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  1. Just an appreciation post. My Polish fiancée got her K1 visa approved (it’s all in my timeline 😊). We filed in October 2021. It’s been a long process but we’re nearly there. A lot of people here provided the great guides and timely helpful responses when I had questions. Thank you to all the kind people. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
  2. People are as meticulous here as the USCIS is. Never forget that. No one wants to waste their time on bogus posts or fake accounts.
  3. turbotax (the app, if it’s the website I’m not sure but I’d be surprised if this was not the case) allows you to just print your filled-out tax forms for paper filing. You don’t need to re-enter anything again or fill anything out by hand. For goodness sake don’t do that…
  4. Married filing jointly for those like me who were wondering what on earth you were talking about 😅
  5. 😅 oh she’s young is she? I don’t get why you brought that up. If this was a movie I’d say it was a Freudian slip but whatever. I hope everything pans out.
  6. Maybe I’m reading too much into it but you seem to be infantilizing your wife when you mention her, not a good look. Everyone makes mistakes and there is a straightforward remedy that doesn’t involve shipping her card to a war zone or damaging her card and passport. Hopefully that’s just your frustration coming through…
  7. Needless to say, not coming in through Canada based on the responses…
  8. Jeez calm down it was a simple question. No need to invoke the apocalypse. I’d close the thread now if I could.
  9. It wasn’t so much about the price as the fact that Toronto was an option and I didn’t think there’d be an issue with immigration. But also if the onward flight was canceled then you wouldn’t have entered the US yet, you’d be at the airport still waiting for the next flight.
  10. Hi, if you’re coming to the US after receiving your K1 visa, is it ok to come in via Toronto, given they’ve been handling US immigration there since the 50s? Or should we just make sure to come in via a mainland US city? Thanks!
  11. How does one go about extending it? Do we need to call the embassy? I read everything on the embassy page and didn’t see anything.
  12. Our NOA2 has a validity period as: “Notice Type: Approval Notice Valid from 01/19/2023 to 05/18/2023“ our embassy interview date is 5/24. Should we be concerned? thanks!
  13. We were able to submit the photo the next day. I hope it's working for you now too.
  14. Is anyone seeing this error when trying to upload your photo through the ustraveldocs DS-160 online application process? 503 (indicates that the server is not ready to handle the request. Common causes are a server that is down for maintenance or that is overloaded)
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