edit: apparently you have done this too. Have you reached out to temp agencies? My wife's first two years of work experience was through those agencies. Not ideal, but easy way to get some American work experience on your resume. Also another way to get feedback on your resume. Engineering is always in high demand, and the US has a reputation for having too few of them. If you're not getting many responses, then maybe something is "amiss" on your resume. HR looks for keywords, and if they aren't there, your resume is tossed aside. This is similar to my wife's experience. Her first jobs here were data entry and the like, and now she's a manager making 4x her first temp jobs several years ago.
  4. Pardon the snark, but why not google it? I did, and voila: https://www.gov.uk/check-uk-visa Looks like the answer to your question is no, you don't, but that site can tell you for sure.
  5. I would recommend having a back-up wedding/marriage plan since I think the odds of you getting a tourist visa to visit your fiance and his family are pretty low. Of course I don't know your background and other details (such as how much you've traveled outside Indonesia), so I could be completely wrong about that. It certainly can't hurt to apply and give it a shot. Good luck! Can't hurt, but I'd be shocked if the CO chose to look at any documents that the applicant brought. And if one's planning to go to the US to marry and AOS, then that agreement is irrelevant anyway.
  6. Well feel free to disregard what your girlfriend was told, and what everyone here has told you. Roll the dice and have her come back ASAP. If she isn't allowed in, it sounds like you can just go see her in Indonesia periodically before you retire in 18 months. Or you could listen to everyone (including your gf), and hold off on her returning immediately. Go visit her sometime(s) in the next few months before she comes back here again to visit. 8 months, in the grand scheme of things, isn't that long. Also, getting married in Indonesia is a lot more paperwork than here in the USA. Good luck!
  7. When I was going through the process in 2014, CSC was taking a month or so to process K-1s, while TSC was taking 4+ months. Eventually a bunch of us had our files transferred from TSC to CSC and got immediately approved. I think soon after that CSC became the sole K-1 processor and things dramatically slowed down.
  8. It's worth giving it a shot imo. If $160 is a burden, then you probably shouldn't visit anyway. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law are in their early 20s and unemployed. Both got B2 visas last summer (to the shock of both me and my wife). Edited to add: their interview was short, just a few minutes. Basically they were just asked why they wanted to come to the USA (to visit their sister) and when they hoped to visit.
  9. Yes, that's why my wife was thinking of passing on citizenship. Indonesia doesn't allow dual citizenship for adults, and only citizens can only own property there. She ultimately decided the benefits from becoming a US citizen outweighed any upside to remaining an Indonesian citizen. Another reason is if one has family pressure to sponsor relatives for immigrant visas. One way to avoid that pressure is to not become a citizen. It might sound trivial, but as many threads can attest, some families are really pushy about that kind of thing!
  10. I can't comment on that specific visa type, but the wait time for other visas at the Jakarta consulate is significantly less than in countries such as Canada and India. My in-laws were able to schedule a tourist visa appointment within 3 weeks over the summer. Also, just by reading the posts here on VJ for marriage and K-1 visas, the timeline isn't so bad for Indonesian applicants either. For a country of its size, Indonesia doesn't seem to have many US visa applicants. If I were you, I'd probably go for the "Jakarta option" instead of the Canadian one. Just my 2 cents. This is assuming you don't mind going back to Jakarta for the interview.
  11. Probably 7-10 business days. A week was normal a few years ago, but I think it's a bit slower now due to both USCIS and the USPS.
  12. 8 months in, I don't think it would be worth it to get married and file for a CR-1. It wouldn't make it any faster for you to start your lives together. The timeline for CR-1 looks to be about the same amount of time as the K-1 now, so you'd just be doing the opposite of what you're hoping to do. That being said, yes, it is possible. You'd have to cancel your K-1 application then submit the I-130, but it is do-able.
  13. Yeah, the reason ours took a couple months longer than average was USCIS lost track of our application after NOA2, and it took them 4 months to get it to NVC. Once our application reached the Embassy in Jakarta, it was smooth sailing.
  14. 9 months to get a K-1? In India? That sounds... unlikely. I mean 6-9 months was the average time when my wife and I went through the K-1 process in 2014/15 (and it ended up being 11 months for us) . It's a hell of a lot slower now.
  15. USCIS is funded by application fees and not an annual appropriation, so its work does not stop when other parts of the government shut down.
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